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An In-Depth Look At Medical Marijuana Amid COVID-19 - June 12, 2020

Life has taken quite a special turn, primarily due to coronavirus. A leading question on people’s minds is that “Does cannabis have the capability to make coronavirus better or worse?”

Now, all of us wish the answer was as simple as getting a cannabis card, taking a cannabis strain and testing it against coronavirus. That as we know is not a legal possibility. Thank you probation. But what we can do- is try and deduce a couple of answers from our end with the research that is available to us.

Does Marijuana Prevent Coronavirus?

Now, we don’t have enough to have a concrete conclusion to this issue but if you look at the data, smoking cannabis might actually make people a lot more susceptible to the infection. Actually smoking absolutely anything at all temporarily increases the symptoms of lung problems like inflammation in the lungs, phlegm production, and coughing, These symptoms are infinitely worse if you smoke tobacco but anything at all can increase the risk.

So, the best thing you can do for yourself is not to smoke at all during this time. You don’t have to worry there are other, similarly effective if not more effective methods you can use. But if you still find that smoking is your best bet to get the medicine deployed effectively then use it. Don’t ignore your other medical needs for a disease that is preventable in other ways. For some it is very essential as it helps manage anxiety and insomnia.


Cannabis Helps Inflammation

Cannabinoids might just suppress the immune system’s response to a new infection. This might come into the picture as cannabis can reduce inflammation. There is no surety regarding the end effects of this property on coronavirus.

So, this particular one still remains up in the air.


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Cannabis and Coronavirus Symptoms

There are certain diseases that are worsened by the coronavirus, on the other hand, you have cannabis which actually helps deal with these conditions. Things like diabetes and obesity tend to make the incidence of coronavirus a more complicated venture but with cannabis, these can be controlled.

Cannabis also helps people reduce the intake of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, the kind that already has a complicated history with coronavirus. But that in no way means that you should go and start smoking cannabis today. As there is no indication that may help you beat coronavirus.

Cannabis generally helps people feel better and adopt healthier habits, But then again there is always a healthy argument against cannabis on a normal day. In times like a pandemic, these just get amplified.


Calming The Immune System

While there is no indication that cannabis has any effect on coronavirus, there are certain disease prevention qualities that might end up slowing the progression of COVID 19.

The most important one of these properties is the ability to calm down an overactive immune system. These are also called a cytokine storm. These are one of the leading causes behind the damage sustained by a patient.

Researchers are looking into a class of drugs called IL-6 cytokine inhibitor to control this symptom. The problem with the existing drugs on the market is that they have severe side effects. Interestingly enough, both cannabinoids THC and CBD have the capability to inhibit IL-6.

But again. It is way too early to assume anything as these have yet to be used to deal with specific illnesses.


Can Cannabis Be An Antiviral

Cannabis does show some antiviral properties, it even reduces the viral infection that accompanies patients suffering from cannabis. But there are some serious doubts regarding this route in the coronavirus perspective.

Cannabis is not an actual antivirus medication, it can treat the symptoms but the virus itself is a big question.


Cannabis Protects Cells From Low Oxygen Damage

Cannabis has the potential to help the damage inflicted by the coronavirus. Oxidative stress is responsible for causing injury to the heart and the brain. Certain cannabinoids can actually prevent that from happening.

This is why people who have THC in their system during their trip to the ER are more likely to survive,

Even though it seems like cannabis might be the answer to all the issues that coronavirus poses, one should still exercise caution before assuming anything. Any claim right now is unsubstantiated. Coronavirus might be new but we don’t have too much data about coronavirus either.

This is precisely why cannabis needs to move out of federal probation list. You cannot have an essential at the same time illegal substances. Not only is that confusing but it is also not fair for all the patients or the sellers in the market. But for now remember that you need to consult a 420 doctor if you are looking to use medical cannabis for managing any medical condition.

For the longest time, American research has been lacking in the field of medical marijuana. Even right now, researchers do not have access to the pharmacologically diverse cannabis that is available in open markets. So, until there is more research, you really can’t expect any answers.

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