7 Things You Need to Know About Autoflowering Seeds: A Must Read Guide - CBD

7 Things You Need to Know About Autoflowering Seeds A Must Read Guide

7 Things You Need to Know About Autoflowering Seeds: A Must Read Guide

Apart from the high THC amounts, the introduction of autoflowering cannabis seeds is another great thing concerning the genetics from modern cannabis. In early 1995, the first suggestions about these autoflowering seeds popped. Around 2005, Lowryder became the first commercial autoflowering strain to hit the market.

There are a lot of cannabis based products in the market and there has been an increasing demand of autoflowering seeds throughout the world. Products like CBD vape oil, Hemp-derived CBD capsules, cannabis edibles, 500mg CBD gummies, etc have been so popular among people and are available at any marijuana dispensaries like CBDOmetry. The growth of these products in the markets have been somehow possible because of the increased amount of available autoflowering seeds.

Therefore, autoflowering seeds are a new type of cannabis which has been in the market for some years. However, they have taken the market by storm because of the ease of growth and the fact that they do well all year round than other strains.

Weed smokers do not benefit much from this kind of cannabis because of fewer THC counts. Nonetheless, they can still get other strains with high THC amounts from Ontario cannabis in Canada via online dispensaries.

Below is a discussion of the seven things that help you know better autoflowering seeds. What do you need? Just a few minutes of your time, and you will have the right information.

What are Autoflowering Seeds?

First of all, you need to understand what autoflowering seeds are. As the name hints, they are seeds that produce plants which flower automatically, with no change in the light cycle. Distinct from other conventional cannabis plants, autoflowering plants depends on age and not light to flower.

A variety of cannabis called ruderalis is responsible for creating the autoflowering strains. Ruderalis grows in the wild, especially in the colder parts of the world like China and Russia. Thus, ruderalis does not depend on light to flower as indica and sativa need light.

Plant Autoflowering Seeds Early and Late

Plant Autoflowering Seeds Early and Late

The better way to make sure that your seeds grow well is by planting them early during the growing season as well as in the last months. It will depend on your climate in the country/place you live.

If you cannot grow them early or late, then you can grow your indoor autoflowering seeds inside. Controlling both the light and heat enables you to cultivate plants throughout the year.

Don’t feed them too much

Autoflowering cannabis plants are small, and they do not spend more time in their vegetative phase. Thus, avoid feeding autoflowering seeds/plants as much as one needs to feed other large strains like sativas and indicas.

Breeding Autos

Breeding Autos

It is easy to create an authentic autoflowering seed from any two true breeding auto parent plants. However, breeding a new autoflowering strain can be a bit complicated when you try to create a hybrid with another strain that is not autoflowering.

For Maximum Yield, Maximize your Resources Right from the Beginning

Autoflowering life cycle is short. It is vital to optimize the resources for a better harvest. Plagues or any nutritional problem may damage the growth of autoflowers. To avoid this, plan everything and buy quality autoflowering seeds.

Many retailers sell autoflowering seeds online. Therefore, it is wise for you to research better on the reputation of the company. It allows you to purchase quality seeds that are well-dried.

Other planning strategies include; learning how best to make compost, starting with the ideal soil, tracking the plants’ progress, balancing the pH of the water, avoiding over and under-watering, and trimming.

Such preparations ensure that everything is right from the time of seed germination to harvest. In the end, you will get a great harvest.

Benefits of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds have a small structure and can only average about 19 – 23 inches high. Therefore, you can grow them in small and compatible spaces. They take a short period to grow as they grow faster and you can harvest within 8-9 weeks.

With proper planning, you may get several harvests in a season. Another great advantage of autoflowering is the fact you do not need to adjust the light to encourage flowering.

Cons of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds originate from ruderalis; thus their buds have fewer THC counts than the amounts found in photoperiodic strains. People looking for a potent weed should not use the autoflowering type instead, they can buy weed online.

Though autoflowering plants do not depend on light to flower, they need more light during their flowering stage for maximum photosynthesis and better bud growth. Therefore, it may lead to the high cost of electricity.

They are short in size, making them grow even in small or tight spaces. However, this shortness means that you will harvest fewer rewards.


Due to the legalization of cannabis in many countries like Canada and the US, many individuals will access cannabis seeds online, including autoflowering seeds. They can grow the cannabis sativa plant in their homes and enjoy their benefits whenever they harvest.

Autoflowering seeds are easy to plant. Both new and veteran in the industry can grow the plant. Soon, there will be many products on the shelves with CBD as more people get to learn about CBD and use such products.

What is the Relationship Between Medical Marijuana and Diabetes? Read This to Find Out!

Several studies show that there might be a connection between marijuana and diabetes. Especially when most of the states in America are legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. Moreover, most of the Americans use medical marijuana to cure pain and inflammation.

Subsequently, people want to know more about the health benefits of medical marijuana. It will be no surprise if people hear stories about the treatment of diabetes through cannabis. This subject can stir strong emotions among people who believe in the stigma surrounding cannabis. In fact, scientists are still trying to prove its effectiveness. So, the question remains. Can it be used safely for the treatment of diabetic patients?  

The answer to the question lies ahead. Keep reading!

Marijuana and Diabetes: The Role of CBD

The marijuana plant has mainly two components that effectively react with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). it is a system that controls an array of functions in the body. CBD has a way around the human body – properties that impact the way your body and brain function. For example, concentration, appetite, memory, immune system function, etc. The most vital aspect of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive. So, the chances of getting high are unlikely.

The property of CBD to decrease inflammation is what comes into account here. Usually, the symptoms of diabetes include inflammation, unstabilized blood sugar, and lower blood pressure.

An advocacy group called the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) suggests that medical marijuana can treat diabetic patients by reducing symptoms like:

1) Nerve pains due to inflammation 2) Maintain the level of sugar in the blood 3) Improve blood pressure and blood circulation

Having said that it is also vital to know that the effects of medical marijuana, especially CBD on diabetic patients is still under scrutiny. Perhaps the only factor that has to be considered and taken seriously. But medical marijuana can help diabetic patients with some other benefits. What are they? Let’s take a look.

