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Located in a south bay area, the city of Inglewood, is in the Los Angeles county. With a population of 110,600 now the city was incorporated in 1908 with total 1,200 population. In its earlier days the city had agriculture as the main resource, but soon after the world war II, the city developed rapidly and created a place in metropolitan cities nearly after two decades of the WWII. Regarding the medical marijuana laws in the city, the city council has always been against the medical dispensaries in the city.

420 Evaluation in Inglewood

Here we will guide you to the medical marijuana laws in the city and how you can find medical marijuana dispensaries in the city along with the MMJ card.

  • The laws of the city for medical marijuana?
  • How to get medical marijuana card in the city?
  • Why do you need to get a mmj card?
  • How to find dispensaries in the city?
  • Things to do in the city

The laws of the city for medical marijuana?

The city is very rigid with the medical cannabis, particularly with the medical marijuana dispensaries. The city banned marijuana dispensaries in the city back in 2008.  The city has passed till now only one ordinance in 2008, which prohibits all commercial cannabis business in the city. It is interesting that since then the city didn’t pass any other ordinance/order.

The city closes down the oldest medical marijuana dispensary in 2013. These dispensaries were established back in 1999. The city council decided to all the medical marijuana in the city. The reason was cited that in the county the crime rate was increased in that year. There is a total ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. Not only dispensaries, but cultivation, possession, sale, and delivery are banned in the city.

After Prop 64, the adult-use cannabis act, once can only cultivate 6 indoor plants. Be sure while you are using cannabis in the state. Have your mmj card now and be safe under the rules.

How to get medical marijuana card in the city?

As for a medical marijuana card is concerned, you need to get first the 420 doctor’s recommendations. The doctor must be a licensed medical marijuana doctor.

You need not to physically visit a doctor for a medical marijuana card.  Just fill the online form and put your burden on us.  We guarantee 100% cashback in case you didn’t get your medical marijuana card for any reason.  Once you fill online form you will receive a video call from our licensed doctor. The doctor will evaluate you for your medical conditions. Once this procedure is done, you will receive your e-medical card in your email (PDF) within 10 minutes.

Why do you need mmj card?

The medical marijuana card helps you to get a medical cannabis from a medical dispensary. You can use this MMJ card at any dispensary in the state of California. Interestingly, our 420 Evaluations card can be used in Nevada also.

The MMJ cardholders have more flexibility for the possession, cultivation and they can also fly with the cannabis. If you have a medical marijuana card you are saving 25% tax. The tax actually gives you the chance to have more cannabis instead of giving it to state.

How to find dispensaries in the city?

Once you get your medical marijuana card from onlinemedicalcard, you can visit any dispensary in the city or around. We will also guide you to the authentic websites where you can get information about the legit and best dispensaries in the city.

Though there are various other websites where you can check dispensaries near you. Online Medical Card also provides a long list of dispensaries which helps you to find the most authentic marijuana dispensaries within the city.

Though there are various websites, you should go to Yelp first to check the review of a dispensary. Here you will find about the dispensary and the behavior of the staff. The other website known as Google of the marijuana is Leafly. Here you will get a guide and map towards the dispensary. The other websites include weedmaps, wheresweed. You can check other websites too, on your own, which may provide some discounts.


Things to do in the city

Dockweiler State Beach

If you love to hang gliding and want to learn it, then you must visit this place. This beach is 3.75 miles of shoreline.

The forum

Who doesn’t love music and big concerts? Here it is. Recently renovated, this venue for music lovers who want to spend time and listen to new concerts.

Hollywood Park

If you want to hang out with friends in the evening then this is the best place. Here people come to play card games. You can find some more entertaining programs later in the evening here.

So make sure if you have smoked marijuana, avoid driving. Driving with marijuana is illegal as marijuana is still an illegal drug under the federal government.

While you may in the town enjoying the marijuana and some beautiful places, please avoid driving at the same time. As driving with marijuana smoking is illegal and it can sometimes hurt you too while you are high.  So stay safe, enjoy cannabis and do not forget to get your medical marijuana card.


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