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Calabasas’s most Popular Medical Marijuan Card Clinic at your Service!


Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card made Easier than Ever Before.

What gives us an edge over our competitors is the fact that our competitively priced solutions give users an option between the $59  MMJ doctor’s recommendation and the $79 priced recommendation gets you an additional cannabis ID card. Our HIPAA compliant system assures users of complete transparency and data protection. In 16 years of being in service, we have always placed an emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction and giving them full value for their money.

Our customer support team will guide you in every step of our 3 step process which includes, filling out an application form, receiving a video chat from our medical professionals and lastly the final delivery of the Medical Marijuana Card on your registered email id.

If you face any form of inconvenience or do not receive your Medical Marijuana Card, you won’t be charged a penny.

The extensive list of marijuana’s medicinal benefits is now finding backing from the medical community, thus elevating cannabis to the status of a powerful game changer in medication industry, For instance, consider the use of painkillers. Using them has been shown to increase instances of heart attacks, liver problems and other major side effects.

On the other hand, medical marijuana’s medical properties have shown to offer a holistic approach to treat these conditions, causing little or no side effects.



Why choose us?

Our team of qualified physicians works relentlessly to ensure medical approval for your medical marijuana needs. And the best part about being a part of our team is that you will receive all the necessary guidance and support without having to go through the hassle of waiting in long queues, or having to undergo painful delays, further increasing the time gap of you receiving adequate medical support. So, don’t waste time and get in touch with our medical representatives immediately.


Calabasas ( calabasas medical marijuana ) is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It’s located in the beautiful hills of the San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica Mountains.


The first people to call this region home were the Chumash. Some believe that the city’s name comes from the Native American word Calaloosa which means where the wild geese fly. While others are certain that it’s derived from the Spanish word Calabaza which means pumpkin or squash, as the area has lovely wild pumpkins growing which were a result of a wagon overturning and distributing pumpkin seeds into the soil.

This city was incorporated in 1991, and its logo depicts a red tailed hawk flying over the Santa Monica Mountains symbolizing the commitment to preserving the environment. The community’s love for nature is reflected in the city’s oldest neighborhood Park Moderene or bird streets which is a former artist’s colony and whose streets are named after birds like meadowlark, blackbird, bluebird and hummingbird.

The Leonis Adobe in old town Calabasas dates all the way back to 1844 and this mudbrick building is known as the oldest surviving structure of the Los Angeles County. Today it’s a living museum that depicts the history of the old west.

Calabasas is also known for its beautiful ecology and vast green areas. The King Gillette Ranch and Calabasas Peak Trail are the perfect spots for views for hiking that end with a breathtaking vista. While the Grape Arbor and Calabasas Hills Parks are perfect places for everyone to relax and play.

The famous cheesecake factory is located within the city limits and is widely known as one of the best desserts across the state. Calabasas has an abundance of wild pumpkins, and the Annual Pumpkin Festival is held in honor of this naturally growing plant and celebrated with carnival games, exhibits, demonstrations and live entertainment.

Calabasas celebrates and protects its natural environment and is a city that has and follows the right set of priorities in life.


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