Advantages of Vaping Vs Smoking

As a medical service provider, our top recommendation by far is to use Vaporizers. Here we will outline some reasons:

Much less lung damage

When it comes to the health department, vaporization is the clear winner! Most of the pro-marijuana activists claim studies have shown no link of weed to lung cancer. Burning and inhaling anything cannot be healthy for your poor lungs. But vaporizing the plant, on the other hand, is scientifically a safer option.

The vaporization primarily releases essential oils from the plant, while smoking creates carcinogens and tar. The process burns marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, but will still contain the cannabinoids that give that feeling of euphoria.
Be discrete in public

Looking for a way to smoke a joint in public? Don’t be fooled by the legalization of marijuana in your state, as smoking cannabis in public is still a crime. Portable vapes might not be the best choice for a discreet puff in public, as they might emit noticeable vapors. Alternatively, vaporizer pens are much more subtle.

Less maintenance

Dealing with leftover resins from smoking marijuana or cleaning ashtray frequently becomes a chore if you’re a regular weed smoker.
Be more economic and efficient

You’re on a trek with your pals, and suddenly you realize your stash of weed is all smoked out – the worst feeling, ever! While vaping, your weed won’t turn to ash immediately after a few puffs. The vaporizing technique will use even the smallest portions of marijuana in your vape completely until it is fully dehydrated.

In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic.