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Try Ghostly Strains On Halloween With Online MMJ Card

This Year Gear Up For Green Halloween With These Ghostly Strains

The moon has awoken, and the sun has slept. The eerie voices are whispering that the spell has begun. Yes, the spooky time of the year is approaching. You know, the season in which people get the excuse to scare the hell out of kids with goofy witchcraft, indulge in the everlasting offering of coco candies; and of course, show off their best creativity in the costume parties. Now you know, it’s Halloween. And this year, people are gearing up for celebrating a “Green Halloween” with Cannabis. 

With many having access to online MMJ cards, people are opting for medical marijuana over other medications to deal with their anxiety and depression. That is why people have dedicated this Halloween to celebrate their new stress-free life with this herb. And like Witches Weed and Ghost OG, there are a plethora of strains to heighten the festival spirit. So, as you prepare for an epic Green Halloween, let us help you figure out which strains to choose to take your shindigs to a higher level. 

Ghost OG – Special Strain For The Food Lovers

Try Ghostly Strains On Green Halloween With Online MMJ Card

The first in our list is Ghost OG. Initially, it steadily makes you feel focus and relaxes your mind. Later, the euphoric effects on the mind peak up after half an hour or so. It makes you hungry even you last ate just five minutes ago. Food addicts, take a note on this. The medical benefits of this strain include treating anxiety, inflammation, headaches, exhaustion, and indeed the eating disorders.

Frankenberry – To Take You Back To School Days

Frankenberry ramp up the ghoulish effects a notch above the other strains as you watch Michael Myers got up again for the tenth time. Also, it takes you back to mornings before school eating a bowl of the yummy strawberry-marshmallow cereal. As the same taste you get with strain’s berry flavor cake. 

Ecto-Cooler – Tap Into Nostalgia

Ecto-cooler, who doesn’t hear of it? It is one of my personal favorites. Bruce Banner, Duke Nukem, and Smurfette these strain’s names take me back to my childhood. So, you can imagine my excitement for Ecto-cooler, a strain named after the Ghostbusters-themed drink featuring slimmer image. 

Chernobyl – The Most Ghastly Strain

It is named on behalf of the name of the Soviet facility Chernobyl, that experienced a reactor malfunction in 1986. The breakdown resulted in one of the most horrible nuclear power plant disasters to date. It was so disastrous that the nearby towns of Ukraine and Pripyat are still abandoned. The long term effect of the catastrophe expected to execute up to 60,000 people from thyroid cancer. The strain has a radiant glow in its bright-green color just perfect for your Green Halloween, and its genetics hails from a blend of Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and Train wreck ooh too Ghastly. Medical benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, and a long-lasting happy mood. 

Witches Weed

This strain is a hybrid of Cindrella 99, Chemdawg D, and San Fernando Valley OG. Certainly, it seems like it was brewed up in a cauldron and is almost supernatural. Whereas some people say it is unpredictably high, to others, it is hard to notice the difference with its counterparts. For medical benefits, it helps you to deal with nausea, headaches, minor pain, and insomnia. Hence, this is worth trying on this “Green Halloween.”


Harlequin, being a CBD strain, packs the Sativa uplift, which is well known for easing stress, melting away pain, and anxiety. This strain is widely recognized for its medicational benefits, rather than just for relaxing. But remember to keep a water bottle with you as chances of cottonmouth are very strong with this one.

So, these are the ghostly strains that you can’t miss out on this Halloween to take your festival spirit to another level. Nevertheless, you need to have a valid medical marijuana card to get these. You can apply for the card online. Already many have benefited from the ease of getting an online MMJ card. And if you’ve any other crazy ideas to celebrate Green Halloween, comment below.


California Assembly Approves Bill to Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus!

California Assembly Approves Bill to Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus!

Is your kid battling anxiety? We have great news for you. The California House of Representatives recently approved a bill that will give the authority to schools to decide if parents can give a dose of medical marijuana to their kids. 

Presently, the kids have to step out of the campus to consume their medications. 

What Does The bill say?

Before the bill was released, the law was pretty different on the same. It stated the kids should not consume cannabis-based medicines on campus. Instead, they should consume their medications outside the campus. Advocates of the bill stated that this is a risky provision and should be changed. 

The present bill states that schools will allow parents to give medical marijuana medications to their kids on campus. Well, it should be noted that this provision is not for smoking cannabis. It’s strictly for non-smoking form. 

Well, the provision is not yet completed. It still needs to go to the Senate for approval. After that, it will go to the democratic government for the final vote. 

What Does It Mean?

This is a great step forward. Cannabis is an herb that has brought a positive change in people’s lives. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can access the cannabis strains from a dispensary. The herb is safe and works without any side-effects. Health issues can affect anyone. So, the scope of cannabis-based medication shouldn’t just be left to adults. 

Moreover, most anxiety and pain-based medications are addictive. How is that safe for kids? I know it is not. But, why is the use of cannabis limited to adults? There is a general notion in people that cannabis is bad for youngsters. They should understand the fact that like any other medicine, cannabis needs to be ingested in a specific dosage. 

It’s a known fact that cannabis, like any other substance, works best when you do it in moderation. There is absolutely no point in overdoing it. You’re limiting the medicinal benefits it offers. 

How Would This Change The Mechanics of Cannabis Use?

If the bill passes the Senate, the use of medicinal cannabis is set to expand. However, you should understand that the kids are still not allowed to smoke cannabis. The fact that medical cannabis will be allowed on the campus, there needs to be strict monitoring. The authorities need to ensure that people don’t blow the rules for their own advantage. 

The provision is to make the medicinal use of cannabis accessible to all. So, care should be taken to stick to the guidelines and make the best use of cannabis to enhance your health. 

What Should You Do?

Ideally, you should contact an MMJ card doctor and understand how cannabis can be used to enhance your health. The law is still not clear whether a medical card will be available for kids or not. 

Presently, as a parent, you should keep a strict check on the quantity of cannabis that your kid is using. With the right approach, you can surely see your kid healthy and fine.

The Future

At this point, it all depends on how the rules shape up to accommodate the needs of the patients. With kids, it’s always a challenge to keep a tab on things. And, with a substance like cannabis, you need to ensure that they don’t overdo it. As a parent, if you’re a medical cannabis patient, you need to ensure that you don’t smoke in front of them. 

It can trigger the urge in them to smoke. You surely wouldn’t want that. 

420 Doctor Evaluation For Your Pets

California Introduces A Bill To Allow 420 Doctor Evaluations For Your Pets

Who knew a plant that people or government prohibited for human consumption could gradually make a way into pet health care as well.


Well, that’s what California is looking forward to in the next few months. One of the Senators recently introduced SB-627 in the state legislature. This law will allow 420 doctor evaluations by veterinarians for pets dealing with any debilitating medical condition.

But, first, the state’s Veterinary Medical Board needs to review the measure and pass it. If approved or accomplished, this law will be one of its kind in the entire country.

How Was This Bill Initiated Initially?

A study came into the picture last year by CannPal Animal Therapeutics, Australia. They began a trial for the use of cannabis for dogs. Another study by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that hemp oil is effective for dogs suffering from arthritic or geriatric pain.

Plus, the European Union also approved CBD products by Cresco Pharma meant for pets. All these incidences build up a rapport for medical cannabis use in the pets. And is thought to be a triggering factor for starting 420 doctor evaluations in California for pets as well.

About Senate Bill 627

The legislature supports pet doctors to encourage or share information regarding their patients with colleagues or other healthcare. To help them find the best or effective cannabis medications. The Bill ensures preventing any form of animal abuse by setting up necessary regulations for cannabis consumption in animals.

It will also act as a protection to the doctors who wish to recommend cannabis to their patients without the fear of jeopardizing their license.

Senate Bill 627 governs the business and professional code that governs the terms like livestock, cannabis, medical cannabis, animal, and diagnosis in clear words. It also confirms that doctors can recommend medical cannabis to the pets only if their medical condition requires the need for cannabis therapy.

However, it will require a proper diagnosis to ensure the safety and efficacy of the process. And that only valid veterinarian can give away recommendations.

Other than that, the same Bill specifies the fact that the pet owner must be more than 21 years to understand the guidelines issued by the state authorities.

How This Bill Will Change The Course of 420 Doctor Evaluations?

California has always been among the firsts when it comes to medical cannabis. They started the trend of medical cannabis evaluations.

And if SB-627 also gets approved, then it would be the first state to start 420 med evaluations for pets as well. But, the Veterinary Board must approve the review first. Once approved, then the board will have to formulate the final guidelines by January 2020.

The Importance of SB-627

A lot of pet owners are facing issues of anxiety, pain, seizures, and cancer among their cuddly bundles. So, they are considering cannabis as an alternative medicine for their pets. But, strict guidelines prevent them from using cannabis for their pet’s health or medical condition.

There are other bills also pending in the state of California and other states similar to the ongoing one to improve healthcare by introducing cannabis as an alternative medication.

  • New York- A970/S2835
  • Connecticut- HB 6518
  • Tennessee- HB0793/SB0541

If California approves the bill, chances are that other states might consider it as well.

