Surprising Uses of Hemp

7 Surprising Uses of Hemp You’ve Never Known Before - October 03, 2018

Hemp is the seed part of the cannabis sativa plant and has been under cultivation in the world for over 10,000 years. It is an easy-to-grow crop and does not require high maintenance. Hemp has become popular as a cash crop due to the abundant number of uses it offers. 2 common compounds found in the hemp include THC and CBD.

Due to the misconceptions surrounding the cannabis plant in the society, the hemp crop has not been able to come to the fore as much.

Top 7 Uses of Hemp

The following are some surprising uses of the hemp you have not been aware of before.

Highly nutritious

Hemp seeds are rich in a number of nutrients, ranging from calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin E. According to a study, hemp is also a good source of omega-3, omega 6 and healthy fats.

Another nutrient hemp seeds are high in is proteins. Its protein content is even higher than flaxseeds and chia seeds. They may go a step further and help you avoid the symptoms of PMS, treat skin disorders and maintain your cardiovascular health. A lot of medical marijuana dispensaries suggest the use of hemp for maintaining medical fitness in your daily lives.

Purifies soil and water

Not only is hemp beneficial for the humans, but is also a medium to keep the environment clean. Through the process called phytoremediation, the hemp can help get rid of soil pollutants and contaminants, including heavy metals.

It is precisely for this reason that the hemp plant is put into use to draw radioactive materials from the soil. It is also beneficial in the decontamination and treatment of water.

Recyclable plastics

One of the uncommon uses of hemp includes the preparation of durable and strong plastic. The process to manufacture is quite cheap as compared to other plastics. As per a study, the hemp plastic is highly biodegradable and recyclable as well, thereby keeping the surrounding healthy.

Low-cost biofuel

The biofuel prepared from the use of hemp oil is economically efficient due to a high rate of conversion. As per research, it requires less energy for the production of the fuel and is usable even at lower temperatures. This makes it a clean and economically cheaper fuel than others in comparison.


Hemp is known to be convertible into the fabric such as wool, silk, and fleet. The cloth that comes from the hemp material is highly durable, soft and naturally fire-resistant. Its sturdiness and high quality make it a popular choice for preparing army uniforms. Moreover, the hemp fabric does not require bleaching while manufacturing.

Body Care products

Hemp-based products are functional in the maintenance of the health of the skin and the hair. Hemp soaps, creams, and massage oils are some of the products gaining popularity in the market. The creams are especially beneficial in the treatment of ailments such as eczema, acne, and dermatitis.

Benefits of hemp oil

The oil that generates out of the hemp seed has healing abilities for the body. They can help in providing relief from chronic pain over time and reduce the inflammation from the body. Furthermore, rubbing it on the back regularly can aid in gaining relief from problems like arthritis.

You can also make use of it to nourish the skin and cure the outbreak of acne effectively as per a study. Marijuana Doctors can give you more informative insights into the uses of hemp.

Hemp seeds are available at a licensed marijuana dispensary or any online dispensary.  Given the number of uses, it is high time we shed our inhibitions about cannabis and its products like the hemp and inculcate them in our day-to-day lives comprehensively.

Online Medical Card Team

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