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A Cannabis Doctor’s Guide To Help Improve Your Lifestyle - October 02, 2020

Cannabis. What comes to your mind when you hear this name? Are you judging it for being a gateway drug? Or see it as a medicine? Or maybe you picture a rolled joint, lots of smoke, and celebrities who are always stoned. Maybe all of the above. These are all very common opinions. Some are true while others are just stereotypes. But today cannabis is more helpful for the people than it is harmful as we learn today with insights from a cannabis doctor. Let me tell you of one of these many ways in which cannabis helps. It’s related to your lifestyle.


You may have heard of how cannabis is a medical aid for many. Just ask any cannabis doctor. Those same properties can help even in your daily life. I know it’s something you probably never thought about or heard of. But it is a fact that when you put cannabis to use in the right ways and proper doses, you can find a solution to a number of your daily lifestyle problems.  


Now I know, you may be a little wary of using cannabis. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea after all. But, before you make a final decision, read along to learn of the different ways in which cannabis can help. Maybe you need help with one of those problems too. 

Improve your sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most common side effects of modern life. And most of us have adjusted to having light sleep and totally disturbed sleep cycles. You can try and compensate with several cups of coffee or try to hide the puffed eyes using different methods but there’s no denying of the fact that you need to have proper sleep to remain healthy. 


If you haven’t been able to find a solution yet, you can choose between two options. You can either keep popping sleep pills or find a more effective sleeping aid with the help of a cannabis doctor. With cannabis, all you need is a small dose before you’ll find yourself falling into a deep sleep. Cannabis contains THC and a number of other chemicals like terpenes and flavonoids. Together, these chemicals produce a sedative effect on the body. They also help induce sleep by reducing any causes of lack of sleep like pain, stress, or anxiety. 

Help you stay fit

We always wish for ourselves to stay fit. But it’s very difficult to stick to a routine. One day we feel over motivated while the other day it all goes downhill. In that case, cannabis can prove to be highly beneficial. Here’s why.

Before you decide to work out or do any form of physical activity, take a dose of cannabis. It will uplift your mood and boost your energy levels. You’ll enjoy doing whatever you are doing and this will help associate the activity with a happy feeling. So you’ll never be wary of doing it again. Cannabis will also help drive your focus on one thing, in this case, workout, and increase your productivity. 

If you’re not one who takes cannabis before a workout, try it after you are done sweating. It will ease all the muscle tension and pain, relax the body and mind, and speed up the recovery process. In addition to a workout, cannabis is helpful in maintaining a healthy weight. With the right strain, you can suppress or increase your appetite and thus lose or gain weight as per your needs. 

Just remember that if you’re buying or using cannabis to improve your fitness regime, you must be properly aware of the rules and regulations that apply in your area. Depending on the marijuana laws of your state, you may or may not need to complete 420 evaluations before using cannabis. So be careful or else you may find yourself in legal trouble. 

Maintain Your Mental Well Being With The Help of a Cannabis Doctor

We do so much to keep our mental states healthy. From meditation and yoga to baking cupcakes and decorating our home with plants. But did you know that cannabis can also help ease your stress and anxiety? In fact, it’s one of the most common reasons why people use medical cannabis. 

Cannabis contains cannabinoids, mainly THC and CBD, which are psychoactive in nature. What this means is that these chemicals can affect your brain and alter different body functions. One of these alterations includes an increase in the level of happy hormones like serotonin and endorphins. As a result, you feel positive or a euphoric high. So next time you feel nervous about an important presentation or are in a stressful situation, take a dose of cannabis, and calm yourself down. 

Make it a point to take a small dose only. If your overdose, instead of calming your mental state, your symptoms may become severe. 

Meet Your Nutrition Levels With The Help of a Cannabis Doctor

In today’s modern life, a lot of people eat more variety of supplements than they eat food. But why swallow pills when you can meet the nutritional requirements with food?

Just like kale, fish, and nuts, cannabis is also a superfood. According to a cannabis doctor, it is a rich source of many essential nutrients that our body requires. For starters, cannabis leaves and seeds are loaded with dietary fiber. It will keep your digestive system healthy and ensure proper working of your body. You also get the goodness of vitamin C, A, and K and minerals like iron, folate, calcium, zinc, etc. If you are consuming raw or decarboxylated cannabis, you will also be able to get the health benefits of cannabinoid acid THCA and CBDA and terpenes. You can have cannabis in raw form by turning it into a good old salad or by blending into a smoothie with your favorite fruits. So if you are including cannabis in your daily routine, it can help you get all the nutrients in one place. 


Now you know how a little dose of cannabis can impact your wellbeing. So if you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle for good, incorporate cannabis into your daily routine and experience a positive difference for yourself.

Online Medical Card Team

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