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Medical cannabis is proving its efficacy time and again. Its high time that people understand the importance of this plant. And that 420 doctor evaluations are the necessities of today, not just a status symbol. Also, only nationwide legalization will help to increase research on this magical herb. And who knows, there could be a lot in the store beside the ones we already know.


How to Act at a Cannabis Store

How to Act at a Cannabis Store

A dispensary is definitely not a new term but it is a word that you probably hear more often recently. Living in a world where it is opening up to cannabis use, a dispensary serves the need for medicinal or recreational users of marijuana. Some states in the USA have legalized for recreational use while most are open to medicinal uses (and some are still illegal for both unfortunately).

What is a Cannabis Dispensary?

A marijuana dispensary is a physical brick and mortar store that sells cannabis and related products. Products vary from dry herb flower, THC oils, pre-roll cone joints, CBD hemp flowers, edibles, and much more. You can also use it as one stop shop for anything you want to buy  from a smoke shop. Usually a marijuana store will contain items you will be using for your smoking like stash cans, rolling papers, lighters, hemp wicks, and more.

When you walk into a dispensary, you will generally be greeted by someone at the front. It is usually a security guard. He takes your ID and checks you in. If the main room is full, they will have you wait in the lobby. The turnover of people is really quick. When you are called in, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of products there are. The smell, the products, the visual decor will all make you realize what you’ve been missing.

You will generally be greeted by the budtender once you’re inside. They will help you pick your products and even package them up for you. Once you’ve picked all your products, they will put it in an exit bag. You must leave the premises with the specific bag. One thing to remember is that the marijuana banking laws are still a little behind. Since you cannot use a debit or credit card at a dispensary, you must always have cash on you. They generally do have ATM machines to take out cash but they are out of order at times.


There are two types of dispensaries you can go to. The first one was medical dispensaries which had the opportunity to open up in 1996 in California. This is to treat medical patients with ailments like insomnia, arthritis, loss of appetite, and even neuropathic pain. With the amount of recreational dispensaries coming underway, the laws are changing. Medical marijuana is generally more stringent with the laws except for age. Medicinal patients are allowed to consume and purchase at age 18.

With the rise in popularity of CBD, more people have been using it for inflammation and joint aches. There are a plethora of new products that mix a CBD and THC ratio within each other. Many elderly patients have been using CBD to feel better.


Recreational marijuana has been making a giant leap in progression. Many people are trying it for the first time. The legal age of consumption for marijuana is 21 for adult use.

What to Do

When you walk into a dispensary, there isn’t much to not do. As long as you are polite and use common sense, you don’t need to worry much. However, there are a few things you want to make sure you are doing correctly.

Bring Your I.D.

To make sure you get in, you need your ID and you need to be 21 and over. Although certain products you don’t need to be 21 for like blunt wraps and CBD, the main gist of the store is to buy marijuana. If you are a medicinal user, show your medical marijuana card along with your identifcation.

Ask Questions

Make sure to ask questions if you don’t know something. It’s best to walk away learning something from there then to walk away not knowing at all. Since vapes are fairly new, most people have questions about how vape pens work. Others worry about how much edibles they should take and expect to feel fine. At the end of the day, the budtenders want to do a good enough job to see you coming back.

Give Tips

When you’re done and about to pay, give a tip to the budtenders if you feel like they did a good job. There is usually a tip jar. Just throw some change in there. They are constantly dealing with patients and are always there with a smile on their faces!

What Not to Do

Although there aren’t many things not to do, there are some things to watch out for. Just make sure you’re being logical and not rude.

Don’t Negotiate Prices

One thing people tend to think is that a cannabis dispensary is a bazaar. Unfortunately, you cannot and should not negotiate prices. Medicinal marijuana is usually based off of donations. The donations go to a non-profit store. All the proceeds go back into the store to make sure they are carrying the top line products. Recreational marijuana goes under very strict laws. Not only can they not negotiate on prices but they are required to charge the specific tax the state has set.

One thing you can do for a good deal is either go to a new dispensary or go during happy hour. Most stores will have special deals for people who are coming to that dispensary for the first time. Other stores have happy hour which you can take advantage of. They are often a double of what you buy or they give a free gift.

Talk On your Phone

Try to be polite when you walk in. Keep in mind to keep your phone on silent so it doesn’t bother you. Most of all, don’t talk on the phone. It’s annoying when everyone is trying to mind their own business while you’re talking about personal stuff on the phone.

Consume on Property

The one thing you can do to irritate and piss off everyone is to consume cannabis on the property of the dispensary. Doing this can not only get you a ticket from the local police but you can also get banned out from the store. This is really something you should think about. The store owner is generally the one that will get in the most trouble with a fine and possibly suspension of his business activities.

