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5 Things to Ask Your Cannabis Doctor About Sleep and Recovery - August 31, 2020

If you are an athlete, you definitely know the importance of sleep for recovery. Well, even if you are someone who works out on a regular basis, you understand that the quality of sleep is directly linked to the recovery process. Thankfully, cannabis can help you with both. If you are not sure how it works, a cannabis doctor can educate you about using the herb effectively for a sound sleep. It’s no surprise that cannabis relaxes the body and mind which are the key elements of good sleep. So, it seems logical to use cannabis to manage issues related to sleep and recovery. Well, before you proceed, it’s a good idea to gain a better understanding of the entire process. 

Questions You Need to Ask Your Cannabis Doctor 

A certified medical marijuana doctor holds rich experience in guiding patients towards better health using cannabis. They have knowledge about the herb that helps them in giving accurate advice. When you undergo a 420 evaluation, the doctor analyzes your health and figures out a way to help you sleep and recover better. To make the best use of this interaction, you should be prepared with a few questions.

How can cannabis help with sleep and recovery?

When you are planning to use cannabis for your health, you should know how it will affect you. That’s because each individual has a different tolerance that dictates their experiences. If you are a seasoned user, you know that cannabis gets you high. Well, that’s different from using cannabis medicinally. When you smoke up with your friends to chill, you are basically using cannabis recreationally. Now, if you haven’t used cannabis before, you’ll need some insight into using it the right way. That’s where a 420 doctor steps in. He or she can screen your health and help you dose effectively. During the interaction, you should be completely transparent in your responses. This helps in better analysis.


In general, cannabis works by hitting the endocannabinoid receptors that trigger the release of feel-good hormones in the body. As a result, you feel relaxed and diving into sleep is easier. Similarly, cannabis works as a muscle relaxant too. So, if you are back after a strenuous workout, it can speed up the recovery process.

Is cannabis better than prescription medication

Is Cannabis a Better Choice Than Prescription Medications?

According to a study, about 4% of Americans over 20 use prescription medications in the form of a sleep aid. Most medicines contain Diphenhydramine and Selective Gamma-aminobutyric acid. These definitely work but come with various side-effects. If you use these medications regularly, you might develop dependence and that’s bad for your health. So, when you interact with the doctor, do inform them about your history of using these medications, if any. They use this information to guide you in a better way. The doctor will also inform you about how cannabis is a much better choice. It’s natural and works without any side-effects. Plus, cannabis does not carry the risk of dependence and delivers smooth effects.

Is The Cannabis Doctor Certified?

This one is important because ever since medical cannabis was legalized, there has been a wave of 420 doctors in the state. It’s worth noting that not every doctor is genuine. Many are a part of fake businesses that dupe people. That’s where certifications step in. They serve as a token of trust that a particular doctor is genuine. So, when you are about to head to a doctor, always check if they are certified. It’s a good idea to contact them in advance and request proof of their certification. If they deny your request, it’s a red signal to consider your search elsewhere. 

Pick the right strain

Which is The Right Strain?

There are hundreds of cannabis strains that are packed with different properties. The presence of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds influence how a particular strain would behave. Based on your experience with cannabis, you can take suggestions from the doctor that which strain would be the best choice. Usually, Indica dominant strains are great at inducing sleep. If the strain is potent enough, it can result in a full-body high that relaxes your body to the core and helps you in falling asleep. This also works in relaxing your muscles that aids in the recovery process. In fact, there are certain strains that are specifically suited for workouts. They enhance the quality of exercise and help in recovery. For better information, you should definitely ask your doctor. 

Is Long Term Cannabis Use Safe as a Sleep Aid?

The fact that you’ll be using cannabis as a sleep aid means that it’s meant for a long duration. Usually, people think that long-term cannabis use can lead to addiction. Well, a lot depends on the way you use it. People using cannabis recreationally ingest cannabis in excess and it becomes a part of their habit. So, if they don’t get to smoke on a particular day, their body demands the feeling of a high. When you use the herb medicinally, the approach is different. The doctor suggests a designated dose that is suited to manage your symptoms. A lot depends on the severity of the condition. So, during the evaluation, get full information from the doctor regarding cannabis usage. Do ensure if the dose the doctor is recommending you is suited to bring a positive change in your sleeping cycle. When your evaluation is over, stay connected with your doctor to keep him or her posted about your progress.

Bottom Line By A Cannabis Doctor

With these questions, you’ll definitely be more confident about using cannabis for sleep and recovery. Plus, at such a risky time of COVID-19, a cannabis doctor can educate you about using the herb safely for your health. If you are new to using cannabis, this step is vital in giving you the confidence to get started. With the right line of treatment, you can definitely expect good results. Just make sure that you find the right clinic before contacting the doctor. Take help from reviews and ratings to ensure you find the best one for yourself. 

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