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Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company

Currently, the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. As per a new report by

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Can You Give CBD Oil To Your Dog?

There’s a reason why we call dogs man’s best friend. From loyalty to companionship and being a best friend to some

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5 Myths About THC Detoxification Debunked

It’s time to look for a new job, and you somehow feel, they are gonna reject you.Why?Because you are a “

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CBD Oil for Acne: Skin Care at its Best

You clean your face regularly that too twice daily.You abide by all the skincare rules and procedures.Still, y

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Changing Perspective: Convincing Family and Friends That CBD Use Is Far From Recreational

For any kind of physical ailment, whether it be back pain, headaches, stress, or insomnia, reaching for a pharmaceutic

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CBD Oil for Allergies – A Lower-Risk Anti-Allergy Treatment

Runny nose, swollen and itchy eyes, constant sneezing, or some kind of skin reaction, these symptoms of allergies can

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Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product

Saying goodbye to Halloween isn’t always fun for everyone. All the excitement and sugar rush can leave you feeling t

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5 Amazing CBD Products You Can’t-Miss On The OMC Store This Fall

Here comes the fall of 2018, and we can begin to rejoice with a festive spirit. Halloween is just around the corner an

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It is a Celebration of the Holy Smoke, it’s Marijuana Day

Marijuana Day:

It is 4/20, a remarkable day for cannabis users when thousand

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