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Coronado, located in San Diego County, California is a resort city that was incorporated as a town on December 11, 1890. The first explorer to map Coronado was a man named Sebastian Viscaino who drew a map of the island in 1602. He named the land mass Coronado. Coronado is Spanish for “Crowned One” hence giving it the nickname of The Crown City. Its population as per the 2010 census was 24,697. Geographically, Coronado is a peninsula or a “tied island” as it is connected to the mainland by a strip of land called the Silver Strand. The San Diego – Coronado Bridge was opened in the year 1969 allowing for a much faster transit between the cities than the existing bay ferries or driving via State Route 75 along the Silver Strand.

The Coronado Beach Company was thus set up in 1886. The city soon gained popularity and as a major tourism destination. Along with the famous Hotel Del Coronado, facilities like a schoolhouse as well as athletic, boating and swimming clubs were also developed.
Coronado has been a popular beach resort community since the 1880s when the Hotel Del Coronado was built. The city is known for its pristine beach line, eternally pleasant weather and the amicable small town atmosphere, Coronado is a city with a vibrant history and was ranked as The Best Beach in the United States by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research.


What are the Medical Marijuana Laws in the city?

As Coronado is located in the San Diego County, the laws concerning Marijuana production, sale and consumption of Marijuana in San Diego are enforceable in Coronado.

San Diego County allows but strictly regulates the sale of marijuana at marijuana outlets in accordance with state law. The intent is to ensure that marijuana is not diverted for illegal purposes and to limit its use to those persons authorized under state law. People who are 21 or older can possess, transport and buy up to 1 ounce. Transport and sale of marijuana across state lines is not allowed, even to states where marijuana consumption is legal.

How will you get Medical Marijuana card in your city?

Online Medical Card provides you the option to receive a medical marijuana card approved and evaluated by a doctor from the comfort of your home. You can get your card within an hour right to your email address.
Just follow the simple three step program

  • Provide your basic medical information on our online application form.
  • Our doctors will evaluate your medical condition and answer any queries you may have about your treatment.
  • Once it has been approved, users will receive the medical marijuana card on their email IDs in the PDF format.

Why do you need to get a Medical Marijuana card?

A medical marijuana card brings with it many benefits. In addition to the peace of mind that it brings and safety against possible police harassment and state laws, a medical marijuana card also brings with it some tangible benefits.

Receive Tax Savings up to 25% – With a Medical Marijuana Card, Californians can enjoy savings of up to 25 % in taxes and uninterrupted access to medical cannabis

Higher Growth and Possession Limit – For Cannabis users to benefit from growing marijuana at home, they need to have a medical card as it provides them a higher growth limit. In addition, Medical marijuana users with the card are allowed possession of up to 8 ounces whereas recreational users are only allowed to buy up to 1 ounce.

Better access to Cannabis strains from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries – The Medicinal Marijuana Card allows you access to a higher quality of Cannabis Strains from MM dispensaries

Things you can do in the city

  • Visit the Coronado Visitor Center: For newcomers to the city, The Coronado Visitor Center is the perfect place to start. The friendly volunteers will provide you with maps, brochures, discount tickets and all the information you will need about events and attractions. It is open Mon-Fri from 9AM to 5PM and on weekends from 10AM to 5PM
  • Go to Coronado Municipal Beach: A popular surfing destination and one of the main highlights of the city, the Coronado Municipal Beach is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, surf-friendly waves and pleasant weather.
  • Watch a Play at Lamb’s Players Theatre: A must-see for art and culture lovers, The Lamb’s Players Theatre in Coronado’s historic Spreckels Building has an year’ round production schedule

Take a tour of Hotel Del Coronado: One of the last surviving examples of the wooden Victorian beach resort genre of architecture, Hotel Del Coronado is one of the largest resort hotels in the world. It has hosted presidents, royals and many celebrities over the years and has been featured in numerous books and movies.


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