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safe banking act

SAFE Banking Act 2019: How Will It Change the Fate of the Cannabis Industry

The House of Representatives passed The ‘SAFE Banking Act 2019’ recently validating the existence of the marijuana industry in the financial sector. Until now, several roadblocks held the cannabis industry from thriving. Especially, under the current federal law that restricted the canna-businessmen from expanding their business. Because doing business with the canna-industry meant that you are breaking the money laundering laws.

Therefore imperial laws forced people to carry barrels of cash instead of using an effective banking system. 

Now that the cannabis companies are on the verge of obtaining support from the National banks, it has become necessary to create a safe banking operating system. But before we talk about the nuances of this act let’s first understand what is the SAFE Banking Act?

What is the SAFE Banking ACT 

safe banking act 2019

The Secure and Fair Enforcement Banking Act was first introduced in the year 2017 and it was designed to see-through the current illegal status of cannabis. The act was reintroduced in April 2019 after it went through several amendments. The act hereby states that this million-dollar industry should work in tandem with the federal banking regulations.

In turn, the regulators will not limit the share or deposit because it will be a business tie-up and financial aid to cannabis companies will flow without superior restrictions. 

It will not be wrong to say that the SAFE Banking Act 2019 is regulating the illegal cannabis industry and forming a safe passage for the legal companies. The revised bill also provides protection to the supporting companies that offer their services or products to legal cannabis businesses.

Besides support to the industry, this act also keeps the functioning of the banking authorities in check. So as to make sure that the banks are only related to legitimate businesses. 

Having said that, let’s take a look at the current scenario. Representatives passed the law with a majority of votes to support the $11 billion industry. It is a good sign for the cannabis industry. So, by allowing the cannabis industry to enter the banking world, this act will definitely change the face of the marijuana business. But how? Let’s read below and find out. 

Will the Act Change the Face of the Cannabis Industry?

safe banking act 2019

First, we need to understand that the illegal cannabis industry is thriving because there are several loopholes in the current California marijuana laws and cannabis laws in other states too. The lack of banking services force some of the business owners to deal with cash. As a result of which tax evasion occurs. Not only this but also the authorities find it difficult to police illegal activities. However, the SAFE Banking Act will initiate a safer path for both the owner and the industry.

All the canna-businessmen will operate under a protected banking system. So, it is safe to say that the act will definitely change the face of the marijuana industry

Moreover, the good news will not last long because there are two main roadblocks in the way. First, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and the second well-known drug policy activists. The former has not given any indications as to whether or not the bill will pass in the upper chamber. Plus his twisted relations with the Democrats make the process even more difficult.

Talking about the activists – they were hugely disappointed with the move because the bill does not cater to the needs of individuals facing marijuana prohibition. Instead, it is only supporting the industrial aspect of the cannabis world. 

Summing it Up

The Safe Banking update has come as a silver lining for the people supporting the cannabis industry. But its effectiveness remains questionable until the final verdict comes from the Senate. Currently, the bill lies in the upper chamber but the fate of the bill is yet undecided. For now, it’s all applaud for the house representatives who took an initiative to pass the bill. 

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Try Ghostly Strains On Halloween With Online MMJ Card

This Year Gear Up For Green Halloween With These Ghostly Strains

The moon has awoken, and the sun has slept. The eerie voices are whispering that the spell has begun. Yes, the spooky time of the year is approaching. You know, the season in which people get the excuse to scare the hell out of kids with goofy witchcraft, indulge in the everlasting offering of coco candies; and of course, show off their best creativity in the costume parties. Now you know, it’s Halloween. And this year, people are gearing up for celebrating a “Green Halloween” with Cannabis. 

With many having access to online MMJ cards, people are opting for medical marijuana over other medications to deal with their anxiety and depression. That is why people have dedicated this Halloween to celebrate their new stress-free life with this herb. And like Witches Weed and Ghost OG, there are a plethora of strains to heighten the festival spirit. So, as you prepare for an epic Green Halloween, let us help you figure out which strains to choose to take your shindigs to a higher level. 

Ghost OG – Special Strain For The Food Lovers

Try Ghostly Strains On Green Halloween With Online MMJ Card

The first in our list is Ghost OG. Initially, it steadily makes you feel focus and relaxes your mind. Later, the euphoric effects on the mind peak up after half an hour or so. It makes you hungry even you last ate just five minutes ago. Food addicts, take a note on this. The medical benefits of this strain include treating anxiety, inflammation, headaches, exhaustion, and indeed the eating disorders.

Frankenberry – To Take You Back To School Days

Frankenberry ramp up the ghoulish effects a notch above the other strains as you watch Michael Myers got up again for the tenth time. Also, it takes you back to mornings before school eating a bowl of the yummy strawberry-marshmallow cereal. As the same taste you get with strain’s berry flavor cake. 

Ecto-Cooler – Tap Into Nostalgia

Ecto-cooler, who doesn’t hear of it? It is one of my personal favorites. Bruce Banner, Duke Nukem, and Smurfette these strain’s names take me back to my childhood. So, you can imagine my excitement for Ecto-cooler, a strain named after the Ghostbusters-themed drink featuring slimmer image. 

Chernobyl – The Most Ghastly Strain

It is named on behalf of the name of the Soviet facility Chernobyl, that experienced a reactor malfunction in 1986. The breakdown resulted in one of the most horrible nuclear power plant disasters to date. It was so disastrous that the nearby towns of Ukraine and Pripyat are still abandoned. The long term effect of the catastrophe expected to execute up to 60,000 people from thyroid cancer. The strain has a radiant glow in its bright-green color just perfect for your Green Halloween, and its genetics hails from a blend of Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and Train wreck ooh too Ghastly. Medical benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, and a long-lasting happy mood. 

Witches Weed

This strain is a hybrid of Cindrella 99, Chemdawg D, and San Fernando Valley OG. Certainly, it seems like it was brewed up in a cauldron and is almost supernatural. Whereas some people say it is unpredictably high, to others, it is hard to notice the difference with its counterparts. For medical benefits, it helps you to deal with nausea, headaches, minor pain, and insomnia. Hence, this is worth trying on this “Green Halloween.”


Harlequin, being a CBD strain, packs the Sativa uplift, which is well known for easing stress, melting away pain, and anxiety. This strain is widely recognized for its medicational benefits, rather than just for relaxing. But remember to keep a water bottle with you as chances of cottonmouth are very strong with this one.

So, these are the ghostly strains that you can’t miss out on this Halloween to take your festival spirit to another level. Nevertheless, you need to have a valid medical marijuana card to get these. You can apply for the card online. Already many have benefited from the ease of getting an online MMJ card. And if you’ve any other crazy ideas to celebrate Green Halloween, comment below.


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California Assembly Approves Bill to Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus!

California Assembly Approves Bill to Use Medical Cannabis on School Campus!

Is your kid battling anxiety? We have great news for you. The California House of Representatives recently approved a bill that will give the authority to schools to decide if parents can give a dose of medical marijuana to their kids. 

Presently, the kids have to step out of the campus to consume their medications. 

What Does The bill say?

Before the bill was released, the law was pretty different on the same. It stated the kids should not consume cannabis-based medicines on campus. Instead, they should consume their medications outside the campus. Advocates of the bill stated that this is a risky provision and should be changed. 