CBD Can Control Obesity

Patients of type two diabetes are at a greater risk of gaining weight. Several studies have been published regarding weight gain issues. A study once conducted on 4,567 people proved that people who consumed medical marijuana had a thin waistline. In turn, stating the fact that they were less prone to gaining weight.

Despite the fact that marijuana increases the capacity to eat. The study proved otherwise and hence making medical marijuana a constructive solution.

Cells are not Resistant to the Effects of Insulin

Even in this case, people with type 2 diabetes develop sensitivity towards insulin. This means that the body is less sensitive to the effects of insulin. Whereas it is vital for the body to use insulin (hormone) effectively. Because it helps check the level of sugar in the body. Sugar that is brokedown to be stored as energy

THC works well in this case because it keeps the following symptoms in-check:

1)The production of insulin is improved. 2)Stabilizes the functioning of adiponectin – a protein that controls blood sugar 3)It allows the body to process glucose.

Also read: 5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Prevents from Nerve Damage

Diabetic patients usually suffer from nerve damage due to high blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is a common symptom. It causes severe pain in the legs and feet. Eventually, affecting the entire body.

A study titled efficacy of inhaled cannabis on painful diabetic neuropathy stated that low to mid-level of THC doses can reduce the pain in nerves. As long as the symptom entailed the consumption of THC, the pain will be reduced. Subsequently, relaxation was the predominant effect seen in patients consuming medical marijuana.

There are several possibilities linked to medical marijuana. Maybe in the future medical marijuana will be able to cure several diseases without complications. But the connection between cannabis and diabetes demands thorough research. Up until then consult a medical marijuana doctor and see if cannabis can prove beneficial for you.

4 Ways To Take CBD To Get The Most Out Of Its Benefits

4 Ways To Take CBD To Get The Most Out Of Its Benefits

CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, marks its presence as a medicine that has been derived from the plant, Cannabis Sativa. Popularly known as marijuana or pot, cannabis has shown medicinal properties that can cure epileptic diseases. Besides that, it treats conditions like anxiety, depression, mental health, and physical pain. Doctors and researchers are increasingly investigating the positive uses of this plant to ascertain its exact properties. Organizations like FDA, have approved of CBD, and it can now be legally used as a medical drug in certain states in the US.

Four Ways of Taking CBD

What are the Four Ways of Taking CBD?

CBD is a conventional medicine now and finds steady consumption by patients. However, the doses of the same must not exceed the said amount in a doctor’s prescription, lest it becomes more harmful than medicinal. There are four main methods of using CBD. The list below enumerates all four ways.

Way 1: Oral Methods

Introduction: There are two main ways of taking CBD orally. The first is the most common: swallowing. It finds easy ingestion through the method of merely consuming it. The agent can be anything from CBD oil, powders, or capsules. People suffering from insomnia can be benefited from taking CBD. Along with CBD people suffering from insomnia can also take a steroid pill like zopiclone that provides effective support in cases of extreme sleep deprivation. The pathway is the digestive tract that absorbs the medication and transfers it to the other parts of the body. The other method is relatively complex, involving the absorption of cannabis into the bloodstream. The agents are tinctures and CBD oil, mostly. The capillaries beneath the tongue absorb the agents into the bloodstream. This helps in spreading it through the body by the method of transfusion.

Advantages: The advantages of oral methods are plenty. The most important, however, is the ease of intake that it provides a patient. Swallowing is the easiest method of taking in the CBD. As for the sublingual or buccal purpose of consumption, this gives the patients a fast reaction as there is no requirement of time for the process of metabolism. Since the blood is directly absorbing it, no further metabolic actions in the body are necessary for the medicine to act.

Way 2: Method of Inhalation

Introduction: Inhalation is the most common method of intake of cannabis in the US. The agents can be vape pens or dabs. Inhaling cannabis through these vape pens help in reaching the lungs in a moment. Vaping does not involve metabolism since it passes through the lungs and enters the bloodstream, directly. The effect stays for around ten minutes before wearing out. However, patients should not use cheaper vape pens as that can result in negative consequences.

Advantages: The advantages of this process of inhalation are two: one is, it acts very fast and delivers the results rapidly. This can bring a lot of relief to patients who need CBD instantly. The other is, the effect wears out soon. Although that might sound like a negative point, it helps because the patient gets relief but does not stay high for long. After the effect wears out, he or she can quickly return to the ordinary course of life.

Way 3: Application on the Skin

Introduction: CBD is not only taken orally or through methods of inhalation, but via the process of application on the skin. The agents include creams and lotions that mostly affect the muscles and cures muscle aches. Besides the muscles, inflammatory cells are also taken care of by these agents. Sometimes, nerves perceive as painful. These are also taken care of by creams and lotions.

Advantages: These creams and lotions are made to treat muscular problems. They rarely affect the bloodstream, thus never really taking a patient to the high state. This is an excellent benefit for those who still feel reluctant in using medicines derived from marijuana.

Way 4: Vaginal or Anal Methods

Introduction: Vaginal and anal methods are the strongest of all the above techniques. The effect is similar to that of the application of creams or lotions on the skin. However, since the genitals are more sensitive, the process is more effective. The agents are creams, sprays, and suppositories. However, since the vagina and anus contain nerves in abundance, there are chances of these agents entering the bloodstream.

Advantages: This method works effectively in the case of sexual pains and period cramps. Hence, it is widely accepted by menstruating women. It is also the strongest way of applying CBD, and it also produces the most potent effect.


Each of these four ways has unique sets of characteristics, and it is solely upon the patient to decide which one suits him or her the most. As for the plant itself, autoflower seeds find widespread acceptance given the small time frame it requires to blossom into a flowering plant. This yields cannabis for longer duration hence is more profitable. Cannabis in the US has helped innumerable patients in the last few years. Scientists across the country are still looking for ways to utilize this plant effectively and positively.



New To Cannabis World? Use Pre-rolled Joints To Get Relief

New To Cannabis World? Use Pre-rolled Joints To Get Relief

Cannabis has been around for a long time now. And the good news is it’s now legal in most states. People with medical conditions can legally buy and consume it to get relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. And many people are!

