Can A Cannabis Card Help Replace Pharmaceuticals?

Well, the answer to this can never be a simple yes or no. Cannabis cards help people a

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A New Study Reveals CBD Does Not Impair Driving, Here’s What a Cannabis Doctor Thinks

The issue with cannabis and driving has long troubled people who live in a state that

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Minnesota Adds Two More Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions to the State List

The Minnesota Department of Health (MHD) added Read More

Commission on Narcotic Drugs Removes Cannabis From the Schedule IV Category

After considering a series of recommendations regarding marijuana from the World Healt

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Federal Marijuana Legalization – The Historic Congressional Vote This Week

As recently as on election day, two conservative states made history with their

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Marijuana Legalized In Four States. Here’s Why You Still Need a Cannabis Card

Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota are the newest in the list of states wh

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Cannabis Doctor Stance on Legalization: What Does a Biden-Win Mean for the Marijuana Industry?

What happens if Joe Biden is elected as the US President? For years his stance on drug

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Arizona Just Legalized Marijuana. Do You Still Need a 420 Med Card?

The initiative to legalize cannabis moved further as three states including Arizona le

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A Comprehensive Guide to Finding an MMJ Doctor Online [2020 Guide]

Cannabis might have gained notoriety as a recreational herb but the truth is that its

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