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Compton City

Compton city- the “Hub City”- located in the unique position in the geographical center of Los Angeles country. Compton, with the population size of 100,000, is one of the oldest city, incorporated in 1888 and emerging out as a large industrial center for transient and distribution, business services, high technology, home and lifestyle products, mental financial services and textile manufacturing.

The unsuitable weather condition made farming difficult, only after when the residents formed, the city council start working for the city. They start residing in the city and raising their livestock, ultimately making a city with spacious area, favorable taxes and lower crime.

Recently, it has been declared as an entrepreneurial hotspot and is now one of the best places in the country to start a business. The city provides all the resources to grow the business to the small business owners.

Compton, which was once mostly white (former President George H.W. Bush lived there in 1949) and then became mostly black, is now mostly Hispanic.

Medical Marijuana laws in Compton

Proposition 64 makes an easy access of marijuana to marijuana patients, but legalization of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana leads to crime in many areas of Compton and therefore the city has a long-lasting ban on MMJ dispensaries since 2008 and prohibits certain marijuana activities in the city like:

1. A setting of MMJ dispensaries in the city
2. carrying out cannabis delivery business
3. commercial cultivation, processing and manufacturing of cannabis products and personal outdoor services.

How to get MMJ card in your city

Living in the city where medical marijuana is legal, then it is no more difficult to get your medical marijuana recommendation card. On our site you can get access to your medical marijuana card by following simple steps.


You just need to fill a simple form, following your conversation with the doctor (video or telephonic) that will approve your need for medical marijuana.You will receive an email and your recommendation card in two days.

Choose us for your medical marijuana card and save your tax up to 25%.

Where can you get medical marijuana in the city?

As a city of Compton prohibits medical marijuana dispensaries and its delivery in the city but still one can get it from limited license dispensaries. You can also assess your search for dispensaries at Online Medical Card website that provides a list of dispensaries with medical marijuana, and other websites like Yelp, whereweeds, medicalmarijuanastores etc.

Things to do in Compton

Feeling lively with medical marijuana, enhance your feeling by looking the city around and visit some of the beautiful places in Compton.

Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum

This museum honors the first Spanish land grant in California which is still in the hands of original owner’s family .It is located in a rancho-style house surrounded by topiary and rose garden having an inside view of the family antique furniture and housewares from the time of grant, and number of informational plaques that attracts visitors.

Revitalized parkland

Having a heart full of love for natural flora and fauna then don’t forget to visit Revitalized Park, a narrow strip of land along the river Los Angeles. Along with that, you can enjoy a bike trail, the Los Angeles River bikeway, walking and jogging, exercise and grassy area with benches and rocks to sit on.

Enjoying the marijuana in the hub city and seeing the beauty of the city but don’t forget to follow some rules regarding consumption of medical marijuana in the city.


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