It’s like the holy grail for people suffering from serious conditions.

But when it comes to using cannabis, the biggest concern is – how to consume it?

Even though there are many ways of consuming medical marijuana, nothing beats an old-fashioned joint. A joint is an evergreen way of consuming cannabis and enjoying it.

Let’s get real – there’s nothing more impressive than sitting down to smoke and seeing someone roll a perfect joint. Trust me, rolling a perfect joint is an art. And not everybody can master it. It’s like a combination of sushi rolling and origami folding, and it’s definitely amazing.

A joint is disposable, discreet, cheap means of consuming medical marijuana which can also be shared easily with friends. You neither need to invest heavily on a fancy product like a vape pen nor the time commitment of a tropical.

But unless you have hours to practice the art of rolling a joint, it can be difficult to benefit from this magical herb.

Moreover, if you have recently stepped into the world of cannabis, you might have a hard time rolling a joint. But It’s okay, we’ve all been there. After all, it’s not something you’ve been doing all your life.

But how do you enjoy cannabis if you don’t know how to roll a joint?

You use “Pre-rolled Joints”!

Cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace. New products are being launched every other day to help people have access to high-quality cannabis. Pre-rolled joints are the newest additions to the long list of cannabis products. Pre-rolled joints – also known as the hot dogs of the cannabis industry – are here to help cannabis-lovers smoke like a pro.

Before regulated, legal markets, cannabis users themselves rolled their joints and used them. But as medical marijuana legalized and more medical dispensaries emerged, demand for ready-made products increased significantly. By now, pre-rolled joints are everywhere. They have been used as a go-to gifts and popular recommendations for cannabis newcomers.

How pre-rolled joints are made?

The pre-rolled joints are filled with ‘shake’. It is, in fact, a secret ingredient in these joints. According to Corey Schwartz, a manager of a dispensary in Los Angeles, when distributing cannabis strains to patients, strains get broken down. And while budtenders move nugs of medical marijuana in their jars, shake gets collected. This shake is then used in pre-rolled joints.

Using shake in pre-rolled joints is a common practice. It ensures that all of strains in a dispensary are used properly.

Are they worth your money?

Many people think pre-rolled joints are made of low-quality cannabis strain. But this necessarily isn’t the case. The product used in these joints, i.e. shake is just tiny pieces of the same quality cannabis strains. But you need to be careful when buying pre-rolls. Not every product is made of quality shake. If the shake is dry, it’s of low quality – and often the result of products sitting out for long in the store. And there are times when shake obtained from different strains are put in a roll.

So, it’s a good idea to sacrifice one joint and cut it open to see the product filled inside. Make the product filled inside looks fresh.

Cannabis is a miracle herb that can help you alleviate the symptoms of many serious medical conditions including arthritis, alzheimer, epilepsy and more. And pre-rolled joints are a great way to consume cannabis in a traditional way while still reaping its maximum benefits.

Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company

Comedian Chelsea Handler Announces Investment in a Major Cannabis Content Company

Currently, the cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. As per a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., it’s expected that global legal marijuana market will reach $146.4 billion by 2025.

Seeing the medical benefits of cannabis, more people are supporting it and applying for their 420 med evaluations. Even, celebrities are also coming forward to support the industry.

Recently, Chelsea Handler, a comedian, author and writer, announced her investment in Civilized Worldwide Inc. In February, she announced developing her own cannabis line. She shared this story about signing a deal with NorCal Cannabis Company at Canndescent’s Stylus launch party where she was invited as a special guest.

Chelsea’s Partnership with Civilized

Chelsea Handler has been working with Civilized since 2018. She appeared in a wide range of company’s events in America and Canada and involved in a number of projects. She appeared at the inaugural Cannabis Congress, which were proved successful. Additionally, the comedian conducted a tour named “A Civilized Conversation with Chelsea Handler” presented by Civilized.

She said, “Cannabis has made a difference in my life, in the lives of my friends and people who have been reintroduced to it. Working with Civilized, I have seen how passionate they’re about smashing outdated cannabis stereotypes while keeping people entertained. And, it has been a real inspiration.”

Chelsea is active on social media, and has about 3.4 million followers on Instagram. She keeps on posting about issues on legalization and injustice, and also her personal cannabis consumption routines. Here’s one of her Instagram account posts-


In 2015, Chelsea celebrated her 40th birthday with marijuana. Through her twitter post, she announced of becoming a medical marijuana user, and also shared pictures.

Chelsea Handler MMJ Card

About Civilized Worldwide Inc. and Its Previous Milestones

Civilized Worldwide Inc. is a popular media and lifestyle company, which is aimed at highlighting cannabis culture and turning people make cannabis as a part of their daily lives. They produce digital content, builds brands, and produces world-class events for both business-to-business and business-to-customer audiences.

It was founded in 2005 by Derek Riedle and has grown a leading company in the global cannabis space. The company has offices in California and New Brunswick.

The company’s website www.civilized.life provides high-quality, engaging content to help educate cannabis lovers about its use, benefits, and more. It has over 2.5 million unique visitors every month in North America and is growing in the digital space.

The president Terri Riedle and publisher Derek Riedle are planning to expand the operations of the company through live events, marketing, and video platforms.

The company’s expansion goals also attracted Michael Cohl, a Canadian concert promoter, and former group president of Conde Nast Mitch Fox.

Recently, the company acquired Revolution Strategy, an LA-based marketing communications agency and a newly rebranded 420 games Business of Cannabis.

In January 2019, Civilized partnered with Cannabis Club TV (CCTV) to expand its video reach through in-dispensary television network. CCTV is an on-demand streaming OTT network. At 175 point-of-sale locations in 11 US states, it has about 2.6 million monthly viewers. The company is aimed at educating and entertaining consumers while providing reasonable advertising solutions to cannabis brands.

