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The City of Poway was incorporated in the year 1980. This city of San Diego  County has estimated 47,811 population, according to the 2010 census. It has a powerful slogan, “The city in a country”. However, the city is very rigid for the medical cannabis and its rules. The city council last year decided to ban both medical and recreational dispensaries.

420 Evaluations in Poway City
  • What are the city laws for marijuana?
  • Why do you need to get medical marijuana card?
  • How will you get an MMJ card in Poway?
  • How will you find dispensaries in the city?
  • Things to do in the city.
medical marijuana card

What are the city laws for marijuana?

After Prop 215, everyone hoped to access to medical marijuana everywhere in California. But, there were a few cities/counties which legalized medical marijuana in actual form. Poway city banned medical marijuana dispensaries and deliveries.

It was only in 2012 when the city council took an unexpected move and decided to approve the cannabis dispensary in the city. Only one dispensary was approved for the city don’t know was it for the ‘WEEDMART’, the national chain for marijuana dispensaries, or for people. The medical marijuana dispensary was, later on, banned again in the city.

In 2016, the city council strictly bans the dispensaries with strict laws when there was already a temporary ban in the city. The city banned the cultivation of cannabis for commercial purposes also in the city.

In 2017, after the Prop 64, the city council again ban the dispensaries however this time it banned both medical and recreational dispensaries. The reason was cited that it is the gateway of drugs and in the interest of public safety and the environment.

So the current laws are:

  • No dispensaries medical or recreational in the city.
  • No deliveries in the city.
  • No outdoor cultivation anywhere in the city.
  • Only indoor cultivation only on license based.
Online Medical Card

Why do you need to get medical marijuana card?

As recreational cannabis is not allowed in the city so it is better to have medical recommendation. To get your medical recommendation for medical cannabis you need to get a medical marijuana card which help you to get access to more marijuana. The MMJ card holders have more flexibility for the possession, cultivation and they can also fly with cannabis.

If you have a medical marijuana card you are saving 25% tax. The tax actually gives you the chance to have more cannabis instead of giving it to state.

How will you get an MMJ card in Poway?.

As for a medical marijuana card, you need to get first the 420 doctor’s recommendations for the same. The doctor must be a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

You need not to physically visit a doctor for a medical marijuana card.  Just fill the online form and put your burden on us, we guarantee 100% cash back in case you didn’t get your medical marijuana card for any reason.  Once you fill online form you will receive a video call from our licensed doctor. The doctor will evaluate you for your medical conditions. Once this procedure is done, you will receive your e-medical card in your email (PDF) within 10 minutes.

How will you find dispensaries in the city?

Though there are various other websites where you can check dispensaries near you. Online Medical Card also provides a long list of dispensaries which helps you to find the most authentic marijuana dispensaries within the city.

After you get your medical marijuana card in your city, now you need to find out the dispensaries where you will get cannabis. Go to Yelp, where you find everything you need. Leafly will guide you to the best dispensaries in and around your city.  You can also choose weedmaps to find the dispensaries in the area.

To get the medical marijuana you need to have a doctor’s recommendation for the same. To get your medical marijuana recommendation, please apply online here.


Things to do in the city

Potato chip rock

Maybe the name seems strange but this one of the best places in Poway city. This is long with around 8 miles from Poway city. So when you start the journey to make sure you have packed everything you need while on the way to this rock.

Iron Mountain

This is something challenging, but you shall give a try. This is something more interesting in the city. Once you reach the top of the mountain you will have a very good view of the city.

Starridge Park

The park is in the middle of the residential area. It has a gym in it, which is commonly referred as a hidden gym. Visit the place when you want to visit a peaceful area.

Powpac community theatre

Where you can enjoy some great arts and performances. The ticket for the show is only $1 that too can be paid by credit card. So there is no reason who visits here to say no to the theatre and some good performances.
If you love racing then you must visit the venue. Even if you love to race and know about racing then you must book your tickets now.

Please make sure if you are ‘high’, then avoid driving. It can land you in jail either as driving with marijuana is still illegal.

While you may in the town enjoying the marijuana and some beautiful places, please avoid driving at the same time. As driving with marijuana smoking is illegal and it can sometimes hurt you too while you are high.  So stay safe, enjoy cannabis and do not forget to get your medical marijuana card.


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