The present bill states that schools will allow parents to give medical marijuana medications to their kids on campus. Well, it should be noted that this provision is not for smoking cannabis. It’s strictly for non-smoking form. 

Well, the provision is not yet completed. It still needs to go to the Senate for approval. After that, it will go to the democratic government for the final vote. 

What Does It Mean?

This is a great step forward. Cannabis is an herb that has brought a positive change in people’s lives. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can access the cannabis strains from a dispensary. The herb is safe and works without any side-effects. Health issues can affect anyone. So, the scope of cannabis-based medication shouldn’t just be left to adults. 

Moreover, most anxiety and pain-based medications are addictive. How is that safe for kids? I know it is not. But, why is the use of cannabis limited to adults? There is a general notion in people that cannabis is bad for youngsters. They should understand the fact that like any other medicine, cannabis needs to be ingested in a specific dosage. 

It’s a known fact that cannabis, like any other substance, works best when you do it in moderation. There is absolutely no point in overdoing it. You’re limiting the medicinal benefits it offers. 

How Would This Change The Mechanics of Cannabis Use?

If the bill passes the Senate, the use of medicinal cannabis is set to expand. However, you should understand that the kids are still not allowed to smoke cannabis. The fact that medical cannabis will be allowed on the campus, there needs to be strict monitoring. The authorities need to ensure that people don’t blow the rules for their own advantage. 

The provision is to make the medicinal use of cannabis accessible to all. So, care should be taken to stick to the guidelines and make the best use of cannabis to enhance your health. 

What Should You Do?

Ideally, you should contact an MMJ card doctor and understand how cannabis can be used to enhance your health. The law is still not clear whether a medical card will be available for kids or not. 

Presently, as a parent, you should keep a strict check on the quantity of cannabis that your kid is using. With the right approach, you can surely see your kid healthy and fine.

The Future

At this point, it all depends on how the rules shape up to accommodate the needs of the patients. With kids, it’s always a challenge to keep a tab on things. And, with a substance like cannabis, you need to ensure that they don’t overdo it. As a parent, if you’re a medical cannabis patient, you need to ensure that you don’t smoke in front of them. 

It can trigger the urge in them to smoke. You surely wouldn’t want that. 

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best LED grow lights for marijuana

Beginner’s Point Checklist that will help you choose the Best LED Grow Lights for Marijuana

Welcome to the marijuana growing business. We are glad that you have decided to grow your own cannabis. Right now your mind will be crowded with questions. How to set up the plant, what equipments will fit best, the best LED grow lights for marijuana, so on and so forth. Relax we are here to help you. But before we familiarise you with the LED lights that best suit your indoor grow. Here are certain factors you need to keep in mind.

Appoint a space for your plant

Look around and see what specific area will you designate for the plant. The corner in the basement, a room, a special cabinet, or a tent. The choice is yours. Just remember that you will have to take care of the plant and that space yourself. So it is better to have a nice talk with yourself before deciding the final spot. 

Don’t forget to follow this point checklist

Once space has been finalized. Some of the factors you will have to look after are as follows: 

  • The amount of space needed for the plant.
  • The equipment has to be tailored according to the area.
  • Room for you to work with the plant freely.
  • Ventilation, lights, temperature and other pieces of equipment have to be in sink with the plant.
  • The surface that you will choose to set up your plant has to be sanitized.
  • Most vitally, choose a spot that is away from the eyes of your children, neighbors, and pets.

Indoor grow lights for cannabis other than LED

  1. HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights are cost-effective and cheaper than LED lights. There are two main types of HID lamps. One is the Metal Halide (MH), it emits bluish-white light for vegetative growth and the other is called High Pressure Sodium (HPS). This light produces a red-orange hue and is good for the flowering stage. When used along with good quality ballasts and reflectors, they help in the overall growth of the plant. But remember they heat up easily so you will have to set up an extra piece of cooling equipment for the same. 
  2. Fluorescent light fixtures do not require a cooling system and are inexpensive. The entire package ( reflector, ballast, bulbs) is much cheaper than all the other lights. If you are planning on growing a small scale plant, these light will best suit your grow. The only drawback is that they will consume more watts and produce 20-30% less light. 
  3. An induction lamp is another option that you can consider. It is the oldest technology devised by an acknowledged scientist Nikola Tesla. It is definitely more efficient, cost-effective, and durable with the ability to provide value to the plant. The issue of its availability can certainly bother you and the price varies from time to time. 

Having talked about the various lights that canna-users prefer. Let’s finally, dive straight into the types of LED lights you can choose for your medical marijuana plant. 

Give your cannabis plants the LED treatment

These are the best type of lights for all the canna growers. The cost may differ depending on the kind of light you will purchase. But in entirety LED lights have the following advantages: 

  • Cost-effective
  • A quality-driven yield is produced
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides a full spectrum of light
  • Generates less heat

Types of LED lights

There are three main types of LED lights that are used for growing medical marijuana. 

  1. Spread LED: it consists of two major lights. One is the Quantum Board LED light that has low watt diodes spread on a plain board. It consumes fewer watts and produces high-end results. These lights can be used for an extensive grow. The other light is called spider style and it consists of individual diodes that are spread like a spider on a solid board. They are famously known for producing a good yield. 
  2. Traditional Panel: These lights are being used extensively due to its one special feature. They have the tendency to produce a full spectrum for both larger and smaller spaces. Also, it is a hybrid of Quantum Board Style and COB with both small and medium diodes. Basically, a mix and match of all LED styles
  3. COB LED (Chip on Board): Big lights with a flat panel, that is what a COB looks like. Several LED chips are introduced in one bulb to let the light penetrate as deep as the plant’s canopy. These lights are in demand because of the same factor. You will never be disappointed by the quality of light. In addition to this, the frequency of light is so intense that it will consume more electricity than usual.

To sum up we can say that LED lights have good potential to increase the yield of cannabis plants. The three best LED grow lights for marijuana mentioned in this write-up can definitely help all the beginners planning to set up a medical marijuana plant. As a beginner, you obviously want the best out of a particular strain. This is where the point checklist comes into play. So take a good look and let us know which light is best suited for your plant in the comment section below. 


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How to get a medical marijuana card

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

As per Federal data, in America, over 110 Million people are using marijuana, and now that they have legalized cannabidiol oil, everyone is asking the same question, how to get medical marijuana card?

And it is an excellent hit in public, foreseeing that fact that cannabis is a popular drug in the USA. It also keeps heroine and other synthetic drugs off the streets.

As per medical studies, a substance named cannabidiol found in the plant of cannabis is very healthy for human beings and can help humanity in fighting with a lot of diseases, hence, the introduction of medical marijuana card.

What is Medical Marijuana Card?

The medical marijuana card is your one year prescription from a certified doctor that will ensure the dispensary (Government approved outlet from where you will buy MMJ) that you indeed have a medical condition which can be cured by using marijuana.

What is the Age to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

The age limit apply for medical marijuana card is different in every city; most of the cities are following the standard 21 years old rule. It means if you are old enough to buy beer or any other hard drink, you will be able to get a medical marijuana card.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card?

There are two ways to get a marijuana card, one is to find an authorized medical marijuana clinic.

You go visit the clinic for the medical examination. If the doctor says yes that you need medical marijuana card, then you are going to get it.

What we just have discussed is a traditional way of getting the cannabis card, but there are slightly convenient way; online medical clinics.