Logo: Civilized Worldwide Inc. (Civilized) (CNW Group/Civilized Worldwide Inc. (Civilized))

CCTV provides news and entertainment including talk shows, sports, comedy, reality TV, etc. into the waiting rooms of dispensaries and sales floors across the country. Every month, 13,000 unique videos are featured on the ad network, which will provide Civilized increase its audience.

Civilized TV is planning hit series “First High” and “Ask a Budtender” along with new shows.

Additionally, the company wants to produce content for global TV audience with Insight Productions, and it has also signed Moosehead Beer, Infor Financial, and RPC Science & Engineering as sponsors.

Medical marijuana is an effective medicine with no side-effects. It’s good that seeing the positive effects of cannabinoids, lawmakers are also making the right moves to make the herb available for patients and celebrities like Chelsea Handler are coming forward to support the cannabis industry.

Hopefully, the day isn’t far when cannabis will no more be a Schedule 1 Drug and can be used legally all across the United States.

The Extraordinary Health Benefits of CBD

The Extraordinary Health Benefits of CBD: Nature’s Miracle Molecule

From the legalization of medicinal marijuana by various states, an upsurge in its benefits is evident, especially in the fields of health and wellness. Cannabidiol is a mixture of a non-intoxicating chemical known as cannabinoids, extracted from the cannabis plant and a carrier oil which is generally coconut oil. While most of the anti-cannabis population is still pretty skeptical about its application in medicine, many research experiments have proved that CBD is nothing less than an elixir, which has the ability to cure a range of ailments including anxiety, joint pain, and diabetes.

 Online Cannabis Card

Currently, CBD is the most encouraging compound from both a showcasing and marketing viewpoint. Many clients trust it causes them to unwind, regardless of it not being psychoactive. Some trust normal dosages enable to fight off Alzheimer’s and coronary illness.

What is it and why is it useful?

Cannabidiol is a compound in the sativa plant. While the intoxicating THC constitutes a significant part of the cannabis, Cannabidiol makes up about 40% of cannabis extricates.

But, most CBD items that we find today are derived from the plant hemp or best quality cannabis seeds. The reason why people prefer CBD so much in the modern world is discussed later on in the article.

Patients for quite varying diseases use CBD today to protect themselves from anxiety and seizures, followed by Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, muscle disorders such as dystonia, and even Crohn’s disease. Chain smokers are now inhaling CBD using herbal vaporizers to get rid of their addiction. Vaporizers like CBD Juul pods and Firefly 2 plus are the most popular among people who vape.

CBD in fitness and body-building

An increasing number of individuals in the health-conscious and wellbeing fraternity are swinging to CBD for its ground-breaking calming and anxiety curing abilities. Somehow, almost as many people, if not more, are uncertain about the concept and existence of the compound. Fundamentally, both CBD and THC are quite similar. Both are acquired from hemp and cannabis plants, yet CBD differs from THC on the basis that it is purely not psychoactive. This means that the feeling of euphoria that is associated with traditional marijuana plant does not impact the user in any way.

CBD enhancements could enable an individual to achieve the objective of growing more muscle, by bringing down the number of catabolic hormones in an individual’s body. With lower catabolic hormones an individual’s body won’t most likely break down the mass as fast as before, therefore enabling the individual to expand their muscle strength.

Also, CBD acts as the polar opposite of the THC found in cannabis that increases the impulse of binge eating in the user’s mind. CBD has demonstrated the capacity to help direct a person’s blood sugar levels. With controlled glucose levels, there are less fat-putting away hormones created by the pancreas in an individual’s body bringing about less fat being put away. Since the additional fat sends a signal to your brain that it’s in abundance, it becomes the primary source of energy to be burned off to fuel the body’s needs, it results in an overall decrease in fat cells in an individual’s body.

CBD in fitness and body-building

The effectiveness of CBD as a painkiller and healer, however, has been debated against another cannabis-based competitor. The Black diamond strain has a few applications for therapeutic cannabis patients. Its solid, opiate feeling of sedation can adequately numb throbbing pain, regardless of whether it is temporary because of some damage or chronic because of ailments like joint inflammation or Lupus.

Things to consider: Combination with other drugs and steroids

Found inside the liver, the cytochrome P450 chemical framework is in charge of metabolizing poisonous mixes and compounds, including over 60% of the drugs that you have taken. Cannabidiol can restrain the cytochrome P450 framework’s capacity to use certain medications, prompting a general increment in processing times of the medications you have consumed.

Any medication utilized by CYP450 proteins could possibly and is likely to interact with CBD, which it most definitely should not. This list also includes steroids. So if you wish to consume any steroids before or after using CBD to optimize your body and its muscle to the maximum, you must consult your doctor to ensure your safety before you supplement steroids with CBD oil.

Things to consider: Combination with other drugs and steroids

In the event that you are concerned that your CYP450 pathway may not be working legitimately, doctors can test the framework to guarantee that the drugs you take are metabolizing effectively as they should.


When all is said and done, CBD has demonstrated a high amount of adequacy. It works – in a few regions. But still, there has to be more research, even if it is to relieve doubters and skeptics. What is sure, is that this is an item which can work in the long run. In the end, it is up to the consumer themselves to ensure compliance with laws and be in constant touch with a medical professional on any use of CBD.

Can You Give CBD Oil To Your Dog

Can You Give CBD Oil To Your Dog?

There’s a reason why we call dogs man’s best friend. From loyalty to companionship and being a best friend to someone to exercise with, they provide everything to us. But the worst of owning a pet is to watch them suffer just because you couldn’t find the right treatment. The fact is just like humans, dogs are also susceptible to  different types of health problems, ranging from minor injuries to life-threatening diseases. And as a dog owner, your heart skips a beat when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. If you have ever found yourself in one of these situations and have failed to help your dog even after doing everything possible, CBD oil may be an option.

You probably have heard about CBD oil for dogs. It has become the talk of the town where almost every dog owner is scrutinizing the possibility of using CBD oil for their dogs

Many dog owners are already using CBD oil to help their dogs with a variety of ailments – from hip dysplasia to cancer to anxiety.

