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father's day cannabis gift

This Father’s Day, Let Cannabis do the Honors!

“Hey son! How are you doing’?”

“High dad! Umm.. I mean Hi!! All good!”

“I do get it son…I’m your dad!”

*Smiles exchanged*

Dads are the ultimate heroes in our lives. You exist because he does. Now, it’s time to team him up with another hero—The father of all herbs—Cannabis!

Chances are that your father is already a big cannabis enthusiast. In fact, he might have been smoking one even before you were born. Now, it’s time to team up. Father’s Day is knocking at the door and I’ve got some plans for you.


This Father’s Day, ditch the cliche celebration. Instead, gift him the ultimate cannabis experience. Trust me. He deserves it.

Hit a Dispensary

This has to be your favorite spot. Ever since cannabis became legal, there has been a wave of positive changes. A dispensary is one of them. There are over 400 legal dispensaries in California offering the ultimate doorway to bliss.

Gift your father a refreshing canna-experience guaranteed to give him boost he deserves. Ideally, before you hit the dispensary, get him evaluated at a certified 420 clinic and equip him with a medical marijuana card. I’m sure he’ll be impressed to know that you care for him.

Well, I’ve got another idea!

Let him discover the best herb for himself. California houses a list of cool cannabis dispensaries. Indulge in the cool vibe by hitting one of these and let your dad experience the high he deserves. Cool! Isn’t it?

If you’re not aware that which dispensary would be your best bet, you don’t need to stress. There are endless stores which can provide you with the experience you desire.

For instance, Bud and Bloom has been listed as one of the most beautiful dispensaries in California. The intricately crafted interiors with a crisp display of strains is sure to get your senses excited. Let your dad explore and test the strains for himself.  In fact, you can recommend him some of your favorite strains and introduce him to the ultimate cannabis experience.

Go on an Exciting Cannabis Tour

Cannabis tourism is a thing now. And, it’s something your dad will love to be a part of.  Surprise your father with an exclusive cannabis trip and introduce him to an unexplored part of the cannabis industry. Honestly, you wouldn’t get a better occasion than this to let your dad be a part of something this exciting.

A typical trip includes visits to commercial grow spaces, manufacturing units, dispensaries, edible kitchens, and more. The trip is a perfect gift to celebrate the budding bond between you and your father. Shared experiences last long.

Cook up some bliss

So, what’s your dad’s favorite snack? It’s time to give it a magical twist. Treat his taste buds with a delicious cannabis-infused dinner. Surprise him with a cheesy herb infused pizza or pack his favorite cookies with a tinge of cannabis.

Fan of desserts?

No worries! Grab some chocolates and blend them with his favorite flower to bake some bliss brownies for the night. Top that up with a brilliantly rolled stash of herb and let the smoke make its way into your puff of ecstasy.

Go out For Shopping

Shopping is often synonymous with women but men love it too. In fact, when the herb invites, you gotta go. Thankfully, legalization has gifted us with a brilliant opportunity to test a wide stock of cannabis goodies in the market.

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So, your dad loves smoking? It’s time for an upgrade. Grab some fancy vape or an intricately designed glass bong to sketch a new smoking experience. Also, don’t miss out on body care.  There are loads of infused body butters, creams, massage oils, and body grooming products. Just let your dad decide what he wants. Be a good boy!

So, medical marijuana is sure to add a new dimension to your bond with your father. Dads are always the landing pad of all your problems in life. They deserve care and attention too. Now, it’s time for a change. This Father’s Day, let cannabis pamper your dad.

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Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge

Let’s Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge

We are humans! We strive on destruction.

Starting the blog on a negative note.

However! It is time to change it. If God gave us life, it is the nature that is keeping us alive. And that is why it is important we go green and initiate environment conservation in our daily lives. At Online Medical Card, we every year organize the “Go Green” Environment Day initiative. We firmly believe that change starts from us. So, as an organization we try and contribute our part into the betterment of our environment.

This year, we organized a cleanliness drive. Cliche? Well, it is a dier need of the hour. But that is what we did, so what are you planning to contribute to the Environment this year? Let’s take a pledge to do something to help the environment this year. Our environment needs us and we need it. Even small efforts from everyone can contribute to a better future for all of us and the next generation. The onus is upon us. What we do now will decide what our future generations will have to deal with. So, let’s hold hands and build a beautiful and healthy future together.