In online medical marijuana clinics, all you got to do is to find the best online clinic. Once you are through with your search and refining techniques, you will have to fill an online form in which your personal information, medicine and medical history will be asked.

After filling the form, the online doctor will review your application for medical marijuana card. If the doctor is convinced that your form is authentic then s/he will call (video) you,

This video call will be the start of your diagnose; the doctor will thoroughly ask you about your disease and why you should be provided with the card.

After the nod of the doctor, you will get your cannabis card‘s soft copy within 10 minutes on your email address.

On the same day you will get the hard copy of your MMJ card via mail.


So this is the answer to your question of how to get a medical marijuana card? We have explained both the traditional and modern way of obtaining medical marijuana certificate in the blog.

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Just never forget to check the authenticity of the clinic if you are choosing you to buy the marijuana card online.

Also, always check the government certificate of the doctor who is issuing you the card.

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father's day cannabis gift

This Father’s Day, Let Cannabis do the Honors!

“Hey son! How are you doing’?”

“High dad! Umm.. I mean Hi!! All good!”

“I do get it son…I’m your dad!”

*Smiles exchanged*

Dads are the ultimate heroes in our lives. You exist because he does. Now, it’s time to team him up with another hero—The father of all herbs—Cannabis!

Chances are that your father is already a big cannabis enthusiast. In fact, he might have been smoking one even before you were born. Now, it’s time to team up. Father’s Day is knocking at the door and I’ve got some plans for you.


This Father’s Day, ditch the cliche celebration. Instead, gift him the ultimate cannabis experience. Trust me. He deserves it.

Hit a Dispensary

This has to be your favorite spot. Ever since cannabis became legal, there has been a wave of positive changes. A dispensary is one of them. There are over 400 legal dispensaries in California offering the ultimate doorway to bliss.

Gift your father a refreshing canna-experience guaranteed to give him boost he deserves. Ideally, before you hit the dispensary, get him evaluated at a certified 420 clinic and equip him with a medical marijuana card. I’m sure he’ll be impressed to know that you care for him.

Well, I’ve got another idea!

Let him discover the best herb for himself. California houses a list of cool cannabis dispensaries. Indulge in the cool vibe by hitting one of these and let your dad experience the high he deserves. Cool! Isn’t it?

If you’re not aware that which dispensary would be your best bet, you don’t need to stress. There are endless stores which can provide you with the experience you desire.

For instance, Bud and Bloom has been listed as one of the most beautiful dispensaries in California. The intricately crafted interiors with a crisp display of strains is sure to get your senses excited. Let your dad explore and test the strains for himself.  In fact, you can recommend him some of your favorite strains and introduce him to the ultimate cannabis experience.

Go on an Exciting Cannabis Tour

Cannabis tourism is a thing now. And, it’s something your dad will love to be a part of.  Surprise your father with an exclusive cannabis trip and introduce him to an unexplored part of the cannabis industry. Honestly, you wouldn’t get a better occasion than this to let your dad be a part of something this exciting.

A typical trip includes visits to commercial grow spaces, manufacturing units, dispensaries, edible kitchens, and more. The trip is a perfect gift to celebrate the budding bond between you and your father. Shared experiences last long.

Cook up some bliss

So, what’s your dad’s favorite snack? It’s time to give it a magical twist. Treat his taste buds with a delicious cannabis-infused dinner. Surprise him with a cheesy herb infused pizza or pack his favorite cookies with a tinge of cannabis.

Fan of desserts?

No worries! Grab some chocolates and blend them with his favorite flower to bake some bliss brownies for the night. Top that up with a brilliantly rolled stash of herb and let the smoke make its way into your puff of ecstasy.

Go out For Shopping

Shopping is often synonymous with women but men love it too. In fact, when the herb invites, you gotta go. Thankfully, legalization has gifted us with a brilliant opportunity to test a wide stock of cannabis goodies in the market.

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So, your dad loves smoking? It’s time for an upgrade. Grab some fancy vape or an intricately designed glass bong to sketch a new smoking experience. Also, don’t miss out on body care.  There are loads of infused body butters, creams, massage oils, and body grooming products. Just let your dad decide what he wants. Be a good boy!

So, medical marijuana is sure to add a new dimension to your bond with your father. Dads are always the landing pad of all your problems in life. They deserve care and attention too. Now, it’s time for a change. This Father’s Day, let cannabis pamper your dad.

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Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge

Let’s Celebrate this Environment Day with a Pledge

We are humans! We strive on destruction.

Starting the blog on a negative note.

However! It is time to change it. If God gave us life, it is the nature that is keeping us alive. And that is why it is important we go green and initiate environment conservation in our daily lives. At Online Medical Card, we every year organize the “Go Green” Environment Day initiative. We firmly believe that change starts from us. So, as an organization we try and contribute our part into the betterment of our environment.

This year, we organized a cleanliness drive. Cliche? Well, it is a dier need of the hour. But that is what we did, so what are you planning to contribute to the Environment this year? Let’s take a pledge to do something to help the environment this year. Our environment needs us and we need it. Even small efforts from everyone can contribute to a better future for all of us and the next generation. The onus is upon us. What we do now will decide what our future generations will have to deal with. So, let’s hold hands and build a beautiful and healthy future together.

Simple lifestyle changes are all we need. Here are some simple pledges you can take up to save the environment:

Bottled Water:

Say no to plastic. Yes, it is enough of plastic ruining our planet. There are so many alternatives today which we can use. And you don’t have to sacrifice a lot. Just carry your own water bottles rather than buying bottled water every now and then.


Save Electricity. Saving electricity can really help our planet to go greener. So, this year try and save as much as you can. Make sure to switch off electrical appliances when not in use.


Switching it off doesn’t take much pain, right? We tend to leave it switched on even when we are not at home or office. So, make sure this year you take care of this.


Save Water! We have heard about this a lot but what are we doing about this. The problem may not seem dangerous today but in order to let our future generations live without the scarcity of water, it is important we use it judiciously.


Do you know you can bake in a microwave as well? Microwave is much better than ovens when considered the impact of both on the environment. So, prefer using microwave over ovens.


Save paper! Prefer using emails and online greeting cards than using paper. Let’s all take a step towards a healthier and better future.

These are small and simple things that you need to do. It is time we need to stand up and work together to do something for our environment. We don’t want our children, grandchildren to live in a world where their health is on knife’s point every second. So, it is important we start to do something about it.

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Online Medical Card wishes everyone all the luck for their pledges. It is time we think about the environment over our own personal benefits. The time is catching us over the things we have been doing since long without caring for its effect on the health of our environment. We want to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Let’s go green!

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420 Doctor Evaluation For Your Pets

California Introduces A Bill To Allow 420 Doctor Evaluations For Your Pets

Who knew a plant that people or government prohibited for human consumption could gradually make a way into pet health care as well.


Well, that’s what California is looking forward to in the next few months. One of the Senators recently introduced SB-627 in the state legislature. This law will allow 420 doctor evaluations by veterinarians for pets dealing with any debilitating medical condition.

But, first, the state’s Veterinary Medical Board needs to review the measure and pass it. If approved or accomplished, this law will be one of its kind in the entire country.

How Was This Bill Initiated Initially?

A study came into the picture last year by CannPal Animal Therapeutics, Australia. They began a trial for the use of cannabis for dogs. Another study by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that hemp oil is effective for dogs suffering from arthritic or geriatric pain.

