Why Is Marijuana Not Getting Me High

There are plenty of aspects of cannabis that are still unknown. That would be because of the lack of research. We all

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New York Has Legalised Cannabis: What You Need To Know

New Yorkers can now rejoice as New York has become the 15th state in the nation to finally Read More

Do You Need A Medical Marijuana Card To Access Cannabis Gummies?

There is one particular candy in the long list that we have enjoyed since childhood has to be gummies. In the adult li

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Is Marijuana Legal in Oklahoma?

Is Marijuana Legal in Oklahoma 2021?

Oklahoma legalized medic

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Alabama Re-Attempts to Legalize Medical Marijuana in 2021

The United States is going through a wave of marijuana that peaked in 2020 and doesn’t seem to slow down in 2021 eit

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Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Begin Adult-Use Marijuana Sales in Record Time

Arizona officially joins the list of states with legal medical and recreational cannabis by beginning its adult-use ca

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Idaho Advances to Constitutionally Ban Recreational and Medical Marijuana

When the entire country is progressing to a more tolerant attitude towards medical marijuana, the State of Idaho decid

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Atlanta Suspends Pre-employment Drug Testing- Good News for Medical Cannabis Patients?

If you are a medical cannabis patient, you must have faced the challenge of landing a permanent full-time job. If we t

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Medical Marijuana Cards Expiry Date Extended Indefinitely in California

If your medical marijuana ID card was due for renewal this year, you are in luck. Back on May 19th, 2020, the Governor

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