The Relationship Between Marijuana and Dopamine (Facts Explained)

Have you ever wondered what causes the wonderful feeling that makes you believe everyt

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3 Trends That May Transform The Cannabis Industry in 2021

Saying that 2020 was a bad year for the world would be an understatement. The coronavirus pandemic has caused huge dam

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First City-Sanctioned Cannabis Trade Association in the Works in San Diego

San Diego has come forward with the plan of creating a Read More

What does A Marijuana Doctor Have To Say About Contact High?

Do you know about the concept of passive smokers? It’s basically the idea that if you are inhaling the smoke of the

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Massachusetts’ Approval for Home Delivery of Adult-use Cannabis Face Threat of Lawsuit by Dispensaries

Massachusetts, 1st December 2020: After sleeping on it for a long time, the Mas

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5 Ways to Spend Your Socially-Distanced Holiday Season With Cannabis

No one would have imagined living in a time where meeting or hugging people would beco

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Minnesota Adds Two More Medical Cannabis Qualifying Conditions to the State List

The Minnesota Department of Health (MHD) added Read More

Commission on Narcotic Drugs Removes Cannabis From the Schedule IV Category

After considering a series of recommendations regarding marijuana from the World Healt

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What is the CBD market really worth in 2020?

Is the CBD market really worth billions today?

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High Times Enters the Cannabis Retail Market With Multi-Million Dollar Deal For 10 Dispensaries in California

California, 29th November 2020: High Times, one of the most popular names in th

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