Go to a dog park in a state where medical marijuana is legal, and you’re sure to see a couple of dog owners discussing the positive effects of CBD on their dogs. Similar to the way CBD is useful for humans, there are plenty of examples where it can be beneficial for dogs including:

  • Pain maintenance
  • Anxiety when going to the vet or traveling
  • Treating Tumor

There’s no question that many dog owners are giving CBD to their dogs to help them recover from severe health problems.

Is it legal to give CBD to your pet?

CBD is an active compound present in cannabis. However, the CBD oil for dogs is actually extracted from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant. But hemp and cannabis are not the same. Hemp has extremely low THC levels whereas cannabis has higher THC content. Moreover, hemp contains more CBD content than cannabis, a compound that actually provides therapeutic relief.

Unlike cannabis, hemp is federally legal, which means you can legally buy CBD oil and give it to your pet.

How CBD oil benefits your dog?

Just like humans, dogs and most other mammals have an endocannabinoid system that processes the CBD introduced into the body. Thus, it works in the same way as it works for humans.

Cannabinoid in CBD oil triggers endocannabinoid, a compound present in their brain, that helps in modulating problems like nausea, anxiety, pain and inflammation.

Unlike traditional medication for dogs, CBD oil has no side effect provided the right dosage is used.

How much CBD should you give your dog?

When it comes to using CBD oil to treat your dog’s medical condition, it is important to find the right dosage.

Generally, it is always administered in drops. Most of the products available in the market come with the dosage instructions. And the amount of drops you need to give your dog for one dose may differ from one product to another, but usually it is somewhere around 2-4 drops for 3-4 times a day.  

You can even consult with your vet and adjust the dosage according to its health condition.

Things to consider when giving CBD Oil to your dog

Before you start looking for products, it is important to consider few things. There are few different factors that influence the dose of your CBD for your pet.

  • Type of product

There are basically 3 types of CBD products for dogs:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Sprays

While all 3 types of products work the same way, sprays are the easiest to use.

  1. Pet size influences your pet CBD dose

As a matter of fact, larger dogs require higher CBD dose in comparison to small to medium sized dogs. High quality products come with their own dosage charts and make it easier for the dog owner to keep track of the dose given to their pets.

Considering these things before choosing CBD oil for your dog can really help your dog recover quickly and live a longer life.


Your dog is your faithful companion, and as much as you are dependent on them for happiness and companionship, they are also dependent on you for good care. So, it’s never a bad idea to invest your time and money in something that can prove to be beneficial for your dog.

5 Myths About THC Detoxification Debunked

5 Myths About THC Detoxification Debunked

It’s time to look for a new job, and you somehow feel, they are gonna reject you.


Because you are a “medical cannabis” user. So, comes the time you start searching for tips, and tricks to get the cannabinoids out of your system. But, are you choosing the right options, or you are just falling for those detox myths which might soon turn out to be another sham.

Read more about 5 cannabis detoxification and also if they hold some truth really! Let’s find out

Myth 1- You Can Pass Drug Test Simply By Drinking Large Amounts Of Water

Drinking water will definitely help release undesirable toxins. But, drinking unnecessary large amounts of water is not ideally the right way to flush out toxins.

You must understand the fact that on an average only 20% of THC is expelled via urine. Rest of the remains are removed via sweat and fecal matter. So, drinking water might create imbalances with regards to electrolytes, which might lead to hyperhydration.

Tip- Stay well-hydrated to gradually remove the toxins from your body. But, don’t go overboard about it.

Myth 2- You Can Use Diuretics To Flush Out Cannabis/Toxins From The Body

Diuretics are  medications that help in the production of urine. Often people go for products like coffee, tea, and any other caffeine-related beverages for the purpose of the detoxification process.

But, these products are only beneficial for diluting the cannabis in the system, but they definitely don’t help in eliminating all the product from the body.

They will not help in any way as your urine will be diluted to the level that it will arise suspicion, so ultimately your tests will be rejected in any way.

Myth 3- You Can Go For THC Detoxification Using Household Products

It is an age-old myth that using some household items like vinegar, niacin, or even bleach can be used to flush out THC from the system. That’s actually rubbish!

Instead, choosing tea is a much better option as it contains high levels of antioxidants which are simply one of the best ways to detox cannabis from the body.

Myth 4- High-intensity Exercises Result in Rapid THC Detoxification

Of all the misconceptions concerning THC, this is one which actually can help with THC detoxification. But, if you are thinking it’s a rapid process, then that would be a complete lie.

THC is stored in fat cells, and as  you start losing fat, it will automatically helps with the detox process. Plus, this also releases more anandamide termed as a “bliss molecule”.

Eventually, it depends on the time-frame with which your body’s fat cells are degraded. The faster that process happens, the more is the THC detoxification.

Tip- Go for cardio or high-intensity exercises for a rapid response.

Myth 5- You can Produce Synthetic Urine At the Time of Tests

The most hilarious ideas  going around online which claims that people using fake urine as a substitute while appearing for drug tests.

Do you really think, lab techs can be fooled that way. Of course not. So, don’t even think of buying any of such products, or you might get fooled at the wrong place.

You must understand that detoxification is a natural process and you should never try to fasten the process. Give it time and remember the first step is to start abstaining from cannabis products.


CBD Oil for Acne Skin Care at its best

CBD Oil for Acne: Skin Care at its Best

You clean your face regularly that too twice daily.

You abide by all the skincare rules and procedures.

Still, you are suffering from acne! Read more

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For any kind of physical ailment, whether it be back pain, headaches, stress, or insomnia, reaching for a pharmaceutical narcotic to help seems like a completely normal and excepted action. Read more

How CBD Can Help Control Your Allergies?

