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The Extraordinary Health Benefits of CBD: Nature’s Miracle Molecule

From the legalization of medicinal marijuana by various states, an upsurge in its benefits is evident, especially in the fields of health and wellness. Cannabidiol is a mixture of a non-intoxicating chemical known as cannabinoids, extracted from the cannabis plant and a carrier oil which is generally coconut oil. While most of the anti-cannabis population […]

5 Reasons To Switch To Vaping

The dangerous consequences that come attached to smoking have never stopped people from pursuing this habit. “I am going to quit smoking” is probably the most common resolution most people take and fail to keep up with. But the number of serious health risks that are related to the habit should be reason enough at […]

How CBD Can Help Control Your Allergies?

Allergies make everyone totally miserable whether it be a runny nose, constant sneezing, or some skin reaction, they can be really brutal. Having said that, allergies are very common, there are high chances that you have some sort of an allergy, be it seasonal, chronic, or just reactive. Worst part?

Auto-flowering Cannabis – What you Need to Learn?

Of late, the world of marijuana growing has been set abuzz with the increasing popularity of auto-flowering cannabis. This kind of marijuana strain is the product of crossbreeding between a “standard” marijuana plant and ruderalis plants. The aim is to give the resultant strain the best of both plants – the ruderalis plants’ autoflower genetics […]

The Different Compounds Found In Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full-spectrum oil is extracted from hemp contain many compounds and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Most well-known cannabinoids that we know of are THC and CBD. But, the story doesn’t end here. Learn more about these compounds found in full-spectrum hemp oil.

Cannabis Market and Research Trends of 2018

Did you know that legal cannabis sales in the US totaled $5.86 billion in 2016? With all the misconceptions gone, people are now accepting the health benefits of cannabis. As more and more people are looking to use cannabis products, here are the latest research and market trends you need to look out for this year.

What Qualifies Cannabis to be a Medicine?

Cannabis provides positive effects to the people suffering from various diagnosed medical problems. Such people can consume cannabis in a number of ways. People suffering from medical conditions have an option to choose from a huge inventory of cannabis strains, administration methods, and can take advice and consultations on dosing from marijuana doctors. Patients can […]

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