Can You Get Evicted If Caught Smoking Cannabis In California

Can You Get Evicted If Caught Smoking Cannabis In California?

Do you smoke cannabis? If yes, where do you smoke it?

Most often, the answer would be within a private area where you are not in view of the general public.

But what if your landlord does not allow smoking cannabis in the building? Can you get evicted for smoking weed? It’s no secret that the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis in the state of California is legal. In fact, California is home to the nation’s largest legal pot market.

But still, many cannabis users run afoul of state and federal laws, which puts them in a dilemma of how and where to consume cannabis legally.

If you are a medical marijuana enthusiast and are looking to rent an apartment or home, you must be wondering if you can legally smoke it in your home. Well, the answer is not that simple or straightforward.

For a cannabis user, renting an apartment is all about the legal agreement you sign with your landlord when moving into it. Landlord-tenant rights, insurance policies, and obligations are less about your landlord’s thoughts on cannabis and more about your agreement policy.

Does your landlord have the right to evict you?

First of all, it’s important to understand whether your landlord has the right to evict you. Here, we are talking about a fixed term residential tenancy. Monthly tenancies are not often applicable in such scenarios as landlords do not need a cause to evict tenants.

In contrast, a fixed-term tenancy binds the tenant and the landlord for a particular time period (e.g. 1 year or more). So ending the lease prematurely is considered a breach of contract. If the landlord wants to terminate the contract with the tenant, the only option is to provide a 3-day notice.

These are the two types of 3-day notices:

  • Notice to perform covenant or quit
  • Notice to quit

The first option gives the tenant an opportunity to fix the problem, whereas the second required the tenant to leave the premises within 3 days. However, to legally evict the tenant with a 3-days notice, the landlord must have a valid reason.

Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medical Marijuana Legalization

By now, everyone knows that medical marijuana is legal at the state level but remains illegal federally. In the state of California, medical marijuana is legal but federally, it is considered as a Schedule I drug and can get you in trouble if you are caught smoking or possessing it.

But because of the haze around the facts, people often find themselves confused about whether it is safe to consume or possess it in your house. When you are living as a tenant, things may get a little tricky.

Being canna-curious myself, I wondered about this a lot. And that is why I felt it is important to let people understand the law better with respect to consuming cannabis on the premises of your home. I personally have been a victim to this; constantly wondering “can I get evicted for smoking weed?” Ah…so much for a living being to handle.

And having a grumpy landlord is just the icing on the cake. So, does your landlord have a couple of horns sticking out of his head as well? Living in the dilemma of whether he will let you live or evict you is something you don’t fancy, right?

Understanding the laws thoroughly can provide some guidance on how, when and on what causes a landlord can evict you.

First, you need to know whether eviction actions fall under state law or federal law. Eviction actions, also known as unlawful detainers, generally fall under the state law which means the state courts usually comply with their state laws.

Secondly, you should know how much cannabis you are allowed to possess. According to California law, you are allowed to possess a certain amount of cannabis if you have a medical marijuana card. However, if you fail to obtain a recommendation, possessing more than an ounce of cannabis becomes illegal.

The last thing you should know about whether possessing cannabis illegally is enough to get you evicted from your rented house. In the state of California, a person who possesses 28.5 grams of cannabis is only guilty of an infraction but possessing more than that is a felony according to the Health & Safety Code 11357.

So if you are possessing less than 28.5 grams and your landlord makes a cause to evict you, you can have a colorable argument that you are not breaking the law. But remember you need to have a valid medical marijuana recommendation to possess cannabis bud and products. Failure to present a legitimate recommendation can get you evicted.

Caught! Can You Get Evicted For Smoking Weed?

As mentioned earlier, your landlord has the right to ask you to leave the apartment on the basis of a valid cause. Moreover, if your lease agreement has a clause stating that smoking or medical marijuana is prohibited on the premises, you can be evicted if caught smoking cannabis. Having said that, tenants have their own rights which if they feel are getting constricted can take a legal route.

Remember cannabis is only legal at the state level. Any landlord or property owner has the right to prohibit its use on the premises of the building. As long as you own a legit recommendation, you are protected by state law. All you need to do is look for a smoke-friendly accommodation.

But this time it would be better if you ask your landlord about smoking cannabis beforehand. So, do you have the answer to the question, “can you get evicted for smoking weed?”

If you still have questions, start a conversation in the comments section below.

California Senate gives green light to extension of cannabis licenses

California Senate approves the bill extending temporary cannabis licenses

Planning to cultivate cannabis? Emerging news will come as a breath of fresh air for you. Ever since cannabis became legal in California, it has induced a wave of new changes. The industry is continuously booming and is projected to be a $5.6 billion industry by 2020. This potential has attracted a healthy number of investors and growers alike.

