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Kidney Stones and Marijuana

Kidney Stones and Marijuana: Is it a Good Match?

Kidney stones and marijuana? How would you react to that? I’m sure you’re confused if cannabis is good for managing kidney stones. Well, recent researches say that cannabis is a good option to deal with the issue. 

Stones can be really painful. The kidney is an important part of the body. It is responsible for removing all the toxic materials from the body. So, it’s important to pay attention in case a problem arises.

What are Kidney Stones?

These are just deposits of salt and minerals which are formed due to the crystallization of concentrated urine. If you happen to drink less water, you’re at an increased risk of it. 

They can be pretty painful and hence, an exit is needed. Timely diagnosis is essential or else it can cause more pain. It can affect any part of your kidney. So, it’s important that you address the issue accordingly.

In most cases, the doctors advise increasing water intake to flush out the extra minerals and the stone. The movement of the stone causes a lot of pain and if the case is complex, you might need surgery. 

Kidney Stones Treatment

The method of treatment varies according to the size of the stone. 

1) Small Stones

If the size is small, the doctors recommend increasing the intake of water. You need to drink at least 2.8 liters to flush out all the toxins and drain your system. 

Apart from this, the specialist might recommend you to have a pain reliever like ibuprofen and Tylenol. These medications are very helpful in reducing stone induced pain. 

2) Large Stones

The method of treatment for large stones is understandably different. The doctor might use sound waves to break the stones and offer relief. If that doesn’t work, then surgery is the only option. 

The main aim of the treatment is to offer quick and effective relief as early as possible. 

Kidney Stones and Marijuana

Although the research in this domain is pretty limited, recent studies have thrown some positive light. The study mentions that the medicinal effect of cannabis is due to the presence of the active compounds THC and CBD. When you ingest cannabis these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid receptors to produce relaxing effects on the body. 

The two receptors CB-1 and CB-2 are present throughout the body including the kidney. The effects typically depend on the location of the receptor. 

The effect of CBD is particularly very beneficial to the kidney. CBD or cannabidiol is non-psychoactive and it does not produce a high. It has the anti-inflammatory properties and the cleansing effect which can facilitate the removal of toxins from the kidney. 

Kidney stones also run at a risk of inviting various infections. CBD has the necessary anti-microbial properties which can prevent the onset of harmful bacteria and boost the immune system. 

One of the most promising effects of CBD is that it acts as a pain-reliever. Most pain relievers are opioid-based. So, cannabis is a much better and effective option to use. It can relax the muscles and offer the relaxation you need. 

Get a Medical Cannabis Card

If you want to use medical marijuana effectively, 420 medical evaluations can be of great help. The doctors can recommend a customized line of dosage based on your diagnosis. 

Cannabis has emerged as a brilliant alternative for kidney stones treatment. There is substantial research in work. So, we can expect a more detailed analysis and use it to enhance our health in the future.

What is the Relationship Between Medical Marijuana and Diabetes? Read This to Find Out!

Several studies show that there might be a connection between marijuana and diabetes. Especially when most of the states in America are legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. Moreover, most of the Americans use medical marijuana to cure pain and inflammation.

Subsequently, people want to know more about the health benefits of medical marijuana. It will be no surprise if people hear stories about the treatment of diabetes through cannabis. This subject can stir strong emotions among people who believe in the stigma surrounding cannabis. In fact, scientists are still trying to prove its effectiveness. So, the question remains. Can it be used safely for the treatment of diabetic patients?  

The answer to the question lies ahead. Keep reading!

Marijuana and Diabetes: The Role of CBD

The marijuana plant has mainly two components that effectively react with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). it is a system that controls an array of functions in the body. CBD has a way around the human body – properties that impact the way your body and brain function. For example, concentration, appetite, memory, immune system function, etc. The most vital aspect of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive. So, the chances of getting high are unlikely.

The property of CBD to decrease inflammation is what comes into account here. Usually, the symptoms of diabetes include inflammation, unstabilized blood sugar, and lower blood pressure.

An advocacy group called the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) suggests that medical marijuana can treat diabetic patients by reducing symptoms like:

1) Nerve pains due to inflammation 2) Maintain the level of sugar in the blood 3) Improve blood pressure and blood circulation

Having said that it is also vital to know that the effects of medical marijuana, especially CBD on diabetic patients is still under scrutiny. Perhaps the only factor that has to be considered and taken seriously. But medical marijuana can help diabetic patients with some other benefits. What are they? Let’s take a look.