Plus, the European Union also approved CBD products by Cresco Pharma meant for pets. All these incidences build up a rapport for medical cannabis use in pets. And is thought to be a triggering factor for starting 420 doctor evaluations in California for pets as well.

About Senate Bill 627

The legislature supports pet doctors to encourage or share information regarding their patients with colleagues or other healthcare. To help them find the best or effective cannabis medications. The Bill ensures preventing any form of animal abuse by setting up necessary regulations for cannabis consumption in animals.

It will also act as a protection to the doctors who wish to recommend cannabis to their patients without the fear of jeopardizing their license.

Senate Bill 627 governs the business and professional code that governs the terms like livestock, cannabis, medical cannabis, animal, and diagnosis in clear words. It also confirms that doctors can recommend medical cannabis to the pets only if their medical condition requires the need for cannabis therapy.

However, it will require a proper diagnosis to ensure the safety and efficacy of the process. And that only valid veterinarian can give away recommendations.

Other than that, the same Bill specifies the fact that the pet owner must be more than 21 years to understand the guidelines issued by the state authorities.

How This Bill Will Change The Course of 420 Doctor Evaluations?

California has always been among the firsts when it comes to medical cannabis. They started the trend of medical cannabis evaluations.

And if SB-627 also gets approved, then it would be the first state to start 420 med evaluations for pets as well. But, the Veterinary Board must approve the review first. Once approved, then the board will have to formulate the final guidelines by January 2020.

The Importance of SB-627

A lot of pet owners are facing issues of anxiety, pain, seizures, and cancer among their cuddly bundles. So, they are considering cannabis as an alternative medicine for their pets. But, strict guidelines prevent them from using cannabis for their pet’s health or medical condition.

There are other bills also pending in the state of California and other states similar to the ongoing one to improve healthcare by introducing cannabis as an alternative medication.

  • New York- A970/S2835
  • Connecticut- HB 6518
  • Tennessee- HB0793/SB0541

If California approves the bill, chances are that other states might consider it as well.

Medical cannabis is proving its efficacy time and again. Its high time that people understand the importance of this plant. And that 420 doctor evaluations are the necessities of today, not just a status symbol. Also, only nationwide legalization will help to increase research on this magical herb. And who knows, there could be a lot in the store beside the ones we already know.


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The Complete Guide to

Love Cannabis? Choose the Eco-Friendly Cannabis Lifestyle!

Are we heading towards sustainable development? If you step outside and stress on the thought of existence, you’ll get your answer. Pollution is a menacing problem which needs strict attention.

Now, How is That Related to Cannabis Culture?

As a responsible cannabis enthusiast, you can opt for a eco-friendly canna-lifestyle. We should aim that every step we take should leave a positive imprint on the planet

How is That Possible?

Through subtle changes in our mode of existence. Nothing too complex! Before we dive in the details, let’s have a look at some pointers you cannot afford to miss.

Fast Facts About Pollution.

  • Pollution affects over 100 million people globally.
  • People living in highly polluted areas are at a 20% increased risk of contracting cancer than people living in less polluted areas
  • Almost 40% lakes in America are highly polluted.
  • Recycling can prevent upto 100 million tonnes of waste from being disposed of.

I’m sure you’re pouncing on the thought of taking some action. Well, the good news is that you can.

Here is what you can do


The cannabis culture is thriving and functioning. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Well, what exactly do you do after you’re done smoking your favorite strain? I mean do you dispose of the tip? If yes, then you’re on the right track.

Consumption of cannabis generates waste in the form of papers, edible wrappers, oil bottles and a lot more. I’m sure you can understand. While medical marijuana is definitely helpful, it’s our duty to help keep the environment healthy too.

There are a lot of cannabis products available in the market. Ideally, you can try to use products with recyclable packaging or encourage recycling.

Use Clean Green Certified Products

The clean green certification was created with an aim to keep sustainable growing practices. This ensures the cannabis is grown using completely natural and organic practices.

Organically grown cannabis keeps you away from the adulterants which can hamper your cannabis experience. I’m sure you won’t trade your high for a low quality bud. Thankfully, 420 evaluations can help you access good quality cannabis.

You can get your medical marijuana card and access your favorite strains from various dispensaries located across the state. The best thing about buying cannabis from a dispensary is that it contains good quality cannabis. If you choose to buy from a peddler, chances are that you might get buds sprayed with chemical enhancers.

I’m sure you don’t want that.

Don’t Turn Earth into a Dumping Ground

There’s no doubt that cannabis is highly beneficial for you. As responsible cannabis enthusiasts, you naturally wouldn’t entertain the idea of flicking your half-burnt filter out of the window. You never know, it can spark a fire.

Take care of your lovely pre-rolled instruments of highness. Roll it straight into the bin when you’re done with it. Ideally, you can ditch the paper and switch to glass crutches whenever that urge to smoke hits you

Dispose Them Care

So, you have a vaporizer? Great! What do you do with the batteries? Dispose them in the bin? Hang on! You shouldn’t do that. Most batteries contain lithium, which is potentially harmful for plants and humans alike.

So, what you can do is, find a battery drop-off center and dispose them without leaving a harmful imprint.

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Medical cannabis has definitely left a positive imprint on our lives. As responsible humans, you should aim to extend this element of positivity to the surrounding environment. Sustainable existence can keep both you and the nature at lasting bliss.

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california sober

California Sober is a Thing and it’s Worth all the Hype!

Planning to quit drugs? Cool!! There’s a new buzzword in town. Any guesses? I’ll throw a hint…SHHH!!! It’s related to cannabis!

Umm…so, got it?

The trendsetter I’m talkin’ about is ‘CALIFORNIA SOBER’. Heard of it before? Of course not! It’s a new phenomenon.

Drugs are bad. You’ve probably heard that a lot. Almost everyone seems to nod their heads to that but the reality is different. With baddies like heroine, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs , cannabis is the only innocent lad out there.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at Some Stats Below

  • Opioid abuse caused 2199 deaths in 2017.
  • Approximately 48 million Americans have abused prescription based drugs at least once in their lifetime.
  • Drug abuse is California’s ‘number 1’ premature killer.
  • Almost 11 people die from drug abuse everyday.
  • More than 50,000 emergency visits in clinics are drug related.

So, want to contribute to these stats? If you’ll take my advice, please DO NOT!!

At this point, you might be questioning the sobriety of cannabis. Banking on common sense, anything in excess is harmful. But, cannabis is the safest bet you can make. It’s a thriving industry. It’s gotta have something. Simple logic?

Cannabis and health go hand in hand. The party popping drugs might get you raving but California sober has changed the mechanics completely.

So, What is being California Sober?

Being California sober means you abstain from all the hard drugs except cannabis. It’s basically like you’re switching from the potent drugs to a milder high inducing herb. So, that’s being sober for you.

It’s like “I don’t snort cocaine anymore. I only smoke marijuana!”

That’s a pretty calculated move. In fact, a good one. Medical marijuana has emerged has a viable medication for treating a variety of health issues. It’s become the holy grail.

Cannabis is projected to have an economic impact of $40 billion by 2021. Now, that’s huge. It drives our attention to the fact that people actually trust cannabis for the benefit it offers.

Why being California Sober is Good for you?

