5 Ways to Spend Your Socially-Distanced Holiday Season With Cannabis

5 Ways to Spend Your Socially-Distanced Holiday Season With Cannabis - December 06, 2020

No one would have imagined living in a time where meeting or hugging people would become a forbidden ritual. That’s how the pandemic has changed the world. And to put the icing on the cake (understand sarcasm), we have a holiday season coming up in the middle of the third wave of COVID-19. 

In a time when people get together to spend quality time and exchange gifts, most of us are stuck in our homes. And some states such as California have implemented night curfew and stay at home orders during holidays. So, how do you keep up the holiday spirit in such chaos? Well, in your socially distanced holidays, medical cannabis can be a great partner. 

If you own a cannabis card and are isolated in your home during the holidays, here are a few fun ways in which you can turn your isolation into a happy time using cannabis.

Get Creative With DIY Cannabis Items

Since you have all the time in the world while staying at home, why not put on your thinking cap and come up with different cannabis creations at home?  

Let’s start with a delicious recipe for cannabis-infused edibles. I’m sure you won’t have many guests coming to your house during such a tense situation. So, having a plate full of edibles on your dinner table can be a great way to add a festive spirit to your home. 

The best part about cannabis edibles is that you can turn any of your favorite holiday meal into a cannabis creation. So, whether you are fond of the traditional mashed potatoes or the sweet apple pie, you can turn them into cannabis food. All you need to do is be sure of your dose, decarboxylate, cook your meal on low heat and enjoy. 

In addition to edibles, you can make your home smell and look like cannabis. How? With DIY cannabis candles. Use your favorite CBD or cannabis oil and turn it into a scented candle. Or get crafty with some sparkly paper and scissors and make cannabis ornaments for your home. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Holiday Movies During a Session

I’m sure you must have tried watching a movie after getting your dose of cannabis. But, if you haven’t tried it for a long while, it’s the perfect time to bring a bag of popcorn and your favorite vape pen and binge on movies. And this time, you will be feasting on some of the classic holiday movies. 

Holidays are all about the cheesy movies that always have a happy ending. From the Christmas favorites like ‘The Grinch’ and ‘Home Alone’ to the New Year romances such as ‘When Harry Met Sally’, you have a long list of classics to pair with your cannabis session. And since Christmas and New Years’ are right around the corner, you will feel the holiday spirit light up your home and make your isolation more bearable. 

Make Cannabis Presents For Your Tribe

I did not forget about the presents. During holidays, the one thing that most people are excited about is the exchange of presents. If you ask me, giving presents and seeing the smile on the receiver’s face is the best feeling. 

So, this year, while you remain isolated in your home, prepare a box of cannabis goodies for your friends and family who share the same cannabis enthusiasm as you. 

For starters, you can make them a bag of cannabis edibles such as cookies and brownies or brew a nice bottle of cannabis beer for them. I’m sure they will love your cannabis take on presents. Just make sure to be very careful with the dose and potency. You can always consult the doctor who gave you your cannabis card to guide you with the minimum dose. Or ask the budtender of your dispensary to give you some guidance about making edibles. 

If you want to make something different, try making a DIY stash box or container that your friend can use to store their cannabis. 

Use Your Cannabis Card to Try Different Strains

The best about being a registered medical cannabis consumer is that you have the leverage to visit any cannabis dispensary and use any cannabis strain that you like. 

Do you know how many different cannabis strains exist in the market? More than 3600 unique varieties. That’s a lot! Don’t you feel like trying these varieties and experiencing the effects they deliver? If yes, then you’ve got a lot of time to try them this socially- distanced holiday season. You may not be able to even reach the 1000 mark but it’s worth the experience. 

You can use your cannabis card to get your choice of strain delivered to your home. And if you want to share the experience with your friends, you can always zoom call with your friends and have a fun time while living in your respective homes. 

Treat Yourself With Cannabis Subscription Boxes

We talked about giving gifts to your friends and families, but what about you? You need to treat yourself this holiday season. You’ve gone through the hardest times so you can get some gifts for yourself too. 

Well, I have some great cannabis gift ideas that you can enjoy even after the holiday season ends. Curious? It’s the cannabis subscription boxes. Right now, there are several subscription boxes that will make you feel like it’s Christmas every month. There are many cannabis subscription boxes you can choose from. You can try the Daily High Club or the Cannabake Box. They have different sizes and price points for their customers. With every box, you will get new accessories, flowers, edibles, rolling paper, topicals, etc. So, this holiday season, get yourself the regular delivery of cannabis subscription boxes. 

So, how will you be celebrating your socially-distanced holiday season this year? Is it by making presents for your friend or by making edibles for your dinner table? Let us know. 

Online Medical Card Team

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