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Basics Of Growing Your Own Cannabis With a 420 Med Card - October 24, 2020

There was a poignant moment for the cannabis industry when state authorities in the US rapidly started to accept the use of cannabis. While resistance was still prevalent, people from different states continued to purchase medical marijuana with the help of a online 420 med card. The same has continued since cannabis was first legalized in California, but there’s one thing that has been a cornerstone for the cannabis community – medical marijuana cultivation


The intriguing opportunity to grow cannabis plants with the help of a medical cannabis card or a growers license is something most people look forward to after we were hit brutally by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you may know, you can legally grow up to 6 immature plants as stated under Prop 215 using a medical marijuana card. Even more interesting is the opportunity that legalization allows adults and patients to grow cannabis inside their homes.    


While the laws and limitations are subject to state rules, it is vital to note that every state has legalized some or the other form of cannabis. And the best part is that these states allow cannabis cultivation to some content. The only exception, in this case, is that even though cultivation is legal in some states, the laws associated with cannabis cultivation are sterner and the cost to set up cannabis growing is time-consuming and requires a lot of money. Although we believe that growing cannabis is an integral part of the cannabis culture. If done correctly, it can be fun, you can make it a hobby, and cost-effective in the future. So, don’t let the one-time set-up cost scare you because we have a quick and short guide that will help you grow cannabis marijuana with ease. 

Select a Place For Your Grow


Whether indoors or outdoors you will need a room or a closed space for your room to grow cannabis. So, before selecting a place, learn about that place first, and then decide how much space you need. For instance, a closet, a spare room, or a growing tent. We think that grow tents are economical. Additionally, they are easy to set up and they provide a favorable environment for the cannabis plant. However, you can select the place you feel is comfortable for the grow and set up the rest of the growing material accordingly. 


Pick the Lights Carefully 


Selecting the lights is the most crucial part because the lights, and, of course, other factors will determine how successful your cannabis yield will be. While selecting the lights pay attention to your budget. Your budget will help decide what type of lights you can purchase from the market. For example, the market has lights such as the small LED grow lights, High-Intensity Discharge Lights, Compact Fluorescent Lights, and the famous Light Emitting Diodes. All these lights vary on certain parameters. 


The most basic lights used by growers a few years ago were the HID lights. Since then the cultivation scene has changed a lot and nowadays growers prefer LED lights because they are easy to install and they produce less heat. The only problem with LED lights is that they are expensive but worth the try. You just have to spend money once and you will be good to produce an excellent yield. 

Do ensure you have a 420 med card lest you end up growing a little too much and getting into trouble. 

Select Your Growing Medium


There are different types of growing mediums. From soil to hydroponic, and aeroponic. These methods are all capable of producing a good yield. However, a beginner should start growing with soil. It is one of the easiest methods. You just have to blend various nutrients in the soil to develop a healthy base for the plant. As far as hydroponics are concerned, they will require you to pay attention to the tiniest details. 


Unlike geoponic and aeroponic mediums hydroponics are fast-growing mediums and you can harvest quickly. Plus you don’t have to spend a huge amount of sum on the electricity bill. Not only this but hydroponically grown buds are highly potent and high-quality. So, make sure you choose your growing medium carefully. 


Add Nutrition


If you are using regular soil, you must add some nutrients to it. You can easily find nutrients in the market and mix them with regular soil to ensure proper growth. For those who plan on using coco and hydro as growing mediums, do not worry. You can directly provide nutrients to your plant. 


Luckily, quality nutrients come with a set of instructions. So, you don’t have to think a lot about it. For example, in the vegetative stage, you can add nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium, and low-nitrogen during the flowering stage. This way you can provide optimum nutrition to the plants while also taking care of other aspects of cannabis cultivation. 

Final Thoughts on Growing Cannabis With a 420 Med Card


Once you have the set up ready and you have gathered the material required to set up the plant, just make sure that you provide the plant with enough air conditioning. If the place is humid you can install an exhaust fan. This will provide minimum airflow for the plant to grow properly. Also, do not install the light too close to the plant. That may lead to the destruction of the flower. While cannabis cultivation can be a daunting task at the onset, you can grow an excellent yield once you get the hang of cannabis cultivation. Although make sure that you check the state laws and get a medical marijuana card or a growers license before going ahead. 

Online Medical Card Team

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