Because it prevents you from dying. Want to climb the heaven’s ladder too soon? Cannabis is like a soft landing pad that saves you when you fall from a cliff. In fact, it’s an umbrella of sanity that you earnestly need.

Precisely, you need to understand how the human body works. Drugs rewire your existence. They make you addicted.

When you start taking drugs, your mind becomes dependant on them. So, if there’s someone who is heavily intoxicated, he won’t exist in absence of drugs. Your bloodstream, basic body functions, and metabolism need a triggering agent to function. In this case, it’s the drug.

So, when you plan to quit drugs, your body is never really prepared for it. The craving is real. It is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms which can leave you sick, tired and despaired. An ideal way to prevent this is through a gradual transition.

Luckily, cannabis offers the change you need. It has the answers to your temptations with a characteristic high to keep you in a zone of bliss. And the best thing —it’s non-addictive.

Medical Marijuana Clinics are a Blessing

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried cannabis, the legalization has opened doors to a better possibility. With the advent of telemedicine, accessing the medicinal benefits of cannabis has become easier. There are lots of certified 420 clinics in California.

To access cannabis legally, you need to get evaluated at a 420 clinic. One major benefit it offers is that you get to interact with a certified cannabis doctor. With proper evaluation, the specialist can decide if you have the qualifying condition for an MMJ card.

When you’re trying to quit drugs, the possible withdrawal symptoms include nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia. The doctor can recommend the best-suited strain based on your analysis and prescribe a dose to get you started.

With a medical marijuana card, you can explore the dispensaries and purchase the suggested strains. The herb comes with its’ promising effects. It’ll make you chill with your senses while keeping you clear-headed and calm.

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Isn’t that an ideal state to be in?

Of course, it is! Being California Sober is like a rebirth. You’ll live the best life without the intoxication of drugs. Nature is a blessing. And, with a magical herb like cannabis, every moment is bliss!


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mother's day

Celebrate Mother’s Day By Gifting Your Mom a 420 Evaluation This Year

Every mother’s day goes by with the same old clothes and jewelry gifts. Why not do something different for her this year. 

Struggling with ideas?

Don’t worry! I have some gift ideas lined up for you.

Does your mother suffer from a medical condition that qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation?

Does she already have a recommendation?

Perfect! Cannabis products it is then!

Medical marijuana is the medication of today. Its paradigm of benefits is ever increasing. And not just that there are a number of products easily available today in the market that can be used to improve health.

Don’t misinterpret medical cannabis with smoking. Today, there are a number of ways of consumption and products that help you manage the condition with medical marijuana. Break the conventional ideas and gift her something she genuinely needs.

That is the beauty of medical marijuana. Firstly, you can choose your strain among thousands of them and then you can consume it in so many ways. Smoke it, vape it, eat it or even apply it.

So, let’s get the wrapping started!

I have some medical marijuana-infused mother’s day gift ideas. Let’s take a look


Smoking is not your mom’s thing?

Great! Vape is the new way to go. It is healthier than smoking while providing the same benefits. The device is actually recommended by doctors as burning marijuana poses risks to the lungs. The tar and the combustion process is dangerous for the respiratory system.

Don’t worry! She will love it. The effects are felt instantaneously and lasts about 2 to 3 hours. It is basically a more controlled method for enjoying the benefits of cannabis. Actually many people prefer the smell and taste of vapor than that of smoke.

So, are you on a budget?

There are a number of vape pens available, so you choose the one that comes in your price bracket. Also, in hindsight vape pen cost-effective as it saves up the money that a person will end up spending when smoking.


Strawberries coated with cannabis chocolates. How does that sound?

Edibles are always great for gifts. Who doesn’t like eating? And when it comes to getting treated with it, perfect is the right word. Easy to consume and reap the benefits.

When thinking of smoking alternatives, edibles is also a great option. The difference between these two is that edibles take a bit longer to kick in the effects. But then again it is healthier than smoking, and makes a beautiful gift.

Also, there are so many different types of edibles available, you can choose the things and club them to gift your mother an ultimate mother’s day gift.


What do women like?

Cosmetic products!

You would probably know that they are great for your skin but do you know they are also used to treat burns, arthritis, sports injuries etc. And what about therapeutic massages? Oh! Great, right? Your mother works all day so why not gift her something she can relax with. What could be better than CBD oil for massages?

Trust me! She will love it.

Also, these are great if your mother has joint pain. These have proven to be very therapeutic for the people suffering from back or knee pain.

There are so many options and benefits you can have when buying topicals. Keeping skin young is another one. So, you know how woman like their skin to look unblemished. A good cannabis cream will work as a great mother’s day gift.

Bath Bombs:

Gift her some quality ‘her’ time.

CBD comes with a long list of benefits. What if your mother can reap those benefits and couple it with a bath of relaxation. She deserves some time off to melt all her worriers and tensions. And you can gift her exactly that.

They come with amazing health benefits like:

  • Helps release the tensions inside the body.
  • Fights cold.
  • Helps in skin restoration
  • Helps with menstraul cramps

Or, better you can make a basket of all of these different cannabis products and give her one big mother’s day present.

Celebrate this mother’s day by gifting her a smile. She has been one of the most important persons in your life. Sometimes it is good to make her feel good. So, this year get her an amazing gift and spend some quality time with her.

Share with us how you are planning to celebrate mother’s day this year.

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Microdosing With Medical Marijuana Less is More

Microdosing with medical marijuana: Less is more!

What’s your benchmark of cannabis consumption? I am sure it’s THC!

Well, that’s understandable. The high is the prime reason why people swear by medical marijuana. To be honest, it actually feels great while being pitched up high in the clouds.

But, not everyone is made to feel like that. Every human is programmed differently and the same reflects in his experiences. This applies to cannabis consumption too. The characteristic high you feel is because of the active compound THC. While most people enjoy that, there are some who might not digest the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

This goes by the saying “Excess of anything is bad for you”

Well, there is a solution and it’s called ‘Microdosing’.

What is microdosing?

The lowest dose of medicine which can induce an effect on the body is called a microdose. Essentially, it is below the threshold level and causes sub-perceptual effects which don’t interfere with your mood. This is a handy way to eliminate the anxiety which arises from the heavy dose of THC.

As a matter of fact, not every health issue requires a high dose of marijuana. There are disorders which require the bare minimum to work effectively.

Michelle Ross, a leading cannabis doctor and owner of IMPACT, states that a large chunk of the population is still unaware of the effects and benefits of microdosing. People mount up high doses of cannabis without realizing the fact that it can actually do more harm than good.

Well, this is true. There are people who take enhanced doses with a belief that it will benefit them more. But, the picture is pretty different. High doses can actually reduce the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

A study conducted in 2012 shows that low dose of THC is very effective in controlling the symptoms of cancer such as extreme pain. Also, it offers an effective way for the elderly, which can benefit from the low doses rather than the potent doses.

Microdose with care

If you’re planning to microdose, you should keep a note of the following:

1) Do it at home

Chilling up with a joint while watching Netflix is an ideal scene. Honestly, if you have good food, it cannot get better than that. Well, it is not the same at workplace. At home, you can test microdosing your favorite stain and see how your body reacts to it.

The risk at the workplace is that you don’t know how it will affect you. If the effect is pleasant, Bingo! If not, you’re fired!