Simple lifestyle changes are all we need. Here are some simple pledges you can take up to save the environment:

Bottled Water:

Say no to plastic. Yes, it is enough of plastic ruining our planet. There are so many alternatives today which we can use. And you don’t have to sacrifice a lot. Just carry your own water bottles rather than buying bottled water every now and then.


Save Electricity. Saving electricity can really help our planet to go greener. So, this year try and save as much as you can. Make sure to switch off electrical appliances when not in use.


Switching it off doesn’t take much pain, right? We tend to leave it switched on even when we are not at home or office. So, make sure this year you take care of this.


Save Water! We have heard about this a lot but what are we doing about this. The problem may not seem dangerous today but in order to let our future generations live without the scarcity of water, it is important we use it judiciously.


Do you know you can bake in a microwave as well? Microwave is much better than ovens when considered the impact of both on the environment. So, prefer using microwave over ovens.


Save paper! Prefer using emails and online greeting cards than using paper. Let’s all take a step towards a healthier and better future.

These are small and simple things that you need to do. It is time we need to stand up and work together to do something for our environment. We don’t want our children, grandchildren to live in a world where their health is on knife’s point every second. So, it is important we start to do something about it.

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Online Medical Card wishes everyone all the luck for their pledges. It is time we think about the environment over our own personal benefits. The time is catching us over the things we have been doing since long without caring for its effect on the health of our environment. We want to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Let’s go green!

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mother's day

Celebrate Mother’s Day By Gifting Your Mom a 420 Evaluation This Year

Every mother’s day goes by with the same old clothes and jewelry gifts. Why not do something different for her this year. 

Struggling with ideas?

Don’t worry! I have some gift ideas lined up for you.

Does your mother suffer from a medical condition that qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation?

Does she already have a recommendation?

Perfect! Cannabis products it is then!

Medical marijuana is the medication of today. Its paradigm of benefits is ever increasing. And not just that there are a number of products easily available today in the market that can be used to improve health.

Don’t misinterpret medical cannabis with smoking. Today, there are a number of ways of consumption and products that help you manage the condition with medical marijuana. Break the conventional ideas and gift her something she genuinely needs.

That is the beauty of medical marijuana. Firstly, you can choose your strain among thousands of them and then you can consume it in so many ways. Smoke it, vape it, eat it or even apply it.

So, let’s get the wrapping started!

I have some medical marijuana-infused mother’s day gift ideas. Let’s take a look


Smoking is not your mom’s thing?

Great! Vape is the new way to go. It is healthier than smoking while providing the same benefits. The device is actually recommended by doctors as burning marijuana poses risks to the lungs. The tar and the combustion process is dangerous for the respiratory system.

Don’t worry! She will love it. The effects are felt instantaneously and lasts about 2 to 3 hours. It is basically a more controlled method for enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Actually many people prefer the smell and taste of vapor than that of smoke.

So, are you on a budget?

There are a number of vape pens available, so you choose the one that comes in your price bracket. Also, in hindsight vape pen cost-effective as it saves up the money that a person will end up spending when smoking.


Strawberries coated with cannabis chocolates. How does that sound?

Edibles are always great for gifts. Who doesn’t like eating? And when it comes to getting treated with it, perfect is the right word. Easy to consume and reap the benefits.

When thinking of smoking alternatives, edibles is also a great option. The difference between these two is that edibles take a bit longer to kick in the effects. But then again it is healthier than smoking, and makes a beautiful gift.

Also, there are so many different types of edibles available, you can choose the things and club them to gift your mother an ultimate mother’s day gift.


What do women like?

Cosmetic products!

You would probably know that they are great for your skin but do you know they are also used to treat burns, arthritis, sports injuries etc. And what about therapeutic massages? Oh! Great, right? Your mother works all day so why not gift her something she can relax with. What could be better than CBD oil for massages?

Trust me! She will love it.

Also, these are great if your mother has joint pain. These have proven to be very therapeutic for the people suffering from back or knee pain.

There are so many options and benefits you can have when buying topicals. Keeping skin young is another one. So, you know how woman like their skin to look unblemished. A good cannabis cream will work as a great mother’s day gift.

Bath Bombs:

Gift her some quality ‘her’ time.

CBD comes with a long list of benefits. What if your mother can reap those benefits and couple it with a bath of relaxation. She deserves some time off to melt all her worriers and tensions. And you can gift her exactly that.

They come with amazing health benefits like:

  • Helps release the tensions inside the body.
  • Fights cold.
  • Helps in skin restoration
  • Helps with menstraul cramps

Or, better you can make a basket of all of these different cannabis products and give her one big mother’s day present.

