Can Medical Marijuana Cure Omicron - the New COVID Variant?

Can Medical Marijuana Cure Omicron – the New COVID Variant? - January 14, 2022

‘Have any medical marijuana and COVID-19 related studies hinted at the possible treatment of Omicron, the latest COVID variant?’ As of yet, there are no studies that back up this claim.

However, there is other research that has sufficiently highlighted the effectiveness of marijuana consumption for the original COVID-19 disorder. This is, more or less, a good foundation to further explore the possibilities of medical marijuana and COVID-19 recovery for different variants like Omicron. Let us discuss all this and more in detail in the blog below.

COVID-19 & Its Variants

Even after a good two years since the first case of COVID-19 was identified in Wuhan, China, nobody has yet stumbled upon its ultimate cure. Caused by SARS-CoV-2, a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, this highly contagious disease took the form of a pandemic only a few months after its inception.

The adversities that this disease caused, ravaged countries altogether. Over the two years of its prevalence, this contagious disease-causing virus has taken on various forms. The World Health Organization (WHO) has, till date, recognized about five variations of COVID 19.

  • Alpha which was first documented in the United Kingdom
  • Beta in South Africa
  • Gamma in Brazil
  • Delta in India and
  • Omicron (the most recent one) in South Africa initially and then many countries together

This is directly reflective of the dangers of COVID-19 and its ever-increasing mutilating variations. With an idea to curb the spread of this virus, many vaccination drives were and are being carried out worldwide. This, however, is not a permanent solution.

As a result, scientists and doctors are, in tandem, testing out various medications and forms of therapies. Among these, cannabis is one that seems to have garnered a lot of attention. Can it help in the treatment of any of the disease’s symptoms and are there any studies to support it? Let us gradually go through each aspect.

Marijuana and COVID-19 Does It Work?

Before we talk about medical marijuana working out for the latest variant, Omicron, we have to first find out if cannabis has displayed any potential effect in the treatment of the original COVID-19. With the impressive range of medicinal benefits that cannabis consumption leads to, there are surely some COVID symptoms that it can heal.

C.Sativa Can Reduce Multiple Cytokines

A recent study published during the month of January in 2021, highlighted that cannabis can indeed help in the fight against this severe disease.

As per this study,

“out of the seven studied extracts of novel C. Sativa cultivars, three (#4, #8 and #14) were the most effective, causing profound and concerted down-regulation of COX2, TNFα, IL-6, CCL2, and other cytokines and pathways related to inflammation and fibrosis.”

This means that three C. Sativa extracts can actually help in stopping the cytokine storm by treating the primary identifiable symptoms of COVID-19, namely:

  • Lung Fibrosis
  • Inflammation

Fortunately, there is another study that discovered something along the same lines. This study discovered that CBD or Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plants, played a particularly active role in:

  • Reducing the cytokine storm
  • Protecting pulmonary tissues and
  • Re-establishing inflammatory homeostasis

Such supportive research strongly backed the claims of cannabis possibly treating the symptoms of COVID-19. However, this is just the beginning. There is a need for more such research studies to explore this arena of medicinal treatment thoroughly.

Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat Omicron Variant & Its Symptoms?

It was as recent as on November 26, 2021, when the WHO identified a new variant B.1.1.529, by the name of Omicron. This variation of the original COVID-19 is still under research due to its recent discovery. Until the uncertainty surrounding this variant isn’t resolved, no one can possibly make any recovery claims regarding it.

Until the severity, transmissibility or the reinfection risk isn’t accurately discovered, how will anyone come up with a valid form of treatment?

This is what makes it difficult to predict whether or not the use of cannabis could help in the treatment of this new variant of the COVID-19 disorder. However, since we know medical cannabis can help with some of the symptoms of the original COVID-19 disease, we’ll try to uncover them down below for the better understanding of our readers.

Medical Cannabis Can Help Treat These COVID-19 Symptoms

Despite the lack of research in the treatment of Omicron with the help of medical cannabis, we know for a fact that it is a mutilated version of the original COVID-19. And with the help of the right consumption of medical cannabis, we know it is possible to treat some symptoms of COVID-19.

We can then use this connection to the full advantage in the near future. Provided we conduct relevant studies and find more similarities than differences between the two. Till then we can continue exploring the potential of medical cannabis for the following symptoms of COVID-19.

Pain & Inflammation

As we know COVID-19 is essentially an acute respiratory syndrome that causes:

  • Sore throats
  • Intense body aches and
  • Headaches

Cannabis then becomes quite an effective solution as it can help these symptoms easily. Even an inflamed throat can be aided with the rightful consumption of this natural medicine.


A patient struggling from a life threatening disease like COVID-19 is sure to feel highly anxious. What’s even worse is the fact that to stop it from spreading, the patients need to isolate themselves. This adds fuel to the fire, as the intensity of their anxiety keeps increasing.

To stop this disease from ruining the mental health of the COVID-19 patients, CBD was found to be particularly useful. As CBD increases the serotonin activity and lowers cortisol levels, it becomes a rather effective anxiety relief medicine for the suffering patients.

Final Thoughts

Many studies have shown the potential of cannabis and cannabinoids in the treatment or management of the severe symptoms of this pandemic disorder. Particularly, benefits like protecting the lung fibrosis and curbing of the cytokine storm, play a major role in the overall well being of a COVID-19 patient.

However, despite the presence of such relevant studies, it isn’t fair to predict the same for the latest variant ,Omicron. Until the completion of proper research, we must all practice restraint and hope further studies are favorable for us all.

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