2) Don’t aim to get too high

The key to microdosing is that it’s not intended to get you high. You should aim to take minute doses of cannabis which can bring subtle changes in your body without the intoxicating effects.

As a good measure, you should start with 1/4th of your present dosage to test its effects.

3) Choose the right microdosing product

The cannabis plant has mainly two active compounds THC and CBD. The high you get is because of THC. Cannabidiol or CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you feel intoxicated. So, a healthy measure is to choose a product has an equal ratio of both the active compounds.

There are loads of products in the market such as tinctures and oils which are ideal for microdosing. You can experiment with multiple doses and see what works for you.

4) Consult a doctor

Although the potential danger of microdosing by self is pretty less, consulting a doctor can make you more confident. Also, the doctor is equipped with the expertise to guide you effectively. You can know the right dosage for yourself that will work to enhance your health.

Getting a medical marijuana card is a good way to access your favorite strains from the dispensaries in California.

How should you microdose?

There are various methods of microdosing you can choose.


Lighting up a joint is a quick way to get started. You can just take a puff and wait to feel the effects kick in. You can add another puff if any effect is not observed. You can test the same process with vaping and see how it works for you.

Tinctures and oils

In contrast to smoking, oils and tinctures offer better control over the dose. You can control the THC limit effectively by taking minute doses of the product.

No matter what product you choose, microdosing is definitely a welcome change. With the medicinal effects of cannabis not just limited to the consistent high, taking low doses can do more wonders than you imagine.

Happy Microdosing!

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New California Bill to Curb Illegal Cannabis Shops’ Ads on Weedmaps and Others

Since the year medical marijuana becomes legal in California, the state is struggling to curb the black market. There’s a wide range of illegal cannabis shops operating statewide, which affects business activities of cannabis firms that follow the state rules and regulations.

A new Assembly Bill 1417 proposes a crackdown on online advertisements by illegal and unlicensed cannabis businesses on advertising platforms such as Weedmaps. The websites violating the rules will have to pay $2500 per day. The objective is to stop the ads of illegal shops that influence the online search results in Los Angeles and other cities.

The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA), which represents licensed marijuana companies in Los Angeles, is sponsoring the bill. “Our goal is to hold a level of accountability for these technology platforms that claim to just be a directory.”, said Jerred Kiloh, the president of the association.

Assembly Bill 1417 – Will It Work?

The new amendments in the Assembly Bill 1417 are-

  • Any ad from a California cannabis business is required to add the state license number.
  • Each violation will cost a penalty of up to $2500 per day.
  • Allow stakeholder to bring civil suits against illegal shops.

The bill is expected to help legal cannabis businesses in California to grow their sales. According to them, because of illegal shops, they’re unable to receive benefits from online ads on popular platforms like Weedmaps.

They say that illegal shops can bid at lower rates because they aren’t paying taxes and following other regulations set by the state.

According to the owner of La Brea Collective, an LA-based dispensary, Daniel Sosa, is taking the customers away from legal marijuana businesses. He supports the bill, and said, “I think it’s necessary if they really want to capture real tax revenue.”

In February 2018, The California Bureau of Cannabis Control a cease-and-desist letter sent the owner of Ghost Management Group, to curb advertising unlicensed cannabis businesses. refused to comply. In an interview with Marijuana Business Daily, the president of the website Chris Beals said that the bureau is putting the cart before the horse as there’s a vast majority of marijuana companies still unlicensed.

Eric Goldman, a professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law said that punishing Weedmaps and other sites would violate section 230 of the federal Communication Decency Act.

“The websites aren’t liable for the third party content providers. Even if it passes, the bill isn’t a good idea”, added Goldman.

However, as per the regulations of the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MMUCRSA), to operate a commercial cannabis business in California, a valid license from the state licensing authority is required. Also, an advertising platform shall not display an ad unless they contain the license number of the advertiser.

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In the past, The City of Los Angeles has also performed several efforts to shut down illegal cannabis shops, but they got limited success. These include-

  • Shutting off the basic utilities—water and electricity
  • Increasing fines for workers
  • Padlocking their doors

Assembly Bill 1417 is a great move by The Golden State to shut illegal, unlicensed cannabis businesses. It will help licensed shops to receive full benefits from online advertisements on popular platforms such as

How successful will it be in fulfilling its objectives—we can’t say anything until it goes into effect.

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New To Cannabis World? Use Pre-rolled Joints To Get Relief

New To Cannabis World? Use Pre-rolled Joints To Get Relief

Cannabis has been around for a long time now. And the good news is it’s now legal in most states. People with medical conditions can legally buy and consume it to get relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. And many people are!

It’s like the holy grail for people suffering from serious conditions.

But when it comes to using cannabis, the biggest concern is – how to consume it?

Even though there are many ways of consuming medical marijuana, nothing beats an old-fashioned joint. A joint is an evergreen way of consuming cannabis and enjoying it.

Let’s get real – there’s nothing more impressive than sitting down to smoke and seeing someone roll a perfect joint. Trust me, rolling a perfect joint is an art. And not everybody can master it. It’s like a combination of sushi rolling and origami folding, and it’s definitely amazing.

A joint is disposable, discreet, cheap means of consuming medical marijuana which can also be shared easily with friends. You neither need to invest heavily on a fancy product like a vape pen nor the time commitment of a tropical.

But unless you have hours to practice the art of rolling a joint, it can be difficult to benefit from this magical herb.

Moreover, if you have recently stepped into the world of cannabis, you might have a hard time rolling a joint. But It’s okay, we’ve all been there. After all, it’s not something you’ve been doing all your life.

But how do you enjoy cannabis if you don’t know how to roll a joint?

You use “Pre-rolled Joints”!

Cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace. New products are being launched every other day to help people have access to high-quality cannabis. Pre-rolled joints are the newest additions to the long list of cannabis products. Pre-rolled joints – also known as the hot dogs of the cannabis industry – are here to help cannabis-lovers smoke like a pro.

Before regulated, legal markets, cannabis users themselves rolled their joints and used them. But as medical marijuana legalized and more medical dispensaries emerged, demand for ready-made products increased significantly. By now, pre-rolled joints are everywhere. They have been used as a go-to gifts and popular recommendations for cannabis newcomers.

How pre-rolled joints are made?

The pre-rolled joints are filled with ‘shake’. It is, in fact, a secret ingredient in these joints. According to Corey Schwartz, a manager of a dispensary in Los Angeles, when distributing cannabis strains to patients, strains get broken down. And while budtenders move nugs of medical marijuana in their jars, shake gets collected. This shake is then used in pre-rolled joints.

Using shake in pre-rolled joints is a common practice. It ensures that all of strains in a dispensary are used properly.

Are they worth your money?

Many people think pre-rolled joints are made of low-quality cannabis strain. But this necessarily isn’t the case. The product used in these joints, i.e. shake is just tiny pieces of the same quality cannabis strains. But you need to be careful when buying pre-rolls. Not every product is made of quality shake. If the shake is dry, it’s of low quality – and often the result of products sitting out for long in the store. And there are times when shake obtained from different strains are put in a roll.

So, it’s a good idea to sacrifice one joint and cut it open to see the product filled inside. Make the product filled inside looks fresh.

Cannabis is a miracle herb that can help you alleviate the symptoms of many serious medical conditions including arthritis, alzheimer, epilepsy and more. And pre-rolled joints are a great way to consume cannabis in a traditional way while still reaping its maximum benefits.

