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5 Physical Illnesses That A Medicinal Plant Could Cure - December 07, 2016

Earth’s own natural medicine has many benefits to its patients, whether it’s mental or physical, for pain relief or for healing of the immune system.

Yes, believe it or not, this medicine can indeed help patients heal and improve their immune system. Here are five different examples of physical illnesses where this plant can have a huge impact regarding pain relief and healing:

Here are five Physical Illnesses that can be cured by this plant


Yes, you can indeed cure your cold or flu just with this medicinal plant. Flavonoids are substances that exists in all plants and helps with fighting the flu and strengthen the immune system, but when it comes to pot, this plant contains flavonoids that are not found in others, which acts as part of the anti-inflammatory effects. It can also help protect your blood cells from rupturing and increase your levels of vitamin C.

Multiple Sclerosis

Research has shown that CBD (Cannabidiol) can be used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS)-like symptoms. CBD assists with preventing immune cells from mutating and attacking the nerve cells in the spinal cord, which stops the disease from spreading across the body.

Type 2 Diabetes

In May of 2013, a study done by the American Journal of Medicine displayed that this plant could indeed play a key role in controlling people’s blood sugar levels. The study looked at 4657 people, both active and former users of this medicine, and showed that those who were currently still using it had a 16% reduction in fasting insulin levels and a 17% drop in HOMA-IR, which is what measures insulin resistance and the beta-cell function.


The Cannabinoids that exist in this plant can help defeat cancer by inhibiting tumor growth and killing the cancer cells. The CBD helps with destroying metastasis, the gene that spreads cancer to other organs, and the THC, the main ingredient of the plant, naturally activates the endocannabinoids in your body, which further helps to destroy cancer.


It has been shown that this medicinal plant can help with HIV/AIDS patients with their appetite, mood and pain relief. Now, it has been discovered that daily doses of THC also had some impressive results when treating animals suffering from HIV. There was a decrease in the damage of the immune tissue on the gut; A vital area site for HIV infection.

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