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2018’s Hottest Cannabis Technology Innovations - July 25, 2018

Silicon Valley is no stranger to cannabis culture. Investors say it’s an emerging industry that’s worth a billion-dollar cash crop. Legalization opened countless new industries and opportunities wherein companies could openly innovate without fear of being shut down for working with an illegal substance. So, naturally, tech companies are driving innovations in the pot world. They’ve got some seriously impressive weed products like marijuana seeds for medical use, for more info take a look-

Top Cannabis Technology Innovations

The Puffco Peak

This device manifests the potency, flavor, and effects of the plants they’re derived from. You get a truly efficient and enjoyable experience without much of a learning curve. The Puffco Peak is a battery-operated desktop concentrate vape. You simply need to add the concentrate of your preference i.e. wax, shatter, crumble or oil — to the heating chamber and double-click the activation button.  Within 20 seconds, the rig will be fully heated regardless of the temperature you set. The peak binds the cooling power of liquid to chill the warm vapors for an ideal toke. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s convenient, easy to use, and — bonus — looks like a bong from the future. So just sit back and vape CBD for anxiety and relax, with just a click.

Magical Butter MB2E

Infusion of your plant inside your food in an old-fashioned way can be a lengthy and annoying process. Magical butter machine helps in creating incredible recipes and infuse healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more! Cannabis is combined with a fatty substance, like butter to feel the essence of THC. Simply measure out your ingredients, set the temperature, time, and let the infusion begin. Other than infusing marijuana into butter for edibles, it can also infuse cannabis and other herbs into tinctures or topicals. The product also comes with a handy cookbook for all your stoner needs.


Wisp plays an important function in the cannabis industry. It’s going to introduce a ton of people to weed who would have never have dreamt of blazing in the prohibition era.  Just like you would use a pod coffee machine, pop in a pre-filled Wisp pod in this vapor system, wait for the vapor to be extracted into the bottle, and enjoy your freshly vaporized marijuana. Yes, it’s a little silly, but the point of the Wisp is to have a consistent and approachable experience.

Puffco Plus

Compared to the Puffco Peak which is technically portable, Puffco plus will fit in your pocket. The Puffco Plus is essentially an on-the-go dab rig, capable of delivering a potent hit of concentrates with minimal effort.

The mouthpiece of the vape pen also has a handy loading tool, which makes refilling the chamber a breeze. Since the heating element of the chamber does not include a coil that directly heats your concentrates, the Plus delivers a clean vape without burning your stash.

Steep Hill Labs

Steep Hill Labs is a cannabis development, research, testing, and analytics company focused on independently measuring the potency and safety of cannabis products. Since 2007, Steep Hill has been using its labs for field testing and development of software called QuantaCann, which tests strains in minutes. This startup has a $6.3 million in funding.


Connecting dispensaries and retailers with cannabis brands, has now become easier with B2B online platforms like LeafLink. The company has a full-fledged wholesale management portal that includes an online marketplace, a CRM system, and order management tools, backed by a total of $17 million in funding. It’s currently live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

LEAF Plug and Plant Grow System

This Plant grow system, lets you start your own cannabis in a 4×2 foot box. This miniature high-tech grow house fits two plants, which can produce up to 5 ounces of cannabis. This grow system has a self-sufficient climate control system and an automatic nutrient dosing system. So, sit back and relax while the system takes care of your sprout. This cost a whopping $3,000 a pop. This system might be for more of a refined user or patient interested in growing their own supply. Other features include a BIOS 200W LED system to make sure that your plants are exposed to the exact correct amount of light each day and a mounted HD camera so that you can view the plants at any time.

Thus, the year 2018 has seen some cool tech applications in the world of cannabis starting from puff machines, cannabis butter to cannabis beverages. Apart from recreational purposes, innovation also includes startups, supporting medical R&D of cannabis, providing the e-Commerce platform for cannabis brands and solutions to help people grow cannabis at home. Cannabis seems to have a bright future with so many innovations, no wonder why so many marijuana doctors especially the tampa marijuana doctors are prescribing it.

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