Allergies make everyone totally miserable whether it be a runny nose, constant sneezing, or some skin reaction, they can be really brutal. Having said that, allergies are very common, there are high chances that you have some sort of an allergy, be it seasonal, chronic, or just reactive. Worst part? Read more

Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product

Beat Your Halloween Blues With This Ultimate CBD Product

Saying goodbye to Halloween isn’t always fun for everyone. All the excitement and sugar rush can leave you feeling tired and exhausted. Read more to see what our doctors have to say about trying this unique CBD product to throw away your blues with this colorful infographic. After all, its time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving already! Read more

The Different Compounds Found In Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The Different Compounds Found In Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

The difference between a cannabidiol and full spectrum oil is the extraction process, i.e. full spectrum oil refers to when the pure oil extracted from hemp contains a range of cannabinoids and compounds found in the original plant.  Other than the cannabinoids, the full-spectrum hemp oil contains many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes. Read more

Amazing CBD Products You Could Buy from OMC Store

5 Amazing CBD Products You Can’t-Miss On The OMC Store This Fall

Here comes the fall of 2018, and we can begin to rejoice with a festive spirit. Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to start buying your treats. For medical cannabis consumers, the good news is that our online store now provides patients access to over 250 CBD products. Read more

5 Health Benefit of CBD Oil

5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Lawmakers and medical community since a considerable time have been debating the use of CBD oil for several medical treatments.

But with the efflux of time and intensive research undergoing world over to examine the true potential of cannabis, these researches have emerged in support of the usage of cannabis and its medical benefits.

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Making The Best CBD Oil For Your Medical Needs

Making The Best CBD Oil For Your Medical Needs

CBD oil is an extremely dynamic medicine. So dynamic that patients turn to the extract for relief from everything from anxiety to epilepsy to cancer. It has significant medical benefits which have proven to be essential for human health. CBD is used for treating anxiety, pain, loss of appetite, back pain, epilepsy, and a number of ailments.

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10 Best CBD Products for This Friendship’s Day

10 Best CBD Products for This Friendship’s Day

These days CBD is not only used for treating various ailments, but it has also entered the beauty industry. CBD products can be the perfect gift for your friends who use cannabis products. Read along to learn about the best CBD products that you can gift to your friends this friendship’s day.

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The Complete Guide to Medical Marijuana for Seniors

The Complete Guide to Medical Marijuana for Seniors

Marijuana has had a turbulent history in the United States. Starting in the mid-1990s, however, there was a push to introduce the medical benefits of cannabis to the American people once again—”once again,” because before the 20th century, marijuana was almost entirely legal.

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2018’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations

2018’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations

Silicon Valley is no stranger to cannabis culture. Investors say it’s an emerging industry that’s worth a billion-dollar cash crop. Legalization opened countless new industries and opportunities wherein companies could openly innovate without fear of being shut down for working with an illegal substance. So, naturally, tech companies are driving innovations in the pot world. They’ve got some seriously impressive weed products like marijuana seeds for medical use, for more info take a look-

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CBD Oil for The Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia. It is a progressive and degenerative disease that affects patient’s memory, thinking and ability to interact socially. It affects about 1 in 10 people over 65 years and almost 1 in 4 people over 85 years.

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How Can Solar Power Be Beneficial For Medical Cannabis Grow?

From current 1st January, California has already legalized marijuana for recreational use.  The new cannabis law, Prop 64 facilitates the residents with the option to grow cannabis for their personal use under a grower’s license. Further, the new law provides the patients with the benefit to grow a larger number of cannabis plants under a medical marijuana grower’s license. With more states on the way, the area under cannabis cultivation is likely to be increased many folds. 

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The Top 5 Vaporizers Under $300 in 2018 (Vaping Medical Marijuana for Health)

“Be it marijuana or tobacco, smoking involves combustion that leads to a release of toxins and tar. When entering our body through our respiratory system, these are harmful to the lungs. The purpose of a vaporizer is so you can enjoy the experience of inhaling marijuana sans toxins. It’s always beneficial to get a strain recommended by a doctor that specializes in medical marijuana like those at Online Medical Marijuana Card. They can help you derive the most health benefits while enjoying it recreationally—which is like hitting two birds with one stone! You can avoid inhaling harmful toxins by using a quality vaporizer or a vape pen. Using a vaporizer to avoid toxins is especially important if the purpose of smoking or consuming the marijuana is to improve your health condition.”

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Medicinal Marijuana vs Recreational Marijuana

Medical marijuana refers to the use of whole unprocessed marijuana for treatment of various ailments by patients. It is usually consumed in proper dosage and prescribed by a professional doctor. Medical marijuana was the first use of the cannabis plant.

Recreational marijuana is the use of marijuana without medical justification. Recreational marijuana is used to get high, and it is more often illegal.

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Automate Your Indoor Cannabis Grow With 3 Ultra Modern Equipment

Growing crops for a particular purpose is not as simple as sowing seeds in a tray or buckets full of soil, watering occasionally and then harvesting the crop. In fact, it’s far more complex than that. What’s more, growing cannabis indoors is more tedious than doing so in an open field. If you are planning to grow medical marijuana indoors in California, then you can grow plants only in 100 sq. ft. area. You also need a grower’s license, which you can obtain after an evaluation by a duly licensed medical marijuana doctor, like those at Online Medical Marijuana Card. Your aspirations are high and your budget is limited. You need to figure out how to grow the maximum plants. Your main concern is how to get the optimum yield.

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How Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Differs From Outdoor Cultivation

As a medical cannabis user, you need your cannabis dose regularly. Now that you have decided to grow your cannabis,  you need to know all about it’s growing technique. You can grow more cannabis plants without any repercussions after getting Medical Marijuana Growers License. Online Medical Card provides Grower’s license within 10 mins, with which you can legally grow up to 99 cannabis plants.

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How to Differentiate between Synthetic Cannabis and Real Cannabis

You may have heard that cannabis has a lot of health benefits, and you may want to experience some of these benefits. However, beware, if you are a new cannabis user as you may fall prey to synthetic cannabis. Recently, synthetic cannabis products are being marketed as natural cannabis-like compounds, but they are highly dangerous for consumption. First of all, let’s explain what synthetic cannabis is.

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How MMJ is an Emerging Medicine For Ovarian Dysfunction and Metabolic Abnormalities in Women

Ovarian Dysfunction and Metabolic Abnormalities: MMJ, The Emerging Medicine

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common problems that affect about 10% of women in their reproductive age in the States. The number of PCOS affected women is estimated to be 5 million in America alone. The teens, as well as the women in reproductive or childbearing age, are found to have PCOS issues.  This Ovulatory Dysfunction is linked to Insulin Resistance, Sub-fertility, and Obesity. Therefore, girls and women who have these issues carry a higher risk of PCOS.