While the prospect might be lucrative, continuously fluctuating laws have served as a challenge even for the most motivated bunch of licensed growers. Well, the latest update is sure to bring a sigh of relief

California Senate approves the extension of cannabis cultivation permits

One of the major challenges for licensed cannabis cultivators has been the expiry of temporary licenses. The source of the problem is not just limited to this fact; it’s the inability of the state to replace these licenses which eliminates the growers from the legal marketplace.

The approval of the bill by Jim Wood and state senate Mike McGuire has changed the mechanics entirely. The bill earned a complete bipartisan approval providing much-needed relief for the 1000s of legal cultivators.

The bill received heavy support from over 200 organizations including Humboldt and Mendocino county boards. Passed on a 32-4 vote, the bill is now awaiting approval from the assembly which would extend temporary licenses until they are replaced.

What it means

Quoting the bill, Mike McGuire mentioned that this development would extend almost 7000 temporary licenses till September and will prevent the influx of the cultivators into the shady territory—black market. Falling into the illicit market can pose a serious threat to the aim of keeping the industry within legal boundaries.

The executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, Lindsay Robinson added that SB-67 is essential for stabilizing the cannabis industry and is a good way to prevent the impending crisis.

Why is the bill necessary?

A considerable number of temporary permit holders have been growing cannabis for generations and expiry of licenses can push them into the illegal black market. Mcguire mentioned that this is a challenge that cannot be ignored.

For instance cultivators in Sonoma County have almost 98 temporary licenses and some have already expired.

Now, cultivators with expired licenses are not allowed to enter the legal marketplace and sell the product. This puts them on danger of being termed invalid and shut down.

Also, this entire loophole creates a backlog of license applications which further complicates the process. Considering the same, Sonoma County’s cannabis program manager, Tim Ricard said that the state needs to eliminate the backlog of applications or “create some sort of legal extension or fix”.

Licensing is a 2-step process which includes getting a local license and then applying for a state permit. But, the state and local officials failed to create a mechanism which could provide a streamlined process for licensing. As a result, this caused substantial backlog which prompted the need to pass the SB-67 bill.

Most cannabis growers were initially offered temporary licenses and the transition to provide annual licenses was rather slow. The bill is definitely an attempt to speed up this licensing process and mend the loopholes.

What is the need for a legal marketplace?

The cannabis industry is pacing up faster than ever. It marked an impact worth $16 billion in 2017. Moreover, the legal cannabis market place is projected to be worth $5.6 billion by 2020. The best thing about functioning within legal boundaries is that you are no longer restricted.

Another interesting fact which cannot be missed is that California attracted a whopping $100 million spending from leisure tourists in recent years. This proves that the industry is forever expanding and the legal marketplace is a good way to keep the profits and money influx in check.

The illegal market thrives on the failure of legalization. So, establishing a legal framework governing cannabis growth and use is a good way to cap the shady underground business. In the long run, it can completely eliminate the unlawful practice and make quality cannabis accessible to all.

Final words

The approval of SB 67 bill is definitely a welcome change for licensed cannabis growers. Extension of limit can reduce the backlog of applications and inject the marijuana cultivators with an optimistic vibe. In the long run, it can transform the entire working mechanism of the cannabis industry and enable cultivators to grow high-quality yield.


Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company

Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company

Currently, the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. As per a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., it’s expected that global legal marijuana market will reach $146.4 billion by 2025.

Seeing the medical benefits of cannabis, more people are supporting it and applying for their 420 med evaluations. Even, celebrities are also coming forward to support the industry.

Recently, Chelsea Handler, a comedian, author and writer, announced her investment in Civilized Worldwide Inc. In February, she announced developing her own cannabis line. She shared this story about signing a deal with NorCal Cannabis Company at Canndescent’s Stylus launch party where she was invited as a special guest.

Chelsea’s Partnership with Civilized

Chelsea Handler has been working with Civilized since 2018. She appeared in a wide range of company’s events in America and Canada and involved in a number of projects. She appeared at the inaugural Cannabis Congress, which were proved successful. Additionally, the comedian conducted a tour named “A Civilized Conversation with Chelsea Handler” presented by Civilized.

She said, “Cannabis has made a difference in my life, in the lives of my friends and people who have been reintroduced to it. Working with Civilized, I have seen how passionate they’re about smashing outdated cannabis stereotypes while keeping people entertained. And, it has been a real inspiration.”

