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4 Ways To Take CBD To Get The Most Out Of Its Benefits - July 26, 2019

CBD, the abbreviation for cannabidiol, marks its presence as a medicine that has been derived from the plant, Cannabis Sativa. Popularly known as marijuana or pot, cannabis has shown medicinal properties that can cure epileptic diseases. Besides that, it treats conditions like anxiety, depression, mental health, and physical pain. Doctors and researchers are increasingly investigating the positive uses of this plant to ascertain its exact properties. Organizations like FDA, have approved of CBD, and it can now be legally used as a medical drug in certain states in the US.

What are the Four Ways of Taking CBD?

CBD is a conventional medicine now and finds steady consumption by patients. However, the doses of the same must not exceed the said amount in a doctor’s prescription, lest it becomes more harmful than medicinal. There are four main methods of using CBD. The list below enumerates all four ways.

Way 1 Oral Methods

Introduction: There are two main ways of taking CBD orally. The first is the most common: swallowing. It finds easy ingestion through the method of merely consuming it. The agent can be anything from CBD oil, powders, or capsules. People suffering from insomnia can be benefited from taking CBD. Along with CBD people suffering from insomnia can also take a steroid pill like zopiclone that provides effective support in cases of extreme sleep deprivation. The pathway is the digestive tract that absorbs the medication and transfers it to the other parts of the body. The other method is relatively complex, involving the absorption of cannabis into the bloodstream. The agents are tinctures and CBD oil, mostly. The capillaries beneath the tongue absorb the agents into the bloodstream. This helps in spreading it through the body by the method of transfusion.

Advantages: The advantages of oral methods are plenty. The most important, however, is the ease of intake that it provides a patient. Swallowing is the easiest method of taking in the CBD. As for the sublingual or buccal purpose of consumption, this gives the patients a fast reaction as there is no requirement of time for the process of metabolism. Since the blood is directly absorbing it, no further metabolic actions in the body are necessary for the medicine to act.

Way 2 Method of Inhalation

Introduction: Inhalation is the most common method of intake of cannabis in the US. The agents can be vape pens or dabs. Inhaling cannabis through these vape pens help in reaching the lungs in a moment. Vaping does not involve metabolism since it passes through the lungs and enters the bloodstream, directly. The effect stays for around ten minutes before wearing out. However, patients should not use cheaper vape pens as that can result in negative consequences.

Advantages: The advantages of this process of inhalation are two: one is, it acts very fast and delivers the results rapidly. This can bring a lot of relief to patients who need CBD instantly. The other is, the effect wears out soon. Although that might sound like a negative point, it helps because the patient gets relief but does not stay high for long. After the effect wears out, he or she can quickly return to the ordinary course of life.

Way 3 Application on the Skin

Introduction: CBD is not only taken orally or through methods of inhalation, but via the process of application on the skin. The agents include creams and lotions that mostly affect the muscles and cures muscle aches. Besides the muscles, inflammatory cells are also taken care of by these agents. Sometimes, nerves perceive as painful. These are also taken care of by creams and lotions.

Advantages: These creams and lotions are made to treat muscular problems. They rarely affect the bloodstream, thus never really taking a patient to the high state. This is an excellent benefit for those who still feel reluctant in using medicines derived from marijuana.

Way 4 Vaginal or Anal Methods

Introduction: Vaginal and anal methods are the strongest of all the above techniques. The effect is similar to that of the application of creams or lotions on the skin. However, since the genitals are more sensitive, the process is more effective. The agents are creams, sprays, and suppositories. However, since the vagina and anus contain nerves in abundance, there are chances of these agents entering the bloodstream.

Advantages: This method works effectively in the case of sexual pains and period cramps. Hence, it is widely accepted by menstruating women. It is also the strongest way of applying CBD, and it also produces the most potent effect.


Each of these four ways has unique sets of characteristics, and it is solely upon the patient to decide which one suits him or her the most. As for the plant itself, autoflower seeds find widespread acceptance given the small time frame it requires to blossom into a flowering plant. This yields cannabis for longer duration hence is more profitable. Cannabis in the US has helped innumerable patients in the last few years. Scientists across the country are still looking for ways to utilize this plant effectively and positively.

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