Celebrate this mother’s day by gifting her a smile. She has been one of the most important persons in your life. Sometimes it is good to make her feel good. So, this year get her an amazing gift and spend some quality time with her.

Share with us how you are planning to celebrate mother’s day this year.

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How to Act at a Cannabis Store

How to Act at a Cannabis Store

A dispensary is definitely not a new term but it is a word that you probably hear more often recently. Living in a world where it is opening up to cannabis use, a dispensary serves the need for medicinal or recreational users of marijuana. Some states in the USA have legalized for recreational use while most are open to medicinal uses (and some are still illegal for both, unfortunately).

What is a Cannabis Dispensary?

A marijuana dispensary is a physical brick and mortar store that sells cannabis and related products. Products vary from dry herb flower, THC oils, pre-roll cone joints, CBD hemp flowers, edibles, and much more. You can also use it as a one-stop-shop for anything you want to buy from a smoke shop. Usually, a marijuana store will contain items you will be using for your smoking like stash cans, rolling papers, lighters, hemp wicks, and more.

When you walk into a dispensary, you will generally be greeted by someone at the front. It is usually a security guard. He takes your ID and checks you in. If the main room is full, they will have you wait in the lobby. The turnover of people is really quick. When you are called in, you will be overwhelmed by the number of products there are. The smell, the products, the visual decor will all make you realize what you’ve been missing.

You will generally be greeted by the budtender once you’re inside. They will help you pick your products and even package them up for you. Once you’ve picked all your products, they will put it in an exit bag. You must leave the premises with a specific bag. One thing to remember is that marijuana banking laws are still a little behind. Since you cannot use a debit or credit card at a dispensary, you must always have cash on you. They generally do have ATM machines to take out cash but they are out of order at times.


There are two types of dispensaries you can go to. The first one was medical dispensaries which had the opportunity to open up in 1996 in California. This is to treat medical patients with ailments like insomnia, arthritis, loss of appetite, and even neuropathic pain. With the number of recreational dispensaries coming underway, the laws are changing. Medical marijuana is generally more stringent with the laws except for age. Medicinal patients are allowed to consume and purchase at age 18.

With the rise in popularity of CBD, more people have been using it for inflammation and joint aches. There are a plethora of new products that mix a CBD and THC ratio within each other. Many elderly patients have been using CBD to feel better.


Recreational marijuana has been making a giant leap in progression. Many people are trying it for the first time. The legal age of consumption for marijuana is 21 for adult use.

What to Do

When you walk into a dispensary, there isn’t much to not do. As long as you are polite and use common sense, you don’t need to worry much. However, there are a few things you want to make sure you are doing correctly.

Bring Your I.D.

To make sure you get in, you need your ID and you need to be 21 and over. Although certain products you don’t need to be 21 for like blunt wraps and CBD, the main gist of the store is to buy marijuana. If you are a medicinal user, show your medical marijuana card along with your identification.

Ask Questions

Make sure to ask questions if you don’t know something. It’s best to walk away learning something from there than to walk away not knowing at all. Since vapes are fairly new, most people have questions about how vape pens work. Others worry about how much edibles they should take and expect to feel fine. At the end of the day, the budtenders want to do a good enough job to see you coming back.

Give Tips

When you’re done and about to pay, give a tip to the budtenders if you feel like they did a good job. There is usually a tip jar. Just throw some change in there. They are constantly dealing with patients and are always there with a smile on their faces!

What Not to Do

Although there aren’t many things not to do, there are some things to watch out for. Just make sure you’re being logical and not rude.

Don’t Negotiate Prices

One thing people tend to think is that a cannabis dispensary is a bazaar. Unfortunately, you cannot and should not negotiate prices. Medicinal marijuana is usually based off of donations. The donations go to a non-profit store. All the proceeds go back into the store to make sure they are carrying the top-line products. Recreational marijuana goes under very strict laws. Not only can they not negotiate on prices but they are required to charge the specific tax the state has set.

One thing you can do for a good deal is either go to a new dispensary or go during happy hour. Most stores will have special deals for people who are coming to that dispensary for the first time. Other stores have happy hours which you can take advantage of. They are often double of what you buy or they give a free gift.

Talk On your Phone

Try to be polite when you walk in. Keep in mind to keep your phone on silent so it doesn’t bother you. Most of all, don’t talk on the phone. It’s annoying when everyone is trying to mind their own business while you’re talking about personal stuff on the phone.