Chelsea is active on social media, and has about 3.4 million followers on Instagram. She keeps on posting about issues on legalization and injustice, and also her personal cannabis consumption routines. Here’s one of her Instagram account posts-

In 2015, Chelsea celebrated her 40th birthday with marijuana. Through her twitter post, she announced of becoming a medical marijuana user, and also shared pictures.

Chelsea Handler MMJ Card

About Civilized Worldwide Inc. and Its Previous Milestones

Civilized Worldwide Inc. is a popular media and lifestyle company, which is aimed at highlighting cannabis culture and turning people make cannabis as a part of their daily lives. They produce digital content, builds brands, and produces world-class events for both business-to-business and business-to-customer audiences.

It was founded in 2005 by Derek Riedle and has grown a leading company in the global cannabis space. The company has offices in California and New Brunswick.

The company’s website provides high-quality, engaging content to help educate cannabis lovers about its use, benefits, and more. It has over 2.5 million unique visitors every month in North America and is growing in the digital space.

The president Terri Riedle and publisher Derek Riedle are planning to expand the operations of the company through live events, marketing, and video platforms.

The company’s expansion goals also attracted Michael Cohl, a Canadian concert promoter, and former group president of Conde Nast Mitch Fox.

Recently, the company acquired Revolution Strategy, an LA-based marketing communications agency and a newly rebranded 420 games Business of Cannabis.

In January 2019, Civilized partnered with Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) to expand its video reach through in-dispensary television network. CCTV is an on-demand streaming OTT network. At 175 point-of-sale locations in 11 US states, it has about 2.6 million monthly viewers. The company is aimed at educating and entertaining consumers while providing reasonable advertising solutions to cannabis brands.

Logo: Civilized Worldwide Inc. (Civilized) (CNW Group/Civilized Worldwide Inc. (Civilized))

CCTV provides news and entertainment including talk shows, sports, comedy, reality TV, etc. into the waiting rooms of dispensaries and sales floors across the country. Every month, 13,000 unique videos are featured on the ad network, which will provide Civilized increase its audience.

Civilized TV is planning hit series “First High” and “Ask a Budtender” along with new shows.

Additionally, the company wants to produce content for global TV audience with Insight Productions, and it has also signed Moosehead Beer, Infor Financial, and RPC Science & Engineering as sponsors.

Medical marijuana is an effective medicine with no side-effects. It’s good that seeing the positive effects of cannabinoids, lawmakers are also making the right moves to make the herb available for patients and celebrities like Chelsea Handler are coming forward to support the cannabis industry.

Hopefully, the day isn’t far when cannabis will no more be a Schedule 1 Drug and can be used legally all across the United States.

Hottest Cannabis Industry Jobs In California!

Hottest Cannabis Industry Jobs In California!

“Hey! What’s hot right now?”

“Are you in California?”

“Yes!! Why?”

“Coz if you’re in Cali, no matter what the scene is, there is one thing which is always hot!!


The cannabis industry is in an ever blooming phase. It is widely being regarded as the new ‘Gold Rush’. If you’ve ever navigated the Californian cannabis market, you might have had a slight hunch that the state is a big player in the cannabis industry. The economic impact of Cannabis on the US market in 2017 was $16 billion. This is expected to rise up to $40 billion by 2021!

Legal cannabis sales in CA are projected to generate $2.6 billion in 2019. And the figure is expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2025! That is huge indeed!

Now, if you’re smart enough, you’ll naturally want to pounce on this opportunity to generate some dollars! In fact, it’s not that hard. California has a healthy cannabis culture which is thriving day by day. The leisure tourists spent a whopping $98 million in 2015 on canna-tourist! Do you get the idea?

So, if you’re planning to work, the cannabis industry is the place where you’ll strike gold!

So, let’s get started!

Trendy cannabis jobs to rake in some good kush—I mean cash!


This is a pretty popular one! Do you consider yourself a people person? If yes, then being a budtender is ideally suited for you. All you need is a good knowledge of cannabis. Basic awareness of the difference between indica, sativa and hybrids along with the effect of THC on the human body will probably land you the work.

The best thing about being a budtender is that it is an interactive job and it will keep you in a friendly spirit!


Trimming is one of the entry-level jobs in the cannabis industry. The job of the trimmer is to separate out the bud from a fully harvested cannabis plant. This involves carefully removing the cannabis bud and the excess leaves to increase the visual appeal. The work essentially requires good precision, speed and a judicious approach that minimizes waste. Although some companies tend to use a machine for trimming, user experience says that it’s no match for a hand trimmed bud.

So, if the prospect seems attractive to you, it’s time to get trimming!

