Indoor Cannabis Grow With Ultra Modern Equipment

Automate Your Indoor Cannabis Grow With 3 Ultra Modern Equipment - May 23, 2018

Growing crops for a particular purpose is not as simple as sowing seeds in a tray or buckets full of soil, watering occasionally and then harvesting the crop. In fact, it’s far more complex than that. What’s more, growing cannabis indoors is more tedious than doing so in an open field. If you are planning to grow medical marijuana indoors in California, then you can grow plants only in 100 sq. ft. area. You also need a grower’s license, which you can obtain after an evaluation by a duly licensed medical marijuana doctor, like those at Online Medical Marijuana Card. Your aspirations are high and your budget is limited. You need to figure out how to grow the maximum plants. Your main concern is how to get the optimum yield.

Your first requirement is to create an environment in the room similar to a natural one so it is the best suitable environment to grow cannabis. You should arrange a complete setup that includes a variety of equipment and tools. And to meet your expectations, do not forget to automate your crop room with the following gadgets:

Imporatant Gadgets for Your Growroom

Automated Climate Control System

There are a number of variable climatic conditions that you need to control to make the room crop-friendly. Some of these conditions include;

i) Temperature 
ii) Humidity
iii) Light, and
iv) Gases.

All these conditions affect the growth of the plants and also the yield. If left uncontrolled, there is a chance that the crop may be damaged to a large extent. Inside the room, it’s almost impossible to control these factors manually. An automated system is essential for creating an environment that fits your indoors growing requirements. Such automated controlling equipment helps the seeds sprout, grow the plant and protect the crop from pests, insects and crop diseases.

Automated Spectrum Lights

Light is the most important requirement of the plants. It’s essential for the germination of the seeds and proper growth afterward. Indoor automated lighting systems also help the buds flourish well and their proper growth. In open fields, plants get an abundance of natural light, but for an indoors grow, you need a perfect lighting system that will help the plants to grow faster.

Controlled Irrigation

Proper and adequate watering is the gateway to a good harvest. Watering plants are one such activity that requires you to frequently visit the plantation room. If, for example, you have to go out of the city for a few days, you would require plant sitters. Moreover, different varieties need a different quantity of water. When you water the plants manually, it’s almost difficult to assess the exact quantity.

Automated watering systems incorporate almost all the minimum required features. These include how much water it needs, how long to run the system, how frequently to water, and more.

A wide range of hi-tech automated systems is available on the market. Most of these are app controlled. These include the features that your plant requires for growing perfectly and include: climate control, light control, watering nutrient dosing, pH balance, and a few others.

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