CBD Can Control Obesity

Patients of type two diabetes are at a greater risk of gaining weight. Several studies have been published regarding weight gain issues. A study once conducted on 4,567 people proved that people who consumed medical marijuana had a thin waistline. In turn, stating the fact that they were less prone to gaining weight.

Despite the fact that marijuana increases the capacity to eat. The study proved otherwise and hence making medical marijuana a constructive solution.

Cells are not Resistant to the Effects of Insulin

Even in this case, people with type 2 diabetes develop sensitivity towards insulin. This means that the body is less sensitive to the effects of insulin. Whereas it is vital for the body to use insulin (hormone) effectively. Because it helps check the level of sugar in the body. Sugar that is brokedown to be stored as energy

THC works well in this case because it keeps the following symptoms in-check:

1)The production of insulin is improved. 2)Stabilizes the functioning of adiponectin – a protein that controls blood sugar 3)It allows the body to process glucose.

Also read: 5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Prevents from Nerve Damage

Diabetic patients usually suffer from nerve damage due to high blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is a common symptom. It causes severe pain in the legs and feet. Eventually, affecting the entire body.

A study titled efficacy of inhaled cannabis on painful diabetic neuropathy stated that low to mid-level of THC doses can reduce the pain in nerves. As long as the symptom entailed the consumption of THC, the pain will be reduced. Subsequently, relaxation was the predominant effect seen in patients consuming medical marijuana.

There are several possibilities linked to medical marijuana. Maybe in the future medical marijuana will be able to cure several diseases without complications. But the connection between cannabis and diabetes demands thorough research. Up until then consult a medical marijuana doctor and see if cannabis can prove beneficial for you.

best LED grow lights for marijuana

Beginner’s Point Checklist that will help you choose the Best LED Grow Lights for Marijuana

Welcome to the marijuana growing business. We are glad that you have decided to grow your own cannabis. Right now your mind will be crowded with questions. How to set up the plant, what equipments will fit best, the best LED grow lights for marijuana, so on and so forth. Relax we are here to help you. But before we familiarise you with the LED lights that best suit your indoor grow. Here are certain factors you need to keep in mind.

Appoint a space for your plant

Look around and see what specific area will you designate for the plant. The corner in the basement, a room, a special cabinet, or a tent. The choice is yours. Just remember that you will have to take care of the plant and that space yourself. So it is better to have a nice talk with yourself before deciding the final spot. 

Don’t forget to follow this point checklist

Once space has been finalized. Some of the factors you will have to look after are as follows: 

  • The amount of space needed for the plant.
  • The equipment has to be tailored according to the area.
  • Room for you to work with the plant freely.
  • Ventilation, lights, temperature and other pieces of equipment have to be in sink with the plant.
  • The surface that you will choose to set up your plant has to be sanitized.
  • Most vitally, choose a spot that is away from the eyes of your children, neighbors, and pets.

Indoor grow lights for cannabis other than LED

  1. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are cost-effective and cheaper than LED lights. There are two main types of HID lamps. One is the Metal Halide (MH), it emits bluish-white light for vegetative growth and the other is called High Pressure Sodium (HPS). This light produces a red-orange hue and is good for the flowering stage. When used along with good quality ballasts and reflectors, they help in the overall growth of the plant. But remember they heat up easily so you will have to set up an extra piece of cooling equipment for the same. 
  2. Fluorescent light fixtures do not require a cooling system and are inexpensive. The entire package ( reflector, ballast, bulbs) is much cheaper than all the other lights. If you are planning on growing a small scale plant, these light will best suit your grow. The only drawback is that they will consume more watts and produce 20-30% less light. 
  3. An induction lamp is another option that you can consider. It is the oldest technology devised by an acknowledged scientist Nikola Tesla. It is definitely more efficient, cost-effective, and durable with the ability to provide value to the plant. The issue of its availability can certainly bother you and the price varies from time to time. 

Having talked about the various lights that canna-users prefer. Let’s finally, dive straight into the types of LED lights you can choose for your medical marijuana plant. 

Give your cannabis plants the LED treatment

These are the best type of lights for all the canna growers. The cost may differ depending on the kind of light you will purchase. But in entirety LED lights have the following advantages: 

  • Cost-effective
  • A quality-driven yield is produced
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides a full spectrum of light
  • Generates less heat

Types of LED lights

There are three main types of LED lights that are used for growing medical marijuana. 