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Cerebral Palsy is Now Added in Michigan’s MMJ Qualifying Conditions’ List

Cerebral Palsy is Now Added in Michigan’s MMJ Qualifying Conditions’ List

According to the Cerebral Palsy Facts and Statistics by, about 764,000 people in the United States including children and adults experience at least one symptom of cerebral palsy.

Although there’s a wide range of medications available for this neurological disorder, medical marijuana can also be an alternative treatment. And, now it’s easy for patients who are residing in Michigan to access medical cannabis products for their treatment. The state has included Cerebral Palsy in its list of medical marijuana qualifying conditions.

The Updated List of Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions in Michigan

Medical marijuana became legal in Michigan after passing a ballot initiative in 2018, thus allowing patients to receive medicinal benefits of the herb. To use medical cannabis, patients require MMJ recommendations from licensed doctors.

In Michigan, medical cannabis isn’t available for any patient. Only the patients at least one condition listed in the MMJ qualifying conditions and hold 420 evaluations can purchase marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries.

Earlier this week, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) approved including Cerebral Palsy in Michigan’s MMJ qualifying conditions. The department made this decision after the Medical Marihuana Review Panel made recommendations after receiving citizen comments to add it in the list of medical marijuana qualifying conditions identified in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

Recently, LARA denied Chronic Aggressive Behavior with the recommendations of the panel members.

The new list of MMJ qualifying conditions to obtain 420 med evaluations in Michigan is-

  • Arthritis
  • AIDS
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Colitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Nail Patella
  • Hepatitis C
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • PTSD
  • Positive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • A chronic condition or its treatment that can cause one or more of the following-
  • Severe and Chronic Pain
  • Severe Nausea
  • Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome
  • Seizures, including but not limited to those characteristics of epilepsy
  • Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but limited to those characteristics of multiple sclerosis.

For more information on medical marijuana regulations in Michigan, you can visit

How Can Medical Cannabis Help Cerebral Palsy Sufferers?

Cerebral Palsy is a congenital, neurological condition that can lead to pain and mobility problems. Researchers have found that cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are effective in easing the effects of Cerebral Palsy allowing patients to enjoy a better quality of life.

Marijuana’s medicinal properties can help relieve pain associated with spasticity or muscle tension, which may manifest as—spastic hemiplegia, spastic quadriplegia, and spastic diplegia.

Researchers have conducted a wide range of studies conducted to check the effectiveness of cannabinoids for alleviating symptoms associated with Cerebral Palsy. Here’re some of them-

A 2011 study published in the National Institute of Health (NIH) provided results of 83 adults with cerebral palsy were given 23 medications for pain, including medical marijuana. Legs, hips, and lower back were found the most common regions of pain. The participants reported that marijuana treatment provided the best relieving effects.

Cerebral Palsy patients have some symptoms similar to those suffering from nervous system disorder multiple sclerosis (MS). These include muscle rigidity, pain, and impaired coordination. According to a study published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, cannabinoids can help relieve MS-associated spasticity and pain.

It’s necessary to note that there’s a wide range of marijuana strains available in medical dispensaries. And, not all the strains have the same effects on all patients. You need to consult an MMJ doctor to discuss your condition and get professional help for choosing the right strain to alleviate the symptoms completely.

Here’re some top cannabis strains for cerebral palsy-

  • Purple Kush
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Blue Dream
  • Green Crack
  • Afghan Kush
  • Elephant Bud
  • Black Jack

Marijuana is an effective medicine for managing pain, spasticity, and other symptoms associated with cerebral palsy. Compared with painkillers, it provide better effects and doesn’t cause any side effects.

By adding cerebral palsy to the list of MMJ qualifying conditions, Michigan made a great move to help the CP patients living in the state to alleviate their symptoms with the most effective, natural medicine.

Do you support Michigan’s decision for including cerebral palsy? Should other medical cannabis legalized states pass the same regulations? Share your own views in the comment section below.


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Why Jim and Jam of Medical Cannabis Need To Be Together?

Why Jim and Jam of Medical Cannabis Need To Be Together?

I am sure everybody would be aware of the iconic American classic Sandwich- Peanut butter and jelly.  Now, imagine what would it be like if you would have to eat them separately?

Nah! The taste sucks!

What if tell you, the same formula works for medical cannabis as well?



Don’t be. Let’s explain the concept of the famous “Jim and Jack” of medical cannabis in the easiest way.

Medical Cannabis- Nature’s Own Therapeutic Aid

By this time, almost everyone would be aware that medical cannabis is a herb which consists of over a hundred chemical compounds which work together to produce the desired effects. But, the compounds which have taken all the limelight are the famous pair “CBD and THC”.

Most of the medical marijuana strains vary in the content of THC: CBD ratios. Different ratios mean different effects felt on both mind and body. For example- Royal Cookies has around 23% THC and 0.4% CBD while Haze Berry contains around 20% THC with 0.15% CBD.

While everyone usually talks about “CBD is this…”, “CBD is that..”. Hardly anyone knows that medical cannabis is the most useful therapeutic aid when these compounds are taken together.

It’s like the actual magic wand of medical cannabis is “CBD+THC concoction”

Yes! You heard it right.

More About The Jim and Jam of Medical Cannabis

According to Martin A. Lee’s book- Smoke Signals-

“Cannabidiol balances the buzz and softens the euphoria–or, in some cases, the dysphoria–induced by THC, which, in concentrated form, can make people feel very loopy and weird. CBD is the yin of THC’s yang.”

But, how is it even possible?

CBD and THC together- Are you kidding me?

I am sure the same line would be popping up in your mind.

Here’s what actually happens.


CBD, THC And Their Interaction With Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid system is something which is known to manage a range of bodily functions such as sleep, appetite, hormonal levels, cognition, and more.

So, technically, the body is also producing endocannabinoids which affect the system functions. So, whenever you consume cannabis strains with both THC and CBD present, they will bind or interact with the receptors located in different parts of the body which will help in producing the desired effects.


THC is known to have a high affinity with the CB1 receptors. And, activation of these receptors is mostly responsible for the “high” or the “euphoria”.


CBD, on the other hand, is known to modulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors both. It slows down the process of elimination of endocannabinoids, and provide the therapeutic effects.


The magic only happens when these cannabinoids work together as a team. For instance, CBD blocks the THC to reach its target receptors. Hence, limiting the psych effects of THC.

A study published in 2015, concluded that CBD actually acts as a negative allosteric modulator which in turn blocks the seating site of THC. It does that by changing the shape of the receptor altogether.

Another study established the fact that in comparison to THC or CBD alone, THC/CBD spray provided better results for managing a cancer symptom.

One more study revealed that CBD is a better constituent for grey matter in the hippocampal region. So, if you have taken THC and CBD together, the neurotoxic effects of THC are reduced to minimal with enhancing the neuroprotective effects of the other.


Are There Any Another Medical Benefits?

Well. Yes!

For starters, CBD is found to enhance the THC’s pain-reducing properties. Various studies have confirmed that a hybrid strain with an almost equal quantity of both the cannabinoids provides comparatively more pain relief and improvement in sleep quality.

Not only that, you would be able to reduce cancer-related pain even. Combining CBD and THC has also shown to block the growth of cancer cells.

