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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online in Hayward, In Just 10 Minutes!


Hayward city

The city of Hayward is known for the modern day high tech cities. It is considered the new silicon valley of the area. It has a large number of manufacturing companies.

With the population of 149,300, the city is ranked as the 37th most populous municipality in California. Located in the East Bay area, the city lies in the Alameda county.

The marijuana laws of the city are now more flexible than in 2010. It changes its rigid stance on the marijuana laws in 2017 and approves every type of commercial businesses in the area.

420 Evaluations in Hayward

Here we will explain you the medical marijuana laws of the city along with the need for medical marijuana card. You will also know how to find dispensaries in the city and how to get your 420 evaluations.

  • What are the marijuana laws of the city?
  • How to get your 420 evaluations?
  • Why do you need to have your 420 recommendations?
  • How to find dispensaries in the city?
  • Things to do in the city.
medical marijuana card

What are the medical marijuana laws in the city?

After Prop 215 there was a hope among patients to use the medical marijuana for treatment. This is considered as the side effect free medicine and alternative to the opiate. The cities and counties banned the medical marijuana partially for several reasons. Most cities banned MMJ dispensaries and outdoor cultivation which they termed as to prevent from growing crimes in the city.

In 2003, the city council passed an ordinance which allowed medical patients to possess the medical marijuana. This was until 2010 when the city passed a moratorium and banned the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city as most of the Bay Cities also did the same. Though the reasons remained unknown for such hard step, but according to the media reports, this was because of the increasing crime rate in the city.

It was only after the Prop 64 was passed, the city council decided to lift every type of ban on marijuana. In 2016 Measure EE was passed. Under this act, the city could tax 15% of the marijuana businesses in the city. In 2017 the city council again passed another ordinance which changed the history of medical marijuana in the city of Hayward.

On September 2017, the planning commission held a hearing and discussed the regulations for the cannabis businesses in the city.  On October 30th, the city council finally approved the final version of the cannabis ordinance and removed Hayward from the dark ages of complete prohibition.

  1. Here are the current marijuana laws in the city:
  • Medicinal and recreational commercial businesses are allowed.
  • Cannabis commercial cultivation under 5,000 square feet needs an administrative permit.
  • Outdoor cultivation is prohibited.
  • The number of dispensaries will be only three.
  • On-site consumption is prohibited except in some cases for qualified medical patients.
  • All cannabis business shall be subject a 600-foot setback from schools, day care centers, youth centers, and parks.
Online Medical Card

How to get your 420 evaluations?

The online medical card is your 420 recommendations provider in the city of Hayward. We have three very easy steps for your medical marijuana card. Go to our website Online Medical Card and fill the form online which takes only 30 seconds. Once you fill the online form, wait for a California licensed medical marijuana doctor to call you and have a video chat. Share your illness and disease which is the basic requirement for the 420 recommendations. Once evaluated by the doctor, you will receive your medical cannabis card in your email (PDF) within 10 minutes. We guarantee 100% fee back in case you do not get your card for any reason.

Why do you need to have your 420 recommendations?

The medical marijuana card helps you to get a medical cannabis from a medical dispensary. You can use this MMJ card at any dispensary in the state of California. Interestingly, our 420 evaluation card can be used in Nevada also.

The MMJ cardholders have more flexibility for the possession, cultivation and they can also fly with the cannabis. If you have a medical marijuana card you are saving 25% tax. The tax actually gives you the chance to have more cannabis instead of giving it to state.

How to find dispensaries in the city?

Once you get your medical marijuana card from online medical card, you can visit any dispensary in the city or around. We will also guide you to the authentic websites where you can get information about the legit and best dispensaries in the city.

Though there are various websites, you should go to Yelp first to check the review of a dispensary. Here you will find about the dispensary and the behavior of the staff. The other website known as Google of the marijuana is Leafly. Here you will get a guide and map towards the dispensary. The other websites include weedmapswheresweedcannabissearch.


Things to do in the city

The city is very beautiful, so are the places for recreational purposes. There are various parks and amusements in the city to explore. However, we will guide you to a few best places in the city.

 Hayward Japanese Gardens

The garden is the epitome of tranquil and peaceful.  This is known as the hidden gem of Hayward. This is the absolute peace and best place for meditation.

Sun Gallery

If you are an art lover and you love the local art, then this is the place you are looking for. This place is perfect for the summer camps too. You can witness here Free Saturday Art and, art parties.

Regional Shoreline

If you like hanging with your friends in the evening or you love jogging, walking and meeting new people then visit regional shoreline. Fresh air and little workout are the perfect match here.

Meek Park

This is the recreation park which is a beautiful spot for weddings and other fantastic happy events. You can visit here for your friend’s wedding and be sure to medicate under someone’s supervision.


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