  1. Spread LED: it consists of two major lights. One is the Quantum Board LED light that has low watt diodes spread on a plain board. It consumes fewer watts and produces high-end results. These lights can be used for an extensive grow. The other light is called spider style and it consists of individual diodes that are spread like a spider on a solid board. They are famously known for producing a good yield. 
  2. Traditional Panel: These lights are being used extensively due to its one special feature. They have the tendency to produce a full spectrum for both larger and smaller spaces. Also, it is a hybrid of Quantum Board Style and COB with both small and medium diodes. Basically, a mix and match of all LED styles
  3. COB LED (Chip on Board): Big lights with a flat panel, that is what a COB looks like. Several LED chips are introduced in one bulb to let the light penetrate as deep as the plant’s canopy. These lights are in demand because of the same factor. You will never be disappointed by the quality of light. In addition to this, the frequency of light is so intense that it will consume more electricity than usual.

To sum up we can say that LED lights have good potential to increase the yield of cannabis plants. The three best LED grow lights for marijuana mentioned in this write-up can definitely help all the beginners planning to set up a medical marijuana plant. As a beginner, you obviously want the best out of a particular strain. This is where the point checklist comes into play. So take a good look and let us know which light is best suited for your plant in the comment section below. 


5 Reasons To Switch To Vaping

The dangerous consequences that come attached to smoking have never stopped people from pursuing this habit. “I am going to quit smoking” is probably the most common resolution most people take and fail to keep up with. But the number of serious health risks that are related to the habit should be reason enough at least to take a step towards controlling. Well, the process of quitting needs to start small and the best start is using an alternative to your cigarettes which could be a vape pen. Here are 5 important reasons why you should be shifting to vaping from smoking.


Huge scope for saving money

An average smoker at least requires 2 packets of cigarettes a day and keeping this number and calculating the total cost you might end up spending a lot more than you think you are. The prices of cigarettes tend to fluctuate and this depends on the brands, taxes or penalties that are applicable to different areas. E-cigarettes can be purchased online and even the replacements for the coil and the vaping liquid are significantly cheaper than cigarette costs. A starter kit can last about 2 weeks and this will turn out way cheaper than cigarettes.

Better for your health

Vaping liquids do not contain tobacco which is an important reason why vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping liquid is often fruit-flavored juices that give you a refreshing feeling rather than consuming tobacco which contains about 70 chemicals of carcinogenic properties. These pens do not contain nicotine which is the addictive element in cigarettes and hence there Is no need to worry. The toxicants present in the smoke is the primary reason behind cancer the risk of which gets completely eliminated during vaporizing.

No chance for second-hand smoke

The worse effect of smoking is not only destroying your own health but deteriorating the health of people around you. This is one of the reasons why smoking in public areas has been prohibited in various places. In fact, second-hand smoke has been related to lung cancer and coronary heart diseases where the chances have been increased by about 20% – 30 % and 25% -35 % respectively according to a study. Using a vape pen would mean that you enjoy your habit to yourself and also end up leaving no toxic smoke behind that might harm the people around.

It is safer than smoking

Switching to vaping can reduce tobacco-related deaths. E-cigarettes can also aid the process of quitting smoking habit as per results of a study. It is a safer way to withdraw from smoking habit unlike using nicotine patches or therapies and the change here is more gradual. The reason behind the same is that psychologically a smoker still can take the satisfaction of holding and smoking but there are no hazardous chemicals involved in this process.

It opens up a lot of choices

The largest range of choices for cigarettes usually get limited to the brands and the strength. Vape liquids offer a large range of options to choose from and even mix two flavors and experiment. Also, unlike quite a stagnant innovation in front of cigarettes, vaping pens have witnessed tremendous changes and evolution to date to make the device safe and suitable for all. Nowadays, you can easily get vapes and e-liquids at various online stores and also can order weed online from Canada’s best online cannabis dispensaries.


Vaping does not need a lighter which essentially eliminates one of the prime safety problems that cause fire accidents. The absence of combustion ensures that the possibilities of a fire are significantly reduced. Vaping also offers the liberty to simply enjoy one drag and leave the pen behind rather than letting guilt make you smoke a complete cigarette. As the market expands user interest will bring to the table more flavors, features and finally a much better alternative to a cigarette in the form of vape pens.

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