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It is a Celebration of the Holy Smoke, it’s Marijuana Day

Marijuana Day:

It is 4/20, a remarkable day for cannabis users when thousands of people from across the world come together to enjoy their favorite Marijuana. Major rallies are held all over the country, especially in Colorado, and California, where this herbal plant has been legalized. They enjoy their smoke, sharing the taste of their cannabis with their friends, and poking at every other people who think that Marijuana is a non-consumable drug or that it is illegal to smoke it.

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The 15 Best Cannabis Concentrates to Buy

The 15 Best Cannabis Concentrates to Buy

The two main varieties of Cannabis are “Indica” and “Sativa”, which contain THC and CBD in different ratios. They are, therefore, known for their medicinal values. The breeders try to concentrate the plants’ compounds by producing hybrids. Thus, they modify the delicate cannabis compounds into a more potent, portable and less perishable form. The hybrid varieties contain variable cannabinoid profiles, and thus, show different medicinal effects when consumed.

Today, hybrid varieties dominate the cannabis market. These strains are gaining popularity as they contain a high THC level, as well as terpenes, and trichomes.


Image Credits – https://www.flickr.com/

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Medical Marijuana: An Upcoming Cure For AIDS

Medical Marijuana: An Upcoming Cure for AIDS

HIV: A cause for AIDS

HIV A cause for AIDS

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus which can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; AIDS. It makes the body’s immune system weak and thus hinders its ability to fight infections. A weak immune system makes body’s cell more susceptible to develop cancer, leukemia, pneumonia, liver failure and other life-threatening conditions.

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Medical Marijuana : Best Aid To Overcome Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption And Crime Rates

Medical Marijuana : Best Aid To Overcome Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption And Crime Rates

Scientists have proved this so-called drug, known as Marijuana has a medicinal value and is a cure for stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, diseases, and ailments. In fact, people in the legalized states are also using it to get relief from Anxiety Disorders (AD) with satisfaction.

The medicinal use of Marijuana for this mental condition was first discovered in 1563 when Portuguese physician Garcia de Orta declared its calming and hypnotic effect. In fact, Canadian studies have found that patients who had been consuming Marijuana were able to quit benzodiazepines, a most common drug for anxiety disorder, but which has the high potentiality of its abuse. Marijuana also helps people who were affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some experts even believe that by consuming this herb, patients often forget the terrible memories of the past.

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4 Reasons Why CBD Oil is Taking Over for Pharmaceuticals

4 Reasons Why CBD Oil is Taking Over for Pharmaceuticals

The use of medical marijuana has been a frequently disputed topic in the past decade. There is more and more pressure on governments across the world to consider trials and pass laws where people can use marijuana products for health purposes. Read more

4 Interesting Ways People Have Tried To Raise Awareness About Marijuana

4 Interesting Ways People Have Tried To Raise Awareness About Marijuana

Cannabis has been used as a medicine for many centuries. Some resources suggest that it can even be traced back to 2 millenniums ago, when Chinese surgeons used this mighty plant as an anesthetic. In fact, if we translate the Chinese word for “anesthesia” (mázui) it literally means “cannabis intoxication”.

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10 Biggest Marijuana Related News Stories in 2017

10 Biggest Marijuana Related News Stories in 2017

Marijuana In July 2017, an annual survey by Gallup revealed that 45% of U.S. citizens have smoked cannabis at least once in their lifetime. This story is not much on its own. But put it in the context of all previous surveys conducted by the same opinion poll company, and you’ve got yourself some ground-breaking news. For these numbers haven’t been this high since the long gone year of 1969. Before and after July, enjoyers of both medical and recreational marijuana were surprised with more good news. In terms of international cannabis reform, 2017 could be labelled as incredible. As more governments realize that the battle against this herbal remedy doesn’t make much sense, we must ask: Could this be an overture to the second summer of love? In light of these 10 big marijuana-related stories, the answer might be a resounding yes. Read more

7 Celebrities That Openly Use Medical Marijuana

7 Celebrities That Openly Use Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is commonly used to treat glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, lessen the side effects from treating hep C, treat inflammatory bowel diseases, and relieving arthritis discomfort.

It also helps with more serious conditions by improving the symptoms of Lupus, soothing tremors in patients with Parkinson’s, protecting the brain after a stroke, possibly protecting the brain from concussions and trauma, helping with Crohn’s disease, reducing pain and nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemo, and regulating several types of anxiety, including PTSD.

Beside all this, our sweet Merry Jane boosts creativity in the brain as well, all while improving verbal fluency and lessening inhibitions.

It’s no wonder then that some of the most prolific artists of our time use it, advocate it, and love it. Let’s meet 7 of the biggest celebrities that openly smoke medical marijuana. Read more

Cultivating Cannabis: A Guide into Indoor and Outdoor Growing Practices

Cultivating Cannabis: A Guide into Indoor and Outdoor Growing Practices

Who doesn’t love the freedom of growing their own Cannabis, but this comes with great responsibility and lots of hard work. It is of vital importance that you get to know the plant that you will be growing its needs and what resources you will require to fulfill them.

It is not easy for the first time grower to get it right the first time round which is why you should give these tips and tricks for indoor and outdoor practices a go.

What do you need to know about Indoor Cultivation?