Extract Artist

If you’ve ever wondered how are the concentrated forms of cannabis achieved, extract artist is the person to thank for. Extract artists are responsible for processing dried or fresh frozen marijuana and transform it into the concentrated forms. Work is simple but it requires good attention to detail and knowledge of biochemistry. With the rising interest in concentrates, the extract artist is one of the most popular and sought after jobs.

Extract kush, extract cash! Simple!

Cannabis Chef

If you have a knack for cooking or you’ve got that culinary art thing, this one is perfect for you. The cannabis edibles are highly in demand. The fact that cannabis can be infused into the delicious cuisines has a potential of its own. The companies that are in the business of making cannabis food—candies, coffee, tea, chocolates, and other edibles— need skilled chefs to overlook the production of various edibles.

If you think you’ve got it, get cooking!

Cannabis Tester

This professional is responsible for ensuring that the cannabis products are of optimum quality and potency. He further ensures that the products comply with designated health and safety standards. A tester also assists in inspecting marijuana cultivation regulations and laws.

Although it is a good paying job, it may require you to have a PhD in scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, agronomy or entomology.

Sounds tough but it’s definitely worth it!

California is touted to become the legal marijuana capital of the world. The cannabis territory is definitely lucrative and helps you rake in good cash if you decide to be a part of it.

It’s never too late to take a decision. Believe me. You should be a part of the change!

How MMJ can save billions of American Taxpayers Dollars?

How MMJ can save billions of American Taxpayers Dollars?

It took a lot of time for people to get their heads around the fact that cannabis can be used for medical purposes. Today medical cannabis is legal in 33 out of the 50 states in the U.S. It has been a revolutionary change that has led to various preclinical studies and researches which can further provide great insight and approach.

Following are some of the ideas being discussed to stabilizing the border trade issues.

US-Mexico Border Wall

US and Mexico share 2000 miles of the border. There has been a lot of debate on how to reduce malpractices on the border. Trump in 2015, during his presidential campaign, introduced the idea to build a 1000 mile wall to reduce the smuggling of medical marijuana and the flow of illegal migrants into the US.

The country was divided into the opinion because of two major factors:

  1. Expenditure: The cost to build a wall was too steep and the promise of Trump to pay its bill from Mexican pockets looked unlikely.
  2. Productivity: Its effectiveness was not guaranteed. From 2003 to 2009, the border patrol focused on reinforcement by doubling its workforce and also constructing hundreds of miles of fences. Research showed that despite these increased security efforts smuggling of marijuana into the U.S did not decrease.

Trump in the White House

In 2016, Donald Trump for the first time entered into the Oval Office in Washington to deliver onto his promises. He has been a staunch believer of the border wall to curb the marijuana smuggling and incapacitate drug cartels.

Over the years, his statement over the cost of border wall kept increasing. Starting with $1 billion to $20 billion in 2018. This cost is to be paid through taxes paid by us. Though Trump has been adamant that he will get the Mexicans to pay for it in one way or another, the solution still remains in dark clouds.

But, will that benefit in any way when the government is facing a lot of backlash from the opposition as well as the general public.

The Government Shutdown

The nation is bearing the brunt of the longest government shutdown in US history. The President is adamant that the government will remain shut till he gets the money to build the wall. If we really want to cut into the Mexican drug cartel, is “The Wall” the right answer? Investing billions of taxpayers money in border concrete, the solution to drug smuggling?

Absolutely not!

So, what can really help?

Legal Marijuana is Actually the Future

Medical cannabis is believed to spread into more states way beyond the number that it crossed during the past year. This just hasn’t affected the health care sector but has implicated other spheres as well.

The latest study at the Cato Institute showed that less marijuana was being smuggled across the border to states with legalized marijuana. The study was based on government data of border patrol drug seizures. Looking at the trends, it can be iterated that legalizing medical marijuana is a step in the right direction.

Why will anyone route to illegal marijuana when can they get it legally and at a10 times more affordable cost?

This theory can actually help save billions of taxpayers money. Following marijuana’s footstep, we could formulate a model with more legal migration opportunities to reduce the rising number of illegal migration.

Shutting down the government will only worsen things and it is time the Congress notices the success of marijuana legalization. The wall may stop one route, it may injure the cartel but to disable the business from the roots, we need to keep the best foot forward and legalize marijuana.


A Final Game Board For California Cannabis Regulations

A Final Game Board For California Cannabis Regulations

California’s medical marijuana laws continue to grow, and this time the state officials have wrapped up their final version of regulations and have released them online.

The proposed regulations – from the state’s BCC, Department of Public Health and Department of Food and Agriculture – have been successfully submitted to the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) and target areas including cannabis events, packaging and delivery. The rules will not be effective until the Office of Administrative Law approves it.

