10 Cannabis Gifts for your loved ones that will turn their Thanksgiving into Danksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Californians have a lot to be thankful for. The most significant among these changes is the 2018 legalization, which will not only actualize complete legal access to medical cannabis, but also bring in hundreds of new government jobs by 2019.

And let’s face it. Marijuana is going mainstream and there’s no doubt about it. A medical card allows users to receive cannabis gifts & product giveaways from dispensaries exclusive to medical cannabis patients. What better way to thank someone special in your life than gifting them extravagant cannabis paraphernalia? To help you make this event even more special for your spouse, we’ve prepared this list of cannabis products to gift your loved ones.


  1. PAX 3 Loose Leaf & Extract Vaporizer

    Although priced a bit heavily at  $274.99, the PAX 3 is a slim and efficient vape pen for dry herb and concentrates alike. This device boasts of a anodized aluminium body, powerful 3500 mAh battery, 3 screens, 2 mouthpieces and different oven lids. It also comes at a shocking 10 Year limited warranty. Probably the best sophisticated choice to make your man switch to vaping!

  1. Dabber’s Boost ERig

    This electronic rig has definitely redefined dabbing for the 21st century. It has distinct features like a modular heating element with control settings and a replaceable heating rod. This rig is longer and thicker in structure as compared to other products and is currently available online at a discounted rate of $119.95. You can use Dr. Dabber’s e-rig using either a ceramic or a titanium dome less nail.

  1. Puffco Prism Silicon Container

    The second of its kind, this is a prism shaped dab case, which acts as a hostler for your cannabis concentrates. This wax container has many slots for your stash and doubles in size on opening. The Puffco Prism Silicon Container is available in black and is unbelievingly priced at $7.00. Just order online for all your cannabis family right away.

  1. Dragon Balm by the Bud and Roses Collectibles

    Made with just cannabis and love, the Dragon Balm has been an all time superstar in the community since 2015. Dispensed by the LA based Bud N Roses Collectibles at $20 for a 0.75oz tub, this balm provides miraculous pain relief and anti-inflammatory remedies. A must have for his to-go toiletries and yeah, its vegan too!

  1. To Whom It May Chocolates

    These heavenly canna chocolates are infused with unique flavors and distinct spices to challenge your palate. Choose amongst a range of different doses; ranging from 2.5-45mg and four different flavors. Mix and match these petite gourmet delicacies available in a variety of packages priced conveniently between $30 – $230. Well, what celebration can be complete without chocolate now!


  1. Firefly 2

    Believed to be the iphone of vaporizers, the Firely 2 is powerful tech in a sexy body; just like a beauty with big brains. The touch sensor lets you operate at a 400o F in up to 3 seconds. This power packed vape is beautiful, customizable and effortless and available in 8 colors to boost your mojo. Bit pricey at $329.95, but totally something to compliment your ladylove with!

  1. Empower Body care Holiday Gift Box

    This is by far the best complete hemp and high CBD body-care range available this season. The kit includes topical oils, therapeutic soaking salts, a sticker and is priced at $40 + shipping. These products are hypo allergic and anti-inflammatory. Just apply where it hurts and see the products working wonders in no time! Who can say no to a nice long warm soak after a long tiring week.

  1. Cali Crusher Grinder

    Perfect for the shy tomboy’s out there, The Cali Crusher Grinder is durable, affordable and looks good too. Engineered from 4 different pieces made from aircraft0grade billet aluminium; this grinder is long lasting, rust-free, and prevents from grinding itself. At $89.95, this is a great gift that could literally last a lifetime. Go grab your girl one, in her favorite color now!

  1. Whoopi & Maya’s

    Whoopi Goldberg got us the Whoopi & Maya’s cannabis product line earlier this year. These pot-for-pms products have lately been popular among the ladies and have been clearing the shelves in no time! You can find her absolute –soak, savor, rub or relax. The stock contains both THC and CBD conc. available in the form of topical, oils, tinctures and decadent medical treats. No other gift says you love and care for her more than this one.

  1. The Cannabis Cookbook

    No family, household or celebration can be whole without food, it being the oldest form of comfort known to mankind. Every girl wants to woo her man by making him his favorite meal! What better way to than to equip her with trusted recipes that will last a lifetime? The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook costs $16.78 on Amazon Prime and makes for a very thoughtful and versatile gift for your girl.So, that was what our experts have to say! Sit back and relax with cannabis while you harbor the fruits of your labor by exchanging these super amazing gifts this season. Hurry and stock up your inventory soon and a happy labors day!

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