Indoor cultivation has recently gained traction due to the need for people to preserve their privacy towards growing and consuming Cannabis. Growing your plants indoors can prove to be more expensive and time-consuming. Read more

Your Guide To Start Saving Big On Medical Cannabis With An MMIC

Your Guide To Start Saving Big On Medical Cannabis With An MMIC

Rejoice, California. Prohibition has finally come to an end, allowing users 21 and older to start buying cannabis from state dispensaries. And amidst the Jeff Sessions led chaos endangering the future of cannabis use by the federal government, most counties have proceeded to fulfill their promise of legal marijuana undeterred. But for the state’s medical users, there’s a slight snag. Read more

5 Must Visit Cities In California For Cannabis Lovers This New Year’s Eve

5 Must Visit Cities In California For Cannabis Lovers This New Year’s Eve

The year 2018 would prove to be a landmark year for California, the home of the American cannabis culture. The new year would see some major laws would come into effect and nothing will ever be the same again. In just 3 days, the golden state would make a transition to a sanctuary state waive the fee for first-time students in community colleges and witness an increase in minimum wages. Not to forget the historic step to legalize recreational cannabis for users who are 21 years and older. If you plan to ditch the ‘Eat, Sleep, Smoke, Repeat’ routine, we’ve compiled a list of marijuana destinations which are perfect for you & your loved ones. Read more

How only a medical marijuana card can help you get “high” this New Year

How only a medical marijuana card can help you get “high” this New Year

With less than two weeks left before New Year’s eve, it seems that some Californian cities are yet to introduce retail marijuana dispensaries. So, if you have decided to enjoy recreational cannabis in 2018, think again. But first, please read this article carefully as for why medical-card is a better option for you to get “high” January 2018 onward. Read more

Best Cannabis Solution in the Counties which have Banned Recreational MMJ Sales

Best Cannabis Solution in the Counties which have Banned Recreational MMJ Sales

With an estimated revenue of $5 billion, California is set to emerge as the nation’s biggest cannabis market. With the conclusion of California’s waiting game on recreational marijuana sales legalization, the golden state will help millions get legal access to recreational cannabis.

But if you were expecting to see a crowd of marijuana enthusiasts line up overnight in front of retail marijuana stores, you’re up for a big disappointment. Read more

California Unveils Latest Cannabis Rules from January 1, 2018

California Unveils Latest Cannabis Rules from January 1, 2018

On Thursday, Bureau of Cannabis Control finally released the long awaited list of regulations that would regulate the golden state’s upcoming marijuana industry. The 276 paged document consists major rules, ranging from regulating the THC limits to prohibiting drone deliveries of cannabis.

Lori Ajax, the chief of the BCC is quoted as referring these regulations as a huge “milestone” and further adds by saying that “there’s still a lot of work to be done. No rest for the weary.” Read more

Having a Medical Marijuana Card Can Help Californians Save a lot on Taxes in 2018

Having a Medical Marijuana Card Can Help Californians Save a lot on Taxes in 2018

Back in November, when Californians approved Proposition 64, the economic and legal benefits of legalizing recreational cannabis were eagerly anticipated, but not the high prices.

The legalization of recreational cannabis last year was a huge win for California’s marijuana industry and marijuana users alike. And while Californians were anxiously waiting for the introduction of recreational marijuana sales, no one expected that a small bag of quality cannabis would soon cost as high as $60! Read more

Trump Administration is Ignoring Medical Marijuana Role in midst of an Opioid Crisis

Trump Administration is Ignoring Medical Marijuana Role in midst of an Opioid Crisis

On 26th October, President Donald Trump ordered the declaration of USA’s opioid epidemic as a “public health emergency”. Given the gravity of the situation, it was truly comforting to hear his downright confrontation of the issue as “public shame”. However, the declaration did leave majority of Americans scratching their heads confused and wondering what legal action would actually follow. Given the fact that Trump would not allocate federal funding to counter the crisis, it is clear that his intentions to curb opioid use may be limited to mere words and not action. Read more

6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life

6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life

Bored of normal ways to consume cannabis?

Do you crave more creative ways to ingest your favorite medicinal plant? Here are a few ways for you to jump onto the bandwagon and start experimenting with this versatile little plant.

1. Explore the canna-cuisine

Incorporating medical cannabis into your food is the best way to feel long-lasting effects of the plants in your body, as the liver quickly metabolizes cannabis compounds. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your recipes, try cooking brownies, cakes, cookies and anything else that peeks you interest. Read more

How Cannabis Can Help Breast Cancer Patients

How Cannabis Can Help Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. There are more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S., according to Breastcancer.org. Conventional treatments include medications, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Having begun to emerge as a medication, many patients support the use of cannabis as reported on anecdotal success stories. Read more

The Best Dispensary Deals for First-Time Patients

The Best Dispensary Deals for First-Time Patients

Patients visiting medical dispensaries Deals for the first time can take advantage of the following offers:

  1. Goodie Bag

Many dispensaries hand out welcome gift bags that contain different cannabis strains, products, and accessories.

  1. Reduced Prices

First-time patients can enjoy 10% to 50% off their entire purchase. Some dispensaries also offer top shelf discounts. Now that sounds like a good deal you don’t want to miss! Read more

Why You Should Use A Joint Filter When Smoking

Why You Should Use A Joint Filter When Smoking

A filter – also called crutch or tip – is a mouthpiece that aids in holding the joint. If you’re used to rolling spliffs without a filter, you should give it a try to make your smoking experience more enjoyable. Read more

Marijuana Use Could Help Alcoholics Quit Drinking

Marijuana Use Could Help Alcoholics Quit Drinking

It’s easy to enjoy a drink while having fun at every party. However, some people might not be able to control how much they’re drinking.

About 16 million adult Americans have an alcohol use disorder. These people drink too much or too often, in ways that harm their health, life, and relationships. They often see the habit as a way to cope with a mental health concern like depression or anxiety. They make excuses for their drinking or doing things to hide their drinking. While it may seem to keep the symptoms at bay, they develop a craving, physical dependence, and tolerance. Read more

Cannabis-Infused Tea Is Effective in Treating Chronic Pain

Cannabis-Infused Tea Is Effective in Treating Chronic Pain

Have you experimented on drinking cannabis-infused tea? Tea in itself has a calming effect and is a great alternative to traditional edibles.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Pain Research, it can help patients suffering from chronic pain. Italian researchers assessed the use of cannabinoids for intractable pain in over 600 patients. Study subjects were typically over the age of 60 and consumed cannabinoids via infused tea. They reported that no subjects in the study complained of severe side effects and that only a few patients discontinued cannabis treatment.

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