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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Moreno Valley Just Within 10 Minutes.


Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley is situated just towards the Riverside County, California and constitutes a part of the San Bernardino Riverside Metropolitan Area. It is a young and a dynamic city as it is rapidly growing since the 1980s’s to 2000’s. It is also the second largest city located towards the Riverside County population and constitutes one of the Inland Empire centers. As per 2010 census, the city’s population was 193, 365. It is near to Riverside, California and constitutes part of the Greater Los Angeles area.

Moreno Valley has a mild semi-arid climate with Mediterranean characteristics. The summer temperature average towards the low to mid-90s, though the temperature can also reach well above 100 Degrees. Unique to the city is Box Springs Mountain which is located just towards the northwest end of the city providing the eye-catching landmark.

Internationally, the city was known for the professional racetracks and the Riverside International Raceway. Besides, the city has accepted the growth of Marijuana in its soil and its acceptance has spearheaded its growth.


What is the Medical Marijuana Law in the City?

In 2017, Moreno Valley council members allowed the tax revenues, permitting the legal sales. Moreno Valley Municipal Code Sec. 11.10: prohibits to own, manage, conduct or operate any medical marijuana dispensary or participate as a contractor, employee, agent or volunteer. On October 25, 2017, the Marijuana sales were legalized in Moreno Valley and that also without the city control. Basically, two steps were initiated in stepping up the program that allows for the commercial cannabis business. The initial step was permitting of the cannabis activities in the city when it formulated an ordinance on November 7, 2017, making way for the regulations for the commercial activities of cannabis. This ordinance laid out rules for operating, setting up and regulating the commercial cannabis use that includes cultivation, dispensation, manufacturing, transportation, and testing.

The City has also taken the necessary steps to issue licenses, permits, investigations, audits, inspections and for enforcement of regulations. Ordinance No 926 of November 2017 states that no person should be engaged in any commercial cannabis business or any related activities that lie within the City of Moreno Valley without necessary permits and that includes cultivation, manufacture, processing, laboratory testing, transportation, distribution, dispensing or sale of cannabis, until the person has a valid commercial cannabis business permit. The city of Moreno Valley, has a valid Seller’s Permit from the State, have necessary land use entitlements under Title 9 of this Code, and they are complying with the current state and local laws including the duty to get requisite state licenses. Any person who is an employee or a volunteer in the commercial cannabis business should also be legally authorized to perform the business and should have the commercial work permit to conduct their tasks.

medical marijuana card moreno valley

How To Get the Medical Marijuana Card in the city

To obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in the city, you must have a physician recommendation and get the medical evaluation done. At this juncture, your doctor would look your medical records, conduct examination for accessing your recent conditions and find out if you qualify for the medicine.

Why do you need to get a Medical Marijuana Card?

You require a Medical Marijuana card to get a legal access to your share of medical marijuana. You can grow, get easy access to the dispensaries, and prevent yourself from police harassment and subsequent state laws. You can also get your share of the high quality of concentrated, edibles, flowers and CBD products at ease.

About the City

It is known as the Young City and is the second largest in Riverside County where it is situated. You would be amazed at much outdoor attraction, lakes, and mountains so if you like hiking and biking you would be on the go.

Round 1 Entertainment

Round 1 Entertainment has everything for you to get entertained, Bowling, Ping Pong and Darts and the choice is endless. You can also enjoy ancient arcade games like billiards and if you love karaoke, go for it and have fun.

The Western Science Center

This Science Center is the best place to learn many amazing things about Science. You could see many wonders and artifacts like fossils. Many of the exhibits are also available here like Diamond Valley Lake, Mastodon here also known as Max and also Colombian mammoth called Xena. In it are also interactive sites and facility which houses around 1000,000 different specimens. It is the best place to get entertained and learn more about Moreno Valley.

Lake Perris

It is a jewel in the crown of the Moreno Area, and its beauty lies in its wildness and rugged nature it provides. You could also find the extensive range of flora and fauna here like jackrabbits, coyotes, and quail. For the bird watchers it is must go spot, have your binoculars and you are ready to spot many species of birds. You can also find many varieties of wildflowers and if you want to go hiking around the lake you can find these amazing wonders of nature all over the trail.

Brunswick Bowl

It is a bowling alley to have a gala time with your friends and family or you can also join the league and practice for a big tournament. You can also play many arcade games here, including classics, interactive machines or billiards.


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