“If adopted permanently, these new regulations would offer a raft of significant changes for cannabis businesses,” said Juli Crockett, compliance director for Los Angeles-based consultancy MMLG.

Here are primary takeaways from the proposed regulations:

  • A big win for deliveries

In the final regulation, delivery operators are the obvious winners. According to the BCC, third-party companies are prohibited to deliver cannabis anywhere in the state that do not have state medical marijuana commercial licenses. But tech platforms are allowed to deliver provided there is no direct profit-sharing on each sale.  

  • Packaging regulations changed

Apart from deliveries, another imperative win for cannabis industry is contract manufacturing, also called white labeling. White labeling enables a licensed manufacturer of concentrates, or edibles to produce and package products on the behalf of an unlicensed company , for instant an out-of-state company or a celebrity brand.

There is also a significant change to be witnessed in packaging and labeling provision. Previously manufacturers had to hold off on identifying cannabinoids before sending their products to labs for testing.

This would allow distributors to get concentrates and edibles tested for potency and then make that information available on the labels before sending them to retailers. This new California cannabis regulation also announced child-resistant packaging which won’t be required until next year. This means more burden on retailers to use child-resistant exit bags at their stores.

  • Reduced amount of inventory to be carried

The draft is most likely to lower the amount of inventory permitted to be carried by a single delivery vehicle, which would be $5,000 from $10,000. And the delivery vehicle has to have at least $2,000 worth of existing orders in place from buyers before it leaves a delivery hub.  

  • More transparency in stakeholders

The new California cannabis regulation puts a ban on silent partners and would require licensed cannabis businesses to disclose more information about every stakeholder. The BCC demands more transparency and wants to know who all are involved in each of these companies.

  • Significant increase in cannabis events

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill which replaces a law that allowed licenced cannabis events to be held on county fairgrounds. This means there would likely be an increase in various types of cannabis events held in California. The bill was passed to benefit local economies and small businesses by giving cities more independence to govern how such events take place in the state.

These are some of the changes proposed in the latest draft of industry rules. You can check the detailed draft here.

5 States That Are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2019

5 States That Are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2019

Marijuana legalization could be up for approval in at least a dozen states in the United States this legislative session. But pro-legalization bills are still pending and advocates are waiting for the legislators to return from their holiday break to finalize signature count.

U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has stated that he is planning to control the legalization process to disrupt criminal organization, reduce growing drug crisis, and suppress violent crime across America.

Read along to learn more…

Vermont has Posed a New Way for Legalization

Vermont has already made history by becoming the first state to legalize recreational marijuana at the legislative level. In fact, the bill to legalize up to one ounce of weed and the possession of up to six plants is almost finalized, and will probably get the approval.

With Christie Out, Weed Could Now Enter New Jersey

Or at least it is looking that way. Its new governor is a Democrat and has a mission of making recreational marijuana a reality. So, it is possible that he signs off on a legalizing bill.

Democratic Assembly member, Reed Gusciora plans to introduce a bill through the state legislature by early February. After passing the bill, residents of New Jersey can possess up to an ounce of cannabis and up to three mature marijuana plants.

Total six plants would be allowed in total per person and only 15 growers would be allowed in the legislation’s first year. The bill, which was first introduced last year, and reinforced recently would legalize possession of up to an ounce of cannabis in the 21-plus demographic and would create enforcement and licensing system for growers and dispensaries. However, the bill doesn’t share any update for growing cannabis at home.

Michigan With Old-Schooled Ballot Initiative

While New Jersey and Vermont are taking marijuana legalization in quite a bold way, Michigan is still sticking to the tried-and-true ballot initiative method that has brought recreational cannabis in Massachusetts, California, and seven other states.


Although, Virginia failed to pass two bills in 2017 as some lawmakers suggested that more research be done before legalizing cannabis. But, things now are picking up.

Ralph Northam, the new governor of Virginia has made a strong call for the state to ratify cannabis plants. A Democratic Senator has filed a decriminalization bill to trade out criminal proceeding for a $50 fine for first time offenders and a maximum of $250 fine for violations.

The bill ought to keep the current fine to $50 but can also include first offenders punishable by up to 30 days in jail.

Oklahoma Could Make Medical Marijuana a Reality

More than 20 states still lack medical marijuana laws, but Oklahoma could be on its way to legalizing cannabis. It is possible that there is a vote during the primary elections in June 2019 in compliance with an approved petition submitted in 2016.

If you’re in a state that is making a major decision on marijuana legalization, make sure you vote in favor of cannabis laws. Medical cannabis is increasingly being used by millions of Americans, even though it is still illegal at the Federal level.

New research and studies have are now convincing doctors and patients about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis therapy.

Has your state legalized medical cannabis? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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