Consume on Property

The one thing you can do to irritate and piss off everyone is to consume cannabis on the property of the dispensary. Doing this can not only get you a ticket from the local police but you can also get banned out from the store. This is really something you should think about. The store owner is generally the one that will get in the most trouble with a fine and possibly suspension of his business activities.

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Get Your Valentine's Rollin' with These Amazing Cannabis Themed Gifts

Get Your Valentine’s Rollin’ with These Amazing Cannabis Themed Gifts

Pun Intended!

Valentine’s Day. The brewery of love. Let’s get high with the love in the air. Here comes the day where you get to pamper your partner with gifts. These gifts should be creative, fancy and personal. Believe me, this is very important.

When you with all the love buy your girlfriend a treadmill on valentine because she has gained a little extra weight around 20 pounds, you expect a big hug. You expect to hear how caring you are and how thoughtful the gift was. But I just don’t get it, she just stormed off!

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming and you are planning to surprise your partner with something unique I might just have the right answer for you.

See, there are three things you should know about me:

First: I am writing this article so I can say anything about myself and you have to believe me.

Second: I am great at gifting things but don’t go on my track record.

Third; Sorry, I miscounted there were just two. So just read the second one again.

Does your Valentine smoke?

Does he/she follow Bob Marley?


Stop! Don’t go anywhere near that bouquet store.

Roses are for Dummies!.

Gift your Valentine their favorite flower.

Medical Marijuana is legal in 33 states and you can easily get good quality strains from your nearest dispensaries. There are so many cannabis things you can give to your loved one. Excited Much!

I have this amazing idea for you. These are some gifts you can give to your Valentine or club all of them to make one big hamper. You might have studied in school that a human body is capable of five senses.

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hear, and
  • Taste

Tell your emotions to your loved one through these senses. Give gifts to her that capture each of her senses in the most beautiful way. Love is an emotion that cannot be just told by one sense but it requires all your senses working together to woo all his/her senses. Let those feelings pour.


Just the sight of you makes my heart skip a beat.

There are couple of things you can do here. But first, ask yourself a question. Are you a creative monger?

Yes? Then, you can write small letters for your love to add that personal touch to your evening. Look over the internet, you’ll find various designs to find inspiration. These personalized messages will not only make your loved one happy but show her/him that you did put efforts rather than just buying material things.

No? Then, you can arrange for an intimate evening with a good classic movie that your partner loves paired with a vape to get the best out of the evening. Also, add some led and decorative lights in the house to enjoy a great high.


The hugs, the snuggles, the kisses that is all I need.

For a boyfriend, getting gifts is quite a struggle. What to get your girlfriend so that she doesn’t have to go back to the store and get it replaced. Oh! It is hard.

Cannabis beauty products are your lifesaver. They are the next big thing in the industry. Go online and buy the product that your girlfriend uses. Surprise her with something she never expected. The products provide various uses like moisturizing, anti-aging, heals irritation etc.


I love the fragrance of you on me.

The power of a good fragrance is often underestimated. A good aroma can turn up your mood like nothing else. Light up cannabis candles in your home to get the aroma and the vibe going. This won’t just make her olefins go crazy but that romantic sight of candles will surely give you a wonderful evening.

Power up the romance on Valentine’s day with cannabis gift candles for your partner’s house. Tell her how much her/his scent gets your neurons to go crazy in your brain.


The sound of your voice makes me live a little more

Valentine’s Day is all so special. Yes, making a mix-tape for your loved one is a cliche but it is always a great gift. If you and your partner have been together for long a mix-tape is a great gift. If your partner loves cannabis, this just got easier.

Gather Miles Davis and Bob Marley’s classic songs and make a mix-tape and surprise your valentine. The songs are psychedelic, aggressive and those beautiful tune is a perfect recipe for a great high.


There is nothing more delicious than your smile

Get cannabis edibles. Oh, you have a wide range of products you can choose from. Chocolates, candies, brownies, you name it and you will get it. Get your taste buds high with CBD edible products. Also, you can find those romantically packed cannabis edibles that will just add that cute touch to your gift.

As we already know visual appeal also matters a lot. Make sure your gifts are packed beautifully. Get your partner a great Instagram picture. Combine these to make a big beautiful gift for your loved one. Love is a feeling that is difficult to express and more difficult to hide.

Pack your parachute and other paraphernalia and get ready to jump into the high of the drug called love. Celebrate this Valentine with cannabis and your Valentine.

Let the smoke fly higher with your love and desire.

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