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Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card Malibu In 10 Minutes!




Malibu, a beach city, in Los Angeles County, California, is situated 30 miles towards the west of Downtown Los Angeles. It is bounded by Topang on the east,  the Santa Monica Mountains to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the south and Solromar to the west. The city was originally settled by Chumash Indians who are native Americans, and named it Humaliwo, that means  ‘the surf sounds loud’ in the native language and later called it as Malibu. The city is nicknamed as “the Blu” to represent the city’s blue skies and beautiful pristine water.

The city uses the signs “21 miles of the scenic beauty ” to symbolize the extent of 21 miles of the ocean’s coast along which there a number of beaches and places to visit. Some of them on the list are Carbon beach, Surfrider beach, Westward beach, Escondido beach, Trancas and Encinal Bluffs

The population of the city was 12,645 according to 2010 census and is a community of multimillion-dollar homes that generally belongs to Hollywood movie stars, people in the entertainment industry and other affluent residents. Most of the people love to reside within a few hundred yards of Pacific Coast Highway.

The city has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate and is influenced by the Pacific ocean that results in moderate temperature. The summers are usually longer than winters. Summers are usually dry with an average temperature of not more than 71.60F (220C).On the other hand, winters are cool and wet with the rarest snowfall.

Medical Marijuana Law in Malibu

Medical marijuana has been known to treat ailments for centuries dating back to 2737 BC. Over 1.4 million people in California are using it as a medicine and is benefitted from its use.To get such benefits in your city, you just need to follow some laws of your city regarding its use.Malibu city banned the delivery of medical marijuana and its selling and buying at a commercial level.

One can only cultivate medical marijuana for its personal use within the city after getting a medical marijuana card.Doctors have no right to prescribe medical marijuana. They can only recommend its use

How to get MMJ card in your city

Although the city has legalized the use of medical marijuana, still it is mandatory to get doctor’s recommendation for using it to protect yourself from the heavy taxes and penalty you have to face for its illegal use. You just have to take out 10 minutes from your busy schedule and follow the steps mentioned on our website of the online medical card.  The three easy steps will provide you with your medical card.
Our website is simple to access with 100% refundable policies, you just have to fill a simple form and paying an amount of $59, following a brief conversation with our doctors and getting your card within three business days on doctor’s approval.

The fees you paid is totally refunded in case the doctor disapproves your application for medical marijuana.


Where can you get medical marijuana in the city?

Living in Malibu, getting medical marijuana is no more difficult. Although the city law has banned dispensaries for the sale and delivery of medical marijuana, it allows the cultivation of the same for personal use after getting doctor’s recommendation.


Things to do in Malibu

Since Malibu is a beach city, so it’s a best city for the beach lover.

Zuma Beach

Zuma beach is the best beach in LA Country in California with 1.8 miles of frontage. The beach has the wide opening, clean sand, mild waves, food stands and lifeguards. Spent your summer, swimming in the large ocean, making sand castles and enjoy watching wildlife and grey whales in winters. There are plenty of activities round there on the beach that adds excitement in your day, like, climbing a rock, watching Dolphins and Seals, surfing, swimming, fishing etc.


Point Dume State Beach

Point Dume provides an incredible view of the entire Santa Monica Bay, North Malibu Coast, inland Santa Monica mountain and distant Catalina Island from the top. Being so close to Hollywood it is a popular place for the movie industry to film.

The place has a natural cliff, rocky caves, and vast beach and therefore is the place to enjoy exciting activities like swimming, surfing, scuba diving, climbing the cliff etc.

Solstice Canyon

A park within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu is located off Corral Canyon Road from Pacific Coast Highway and is only a mile away from the crowdy Point Dume beach but it feels out of the world.

It is the place to enjoy a picnic, a shady stroll along the Solstice Canyon Trail, or more challenging climb up the Rising Sun Trail. The place is also marked by the beauty of the waterfall. Along the way to waterfall, you may encounter acorn woodpeckers, alligator lizards, fence lizards or a red-tailed hawk.


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