Best 510 Thread Vape Batteries for THC Oil Cartridges

Best 510 Thread Vape Batteries for THC Oil Cartridges - June 13, 2022

Today we are going to look at some of the most popular vape pen batteries for vaping THC oil cartridges. With several in-demand 510 thread vape batteries available for sale, O.pen 510 thread vape batteries offer both variety and superior quality. Here are just a few of their best-selling 510 thread batteries for THC oil cartridges:

New 2.0 Conceal 510 thread battery

510 Thread Battery Friend for Life Lifetime Warranty

The 2.0 Conceal 510 Thread Battery is compact, discreet and will shield the 510 cartridge inside from drops. The 2.0 Conceal Vape Battery is available for worldwide shipping and comes in a sleek black color. With its 1g battery life which, you can vape a whole 1g THC oil cartridge on just one charge with, superior cartridge protection, universal 510 thread, and its convenient battery life indicator; happy customers have attested that this is the perfect little pocket sized pen!

Variable Voltage 510 Vape Pen Battery

Variable Voltage 510 Vape Battery

The 2.0 Variable Voltage 510 thread Batteries is O.pen Vape Shop’s best-selling pen and for good reason! It has a great variety to choose from and comes with fifteen gorgeous color options black, white, silver, gold, rose gold, purple, blue, green, wood grain, state specific and seasonal. 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery is draw activated (no need to press any buttons when inhaling!), has a universal 510 thread, is 2.4v – 4.0 volts and comes with both a lifetime warranty and the 20-min rapid charger. Not to mention 2.0 Variable Voltage 510 thread Battery comes pre equipped with an easy-to-use stylus, perfect for your day-to-day needs.

Smallest 510 Vape Pen Battery

Smallest 510 Vape Pen

The O.penVAPE ISH Battery is the smallest vape pen from this company, with an astonishing length of only three inches! The absolute perfect size to fit into your pocket for on the go vaping.The O.penVAPE ISH Battery is draw activated (no need to press any buttons when inhaling!), has an universal 510 thread lifetime warranty (like all other O.pen Vape Shop products), 3.7 volts and a sleek stylish stainless steel finish.

Original Vape Pen Battery (Black & White Color Options)

Original Vape Pen Battery

The O.riginal 510 thread Battery & Charger was one of the first products released on and there is a saying that if it isn’t broke, dont fix it. This saying applies perfectly to the O.riginal Battery & Charger with its polished classic design that includes a stylus, charger and lifetime warranty (like all other open vape shop products). The O.riginal Battery & Charger comes in both a sleek stylish black color and a classy, timeless shade of white.

O.pen Vape Original Colors

O.pen Vape Original Colors

The O.penVAPE O.riginal Colors are some of O.pen Vape Shop’s most well received products, and not just because of their eye-catching appearance! For customers looking to add a splash of color to their busy lives the O.penVAPE O.riginal Colors pen is just perfect for you. The O.penVAPE O.riginal Colors Comes in five bold, vibrant shades; blue, pink, orange, gray and green.The O.penVAPE O.riginal Colors uses the same universal 510 thread as all other open Vape Shop products.

Hero Grown Patriotic Vape Pen

Hero Grown Patriotic Vape Pen

The Hero Grown Patriotic 2.0 510 thread battery For those patriotic customers out there, don’t worry, O.pen Vape Shop hasn’t forgotten about you! The Hero Grown Patriotic 2.0 comes in both camo and the classic star-spangled banner of red, white and blue. The Hero Grown Foundation gives $2M+ per year worth of Cannabis & CBD to Veterans and First Responders, a charity more than worthy of everyone’s support. The Hero Grown Patriotic 2.0 is draw activated (no need to press any buttons when inhaling!), has an universal 510 thread, is 2.4v – 4.0 volts and comes with both a lifetime warranty and the 20 min rapid charger.

O.pen Vape Original Veteran Batteries

veteran 510 batteries

The O.penVAPE O.riginal Veteran vape pen battery options both commemorate and honor our veteran community with O.penVAPE O.riginal Veteran Batteries are available with the design of the veteran flag. Both compact and convenient, O.penVAPE O.riginal Veteran Batteries come pre equipped with an easy-to-use stylus perfect for your day to day needs. Understandably, demand is quite high and unfortunately O.penVAPE O.riginal Veteran Batteries is currently out of stock for the time being. Not to worry though! Restock is coming very soon.



While vape pens and batteries are the majority of the products sold here at O.pen Vape Shop, these no way we cannot mention the various accessories available for purchase as well. The O.penVAPE 2.0 Rapid Charger guarantees to charge your vape pen at a lightning fast pace, perfect for those with an on-the-go lifestyle! Though unfortunately both the Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot and the Black Vape Cartridge Holder are currently out of stock, don’t fret; restock is coming soon!

510 Thread Battery Friend for Life Lifetime Warranty

With over 38K followers on instagram, and many more on their other social media sites, O.pen Vape Shop is the best choice for the smart shopper who wants both to get their money’s worth and a reliable 510 vape battery that will last. Their Lifetime Warranty on the 510 thread batteries boldly assures hesitant customers that, if the battery is defective, and you have the order number or receipt, a replacement battery is guaranteed!

You Can Order Online Effortlessly

With their intuitive and easy-to-navigate web-site, ordering online at O.pen Vape Shop has never been easier. Simply add all of your 510 thread vape battery options to the cart (there are plenty to choose from!), enter in your payment and shipping info and your orders will be on your doorstep just in time for your own personal 4:20.

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