Another fact which might interest you is that CBD has shown to prolong the medicinal benefits of THC as well. It’s because CBD protects THC by avoiding its breakdown in the liver. So, its pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and other properties extend to longer periods. This will help to reduce the range of medical symptoms effectively.

Plus, introducing CBD into the THC will help to reduce the anxiety-inducing properties as well.

To wrap it up, CBD and THC can be amazing. But, when taken together, they can create magic altogether. So, start with cannabis strains instead of choosing single products to maximize the therapeutic effects significantly.

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cannabis and driving

Cannabis and Driving – Is it Legal if You Have Cannabis Recommendation in California?

Now that medical cannabis is legal in the state of California, many individuals have been able to alleviate the symptoms of their medical conditions with cannabis. Apart from medical cannabis, recreational cannabis has also been legalized in the state of California. However, it still remains federally illegal. And as cannabis is still not legal at the federal law, MMJ patients are required to obtain medical marijuana recommendation from a qualified doctor to legally buy and consume it.

Since it hasn’t been long since cannabis has been legalized, California cannabis consumers are not well-versed with the regulations surrounding its use and consumption.    

Things can get extremely confusing for cannabis users who get behind the wheel under the influence of cannabis and drive throughout and even outside of the state. Many consumers are not well-aware of the laws regarding the use of cannabis behind the wheel.

According to a survey, it was found that more than 50% of respondents admitted that they are not aware of the laws related to medical marijuana and driving. The other 50% of California residents claimed to have “somewhat knowledge” about it.

Unfortunately, having “somewhat knowledge” is not enough especially if you don’t want to get into trouble for driving under the influence of the drug. As a matter of fact, legal penalties are very strict for impaired drivers.

Since cannabis is legal, is it okay to get behind the wheel if you’re high?

Well, let get this straight – alcohol is legal, is drunk driving legal too? Of course no! Also, oxycodone or codeine is legal too in the state of California if only a doctor prescribes them. But it doesn’t make it legal to consume and then get behind the wheel.

Similarly, it’s illegal to drive a vehicle when you are under the influence of cannabis – medical or recreational. Yes, even if you have a cannabis recommendation in California. You are prohibited from driving under the influence of the drug. Period.

How do you know if you are impaired driving? Can you drive if you are a little high?

Explain “a little high” or a “little drunk” or “buzzed.” The fact is you cannot. Because you don’t know! The thing is nobody really knows when they are “a little high”. You still might have noticed posters that tell you, depending on your weight and sex, how much alcohol consumed can get you “a little drunk.” But when it comes to cannabis, there’s nothing available.

How “under the influence” of cannabis is legally defined?

A driver is considered to be driving under the influence of the drug when:

His or her physical or mental abilities are impaired in such a way that they are unable to operate a motor vehicle.

How is it confirmed that you are driving under the influence of the drug?

Proving that you are driving after consuming cannabis can lead to serious consequences. However, it is not easy for the prosecutor to find out whether you are under the influence of cannabis while driving. It’s because, under California law, there isn’t any legal limit for cannabis. California is different from other states and does not have any restrictions on the THC amount that can be found in the blood of the driver. THC is an active cannabinoid present in cannabis. It is what gives the high experience.

While some cannabis strains have low THC content, many cannabis strains can have up to 80% of THC in them. Therefore, it’s always suggested to consume strains that are rich in CBD but don’t have high THC content. In fact, high-CBD strains are considered best to have relief from serious medical ailments.

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How long should you wait to drive after consuming cannabis?

No two people are the same. And thus there is no particular amount of time the consumer should wait before getting behind the wheel after using the herb. The levels of impairments differ significantly across people and situations depending on factors such as THC content in the cannabis strain, time since use, method of consumption, and particular pattern use (deep inhalation, frequency of use, etc.)

Impairment effects such as decision-making deficits, concentration, and attention can sometimes last for a full day, and even longer than that if you are consuming it frequently i.e. 4-5 times every week.


Impairment caused by the consumption of cannabis increases the risk of car crashes and accidents in the area. If you are driving under the influence of the drug, you are not only at the risk of getting involved in serious vehicle accidents but also may face legal charges such as monetary penalties, vehicle impoundments, and license suspensions. Therefore, it’s always advisable to consume it only when you know you don’t have to drive anytime soon.

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5 Reasons To Switch To Vaping

The dangerous consequences that come attached to smoking have never stopped people from pursuing this habit. “I am going to quit smoking” is probably the most common resolution most people take and fail to keep up with. But the number of serious health risks that are related to the habit should be reason enough at least to take a step towards controlling. Well, the process of quitting needs to start small and the best start is using an alternative to your cigarettes which could be a vape pen. Here are 5 important reasons why you should be shifting to vaping from smoking.


Huge scope for saving money

An average smoker at least requires 2 packets of cigarettes a day and keeping this number and calculating the total cost you might end up spending a lot more than you think you are. The prices of cigarettes tend to fluctuate and this depends on the brands, taxes or penalties that are applicable to different areas. E-cigarettes can be purchased online and even the replacements for the coil and the vaping liquid are significantly cheaper than cigarette costs. A starter kit can last about 2 weeks and this will turn out way cheaper than cigarettes.

Better for your health

Vaping liquids do not contain tobacco which is an important reason why vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaping liquid is often fruit-flavored juices that give you a refreshing feeling rather than consuming tobacco which contains about 70 chemicals of carcinogenic properties. These pens do not contain nicotine which is the addictive element in cigarettes and hence there Is no need to worry. The toxicants present in the smoke is the primary reason behind cancer the risk of which gets completely eliminated during vaporizing.

No chance for second-hand smoke

The worse effect of smoking is not only destroying your own health but deteriorating the health of people around you. This is one of the reasons why smoking in public areas has been prohibited in various places. In fact, second-hand smoke has been related to lung cancer and coronary heart diseases where the chances have been increased by about 20% – 30 % and 25% -35 % respectively according to a study. Using a vape pen would mean that you enjoy your habit to yourself and also end up leaving no toxic smoke behind that might harm the people around.

It is safer than smoking

Switching to vaping can reduce tobacco-related deaths. E-cigarettes can also aid the process of quitting smoking habit as per results of a study. It is a safer way to withdraw from smoking habit unlike using nicotine patches or therapies and the change here is more gradual. The reason behind the same is that psychologically a smoker still can take the satisfaction of holding and smoking but there are no hazardous chemicals involved in this process.

It opens up a lot of choices

The largest range of choices for cigarettes usually get limited to the brands and the strength. Vape liquids offer a large range of options to choose from and even mix two flavors and experiment. Also, unlike quite a stagnant innovation in front of cigarettes, vaping pens have witnessed tremendous changes and evolution to date to make the device safe and suitable for all. Nowadays, you can easily get vapes and e-liquids at various online stores and also can order weed online from Canada’s best online cannabis dispensaries.


Vaping does not need a lighter which essentially eliminates one of the prime safety problems that cause fire accidents. The absence of combustion ensures that the possibilities of a fire are significantly reduced. Vaping also offers the liberty to simply enjoy one drag and leave the pen behind rather than letting guilt make you smoke a complete cigarette. As the market expands user interest will bring to the table more flavors, features and finally a much better alternative to a cigarette in the form of vape pens.

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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in California

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in California

Many states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. With a recommendation of a physician, a qualified patient can buy, use, or grow marijuana.

Qualifying conditions to become a medical marijuana patient in California include: Read more

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